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Signed up for DA. Send me the link for the arena battle when u want.
For now go to JoeyraysOverflow. It'll be a bit before the actual match.
That's not a link. :/

I couldn't give the link as my comp defaults to the Asylum.
I tried to get out of the way and Linnzie did also. Tobi must've lied to me....he told me that I would be free from them. She snarled at him. "I'm not a part of your stupid law anymore! Just leave me alone while I do what I want to do!"

I was trying to break the grasp he had on us but to no avail. "Do you want to know something really god damn funny? I never chose this life and you are forcing me to do something that I don't want to do. And I can leave without the weapons then! You can't control me however you want!"
The balancer sighed. "Sorrow will eventually free you from our grasp, young Linnzie, but for now you are still bound to us. As for you Graal, you are a vessel, and as such you will do as you're told. She needs two more days to be mentally prepared for the truth, two days you are to ensure she gets. Nothing more will happen between you two that we don't wish, so for now, remain and obey."
Linnzie repeated it into her mind.
They were holding the truth from you...
"Please...can't you just leave me alone. I never wanted any of this! Why can't you just leave us alone!?"

I was getting angry. "How am I a vessel and why are you doing this to us!?"
"You will be left alone when Sorrow finishes dissolving the ties. For now, you're as bound as Graal, who is a vessel because of his ancestors promise. You will be left alone when I say you are to be left alone."
He perked my interest. "Promise? What promise?"

Linnzie was starting to get upset with all of this. "Why can't you just let me go, it wont even matter for I'm not needed."
"You've fallen in love with with a vessel Linnzie. Unless he can pay the agreed upon price, you are bound." He then looks at Graal and sighs. "Your ancestor agreed that his family would serve us until one of his descendants could pay the price that was agreed upon. If you can pay it, then you and your weapons will be released from our service and you are free to do as you will."
"So...this is a curse. I am bound to you because of a promise!? What was this promise!"

Linnzie was getting scared and she was afraid to do anything. "So...I'm just breeding stock..."
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I watched as the Archangel approached. He wasn't gonna be happy when I told him why I was calling.

I come to a smooth landing in front of the Helsing.
"There is something urgent I must attend to. Make this quick."

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The angel shakes his head. "That isn't true, Linnzie. You fell in love with Graal, who, if he's willing to give up his first born child before it is born, is bound to us because his ancestor promised to after we saved his life until a descendant was willing to pay the price. You are unintentionally with child Linnzie, but if the two of you agree to give that child up now, you can be free." I face the Archangel.

"I'm sure you felt the use of dark energy, we all did. Did you feel what it summoned?"
Linnzie whimpered. "But Tobi said it was just a test...that I'm not really..."

I tried harder to get away but still couldn't get out. "Wait child?! How is she pregnant if it was just a test? And why should we give it up? And why before it's born...what agenda do you have with it!?"
The angel sighs. Clearly this next bit of information was somewhat saddening. "It was supposed to be test, but a fallen one attacked us while we were concentrating. Tobi didn't know this. The reason we ask for them before they are born is because new balancers are made from those of perfect balance, and unborn children are the only ones who are at a perfect balance. We'd prefer not to, but it is the best way to do it. You don't have to give it up, but that means continuing to do as we tell you to." He looks at Graal in a way that makes him flinch. "If you give up this child, you shall be free from us, and never hear from us again."
Linnzie was looking distraught and she couldn't handle herself.

I looked over to her and saw that she was suffering. "I...I don't know. Both would hurt her, both would hurt me, both would help us. I don't know what to do, all I know is that it's wrong to take a child away from a mother but I also know it's wrong to let someone suffer because of it."
"Another reason I ask this of you is because of the attack. The child me end up being born with demonic powers. Not just that, but there is the chance that the child will kill Linnzie before it is born. We can't allow that. Please, for your sakes, give up the child."
Linnzie gave me those pleading eyes...she couldn't speak from the pain of depression and I could tell she wanted to keep it even with the risks involved. "I'm sorry...but this is a risk were going to take even if it takes both of us to control it if anything happens."
He sighs. "Graal and Linnzie, by the power vested in me as a balancer, I release you from our service, to continue to live free and do with them as you will." Graal and Linnzie see a smile pass over his face as a white and black vortex occurs around them, then vanishes. "You are free. But, as a request, don't leave yet. There is more happening here then you realize. He needs your help."
Linnzie ran over to me and wrapped her arm around me and hugs tight. "Thank you..."

I smiled and then I asked one last question. "So...was this a test as well? Even if you were telling the truth? And I will continue to stay as long as it's possible for me to."

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