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.....ah, KO? I believe we brought Ravener with us....

"Ok then, lets go."
I begin heading for the smoke coming from the remains of the outpost.
You did? WHy didn't you say so before? ;)

OK, OK. Have you been feeding the demonic dudes to him? Cuz if not...

IC: Ravener leaps at the carcase, devouring it in moments.
I follow Seraphim closely behind, Athos and Armads on hand.
I sheath Argost and draw Chaos and Order, my wings vanishing. Zarrath simply sheaths Andilite and forms a shotgun out of energy. Valencia drew Etro and Alistair his Heretic. We moved in a wedge formation.
I follow behind them with my pistols. I was ready for anything.
Ravener follows Alistair. His darkness is pleasant, like a cool rain after a hot day.
The fallen had reached the settlement now. The first buildings were clearly visible. It was a one road town with shops on both sides. The entire place seemed to radiate an aura of rustiness, or perhaps loneliness. What came as a small surprise was the lone man in the road.
He had a broad, flat brimmed hat that was angled to cover his eyes from view. In the figure’s right hand was a thin bladed rapier, and the left held a machine pistol. The clothing as a whole was a dark brown, nearly indistinguishable from black.

A Witch Hunter.

The fallen nearly laughed out loud. He had finally reached the settlement and only one man stood in the road to challenge him. No Militia, no army or marines, just a lone man.
I expected more resistance.
The figure smiled, his eyes still covered by the brim of his hat. “I harbor no delusions of beating you fallen one. I am merely here to by some time. Would you care for some sport?”
You are not worth my time. Smite!
The beam passed through the spot where the hunter stood, and vaporized a vehicle behind that. The fallen shook his head. Pathetic mortals. The fallen lifted a foot to take a step.
“You missed.”
The fallen turned towards the noise and beheld the hunter standing on a building’s corner. The worm was fast if nothing else. The fallen decided he did not wish to play games of cat and mouse. There were more interesting things to do. “Fear my Light.” The glow coming from the fallen changed hew. The mortal would be paralyzed by fear if he saw even a reflection of the light.

The hunter smiled again and raised his head. The bandages surrounding his eyes were clearly visible, even in the shade of his hat. “A witch took my eyes from me years ago fallen one. What I lost in sight I gained in wisdom. Only in darkness can one truly learn to fear the light. My task is done.” He jumped impossibly far, sailing over the street and to the next building. “Enjoy what comes.”

The fallen watched the mortal leave, feeling slightly confused. It was unsettling. No mortal had ever dealt with him in such a manner. And what could he possibly think could slow him?

Altun impacted the fallen like a bulldozer doing a hundred on the highway. Both flew a mile down the road, leaving a deep rend in the highway. The fallen lashed out with a fist and sent Altun flying backwards. The fallen stood as Altun did. The fallen sneered as Altun once again began to emit Holy Light.
That was how the Arch had managed to get so close to him. The fallen mused to himself. Hiding his light from all so that none could sense him.

I shall send you back to Hell traitor.
Traitor? You are fools. We could rule mortals effortlessly, yet you remain and guard them from beasts that barely pose a threat to us? You and those loyal to Him are baby sitters for a pathetic race of mortal beings. I will always wonder why He did not create His favored creation better.
You attempt to rationalize your betrayal of Him on High. I shall hear none of it. You merely quest for personal power.” Altun materialized his blade and charged.

The fallen materialized his own blade and charged as well. As if by unspoken consent both leaped into the air when they were thirty yards from one another. Their blades met in midair and sparked violently as the blade’s essences warred with each other.
Wings beat upon the air as the two circled and slashed at each other, sparks erupting when their blades met. There was no way to tell who was winning, the two moved far too fast for that.

There was a crunch and the combatants broke apart. Altun had been dealt a blow to the arm, shallow perhaps, but the armor around it was torn and blackened.
Less than a second later, the two had once again resumed their aerial combat. There was another crunch, and once again the two broke apart. This time the fallen had a wound to his leg.

The fallen growled. “I tire of this.Deathly Smite!
Holy Smite!” Altun responded with a roar.

The beams met in the air between them and an explosion like no other erupted from the contact point of the beams. If viewed from space, it looked like too half circles of different colors had been glued together. One an angry red, the other a golden yellow. The explosion itself leveled everything in a two mile radius and caused damage as far out as ten miles.

Of the Angel and the fallen…

There was no trace.
Zarrath stiffened and cursed. "I have to go, Altun needs me." he took off in a flurry of wings and was soon nothing more then a speck. Valencia and I looked at each other.

"We have to go too. Alistair, stay here and show this Demon why you're so feared." He grinned maniacally and Valencia and I vanished in a flurry of wings, soon specks ourselves.
I see the large flash of light and wonder what happened. "Something tells me that the archangel just met the fallen..."
"Damn.. Well, without them, this is going to hurt a lot more now.."
I say, continuing forward. Soon enough we reached what remained of the outpost. All that was left was the crumbling burning remains a pair of bunkers, a supply depot and the planetary com tower. Their base's marked with the demonic runes of fire and destruction. In the center of the outpost sat a pile of burning bodies, also marked with the demonic runes.
"By the gods, these.. scum are really asking for it now!"
My voice hard.
Alistair approaches the pile of bodies and hisses in disgust. "They were violated beyond reason. I'll enjoy draining their leader."
"Well, lets give them whats coming to them. I'm going to give them a trick that i haven't had to use for a long time..." I pull out Solareon, channel an immense amount of energy into it, and a large blade of infinitely sharp light shoots out of the handle, transforming the dagger into an incredibly lethal sword of light energy.
"Can I have some of his blood and flesh, Alistair?" I ask. Disgusted they would burn everything and slaughter innocents.
"You can have whatever's left, but the man is mine. You can have his second in command."
Taking a closer look at the grisly sight, I recoil in horror;
"They.. they.. weren't all dead...."
I turn to Michael, pointing Avenger toward the pile;
"There is only one thing we can do for these poor souls, cross your blade with mine."
"Alright, lets put them out of their misery..." I cross Solareon with Avenger.

OOC: Ur choice on what happens Warhawk
As our blades cross, I close my eyes and focus and extend my will over our blades, going entirely by instinct.

In a blinding flash of energy, both holy and demonic, everything is covered in golden white and midnight black energy. As suddenly as it came, the energy dissipates revealing an entirely different scene.

None of the old outpost remains. In its place is a series of perfectly smooth and flat rocks inlayed into the ground in an intricate circular pattern. The hard gravel that covered the ground within the outpost is gone, replaced by healthy green and growing grass. In the center where the bodies had been, lies a simple stone fountain. Sparkling clean water runs from four delicately engraved spouts into the basin below. Everything seems cleaner, fresher and more pure than the mundane.

I look over the change in awe.
"Good. Now at least something positive will come from this..."
I turn to Michael.
"Thank you."
I say simply, nothing needed to be said.
"You're welcome. Now lets take down those cultists and demonic marines..."
Alistair leads the way. He could feel the fear coming from the remaining Cultists, as well as that of a couple of the marines. He relished it, eager to feed from it and kill it's owners.
IC: I see the cave in the mountain, and get ready for battle, while enhancing my senses. "Lets do this."

OOC: Last post for the night.

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