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He nods. "The balancer who demanded the price has long since been returned to normal duties as an angel, so his request is null and void. And yes, it was a test. You passed." He smiles again, then turns and vanishes in a light breeze. On the wind Graal and Linnzie can hear him say, "Head to armory, the young Van Helsing will inform you of what's happening."
We walked back towards the armory. "Linnzie...I wonder if he was telling the truth about the child?"

She just kept her head low as she walked with me. "I don't know...but I don't care if it's true or not. For if there really is going to be a child then at least we can raise them to be good despite powers. And I realized that I shouldn't be complaining about how old I am when we did it, she told me before you sealed her. I realized that others had it worse than me and I'm lucky to have someone who loves and cares for me."

I smiled and put my own arm around her shoulder and brought her in closer. "Yes...that is a very good thing that at least we love and care for each other. Even if we couldn't help what happened."
When Graal and Linnzie check for their weapons, they find them in their holsters and sheath. Alistair stepped out of a portal. "Are you two alright?"
We nod. "Yes..."
Linnzie then asked him a question. "Was he telling the truth about the child Alistair?"
He nods. "They asked for my help to chase him off. However, I don't think the child will be as dark as the Balancers fear. Demonic powers, yes, but none of the side effects. It will also be part werewolf, as well as a Bloodletter. It will indeed be a powerful hunter."
Linnze then responded. "They also don't understand that's why you raise the child to be good. And I don't think we should raise him as a hunter per say, maybe give him or her their own choice on what they want to do with their life."

I hugged tighter and we almost reached the armory. "Yes...so Alistair? When will it start to affect her physically and emotionally?"
He shakes his head. "Because of the demonic powers, she'll never know she's pregnant. And because of the werewolf, while a hunter in our sense of the word isn't what it'll be, it will still be a hunter of some kind. Now, we need to get you to the armory. Things are starting to get serious."
I get into the armory covered in blood again. "Man, never knew birds could bleed so much."
CR, why is it always your chars? *sigh*

Ravener patrols the woods around the manor once more. He felt a dark presence enter this world, something akin to him. Something he could eat? Maybe. He got the feeling this thing would be a tough meal to chew, though.
"So...she wont know that's she pregnant but she would still have to keep herself strong and the psychical appearance would still show yes? Or since it's going to have demonic power would that mean that not even that will show?"

Linnzie was quiet but her head perked up some as they reached the armory. "I'll be fine, nothing is going to happen to me so don't worry about it." She could smell the blood. "Damn Toria...what she did makes me crave for the hunt, and I have a confession. Despite being park of a pack I never have been on a hunt..."

OOC: Knarled...I truly wasn't expecting this one and I'm sorry if I started a trend that seems to always affect one of my characters?
Alistair nods. "There's a good chance it will want to hide it's presence from everyone but you, so there's a chance it won't show." He then looks at Linnzie, concern and anger on his face. "They denied you of the hunt?"
I'll just have to do something evil to this child since my efforts against Korzis are failing.
O_O Just remember Knarled that I have character control of it though ok?

Linnzie nod her head. "Yes...I feel ashamed to bring it up. I know a werewolf even only a half-breed, never had a hunt in her life."
"It was not your fault, your pack had a responsibility that they ignored."
OK, Crymson. Just don't be surprised if le bambino becomes a Glutton.
A Glutton eh? This could be interesting and awkward...I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE! And I'm guessing that only he can sense also because of the demonic energy.

I walked with Linnzie into the armory with Alistair and Linnzie spoke up again. "I still wish I had my family..."
"Toria, don't you think you should kill things before you eat them? You look like you've ran through a surgery ward... Or a war zone." I chuckle a little bit.

I look down from my 'perch'. Why do I have a feeling something bad is going to happen? I think uneasily, before straightening, and mentally hunting down the cause of my concern. With a flip off the floating crystalline object I was hanging off of, I silently alight on the floor. I was just about to speak out about our mission when the topic of family came up. I choked back a sigh. With a cough to cover it up, I stand and wait.
"No. And me going through a warzone would be good to keep me from getting hungry."
Waiting on Zanon ya'll. Not much interaction from Tobi, but Alistair and Valencia are still talking.
She sniffled. "I would do anything to see my family again, but I know that would be impossible." I put my arm closer to her and I let her lean against me.

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