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I open my eyes, now blood red, to see my fellow hunters and the remaining lesser demons beyond them, all bowing to me. Painfully raising my self partway upright and adress the demons;
"go.. back from whence thy came.."
I manage to get out. The demons turn and head back through the portal. As the last one leaves, I wave my hand closing the portal behind them. With that, I slump back to the ground, unconscious.
"Ummm...Seraphim...you ok?"
Angelic - Will be turned back and end up with holy powers.

Demonic - Will keep the demonic powers but the darker side of it will be locked up.

Option 3 - An interesting combo of both.. Not connected with heaven or hell but the in between "Limbo" (Not Noct's 'world')

Dude.... Seraphim's passed out, after a change like that in that short of a time...
Let's have him go demonic. Can't hurt if the darker is locked up.
OOC: *Sadface* He still has that mental shard-backup, in case of bursts of insanity.


"As far as I can tell, he's fine." I wince a bit, unwanted mental feedback hitting.
Ok. can do. was hoping of number 3, but this will work.
Somebody try and help him, I'll interrupt with da text bomb :D
"Ummm...anyone have any ideas on maybe...getting rid of those demonic look?"
With a sigh, I walk over and bend down, looking him over for anything more than just sears or burns, before trying to pick Seraphim up.

OOC EDIT: I don't care. I'll tag along with Zarkun in this then...
Wait, I can go three. I'm cool with that. In retrospect, three is better.
:D :D :D :D :D
Thanks! this could take a bit, but I'll upload in chunks.
Take your time.
Zarkun, can I please unchain harmless shenanigans/plans on the manor? Just a little suprise when everyone arrives home.
In a brilliant flash of light, a gently glowing winged figure appears. clothed in pure white robes, her face radiates beauty and honor. A true angel has appeared. She gently pushes Noct back;
"Peace, Wanderer. I will do what I can for him."
Holding her hands over Seraphim's body, she begins to ready her power.

more coming
"Well i guess the angels of heaven heard his cry for help..."
I wince at even the faintly glowing light. For something like me, it was quite painful.

"Mind doing something about the neural link?" I say, tapping my head. "It could get quite annoying in the future if left in place, and it stubbornly refuses to be removed."
"I could delve into your mind and sever it..."
Zarrath stepped back and blended into the shadows. He had a history as a True Angel that many didn't know about. Valencia and I simply watched. We already knew there was nothing we could do without a better understanding of our gifts.
"Do you want to be exposed to horrors and concepts a human mind was never built to withstand nor even understand? Let her do it. Its better for the both of us." I take a few steps back, as a precaution.
Before she can begin, a shadowy sulfurous cloud gathers, a burning red horned face within.
"Stop right there, Angel! He is ours by the claim of Krathos!"
She stops, turning on the demon, a pure white blade instantly in her hand, glowing;
"Krathos!? That fool over stepped the boundaries by naming this mortal his scucessor!"
She snaps, her previously calm demeanor now a hard and unyielding.

will say when I'm done

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