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I shuffle about uneasily. Family... I shake my head quickly. With a moment to gather up the words I needed to ask, and I walk up to the two balancers, and decided to fire a bolt into the dark...

"Linnzie, how badly would you like to see your family again?"
She nods and then shook her head. "I don't want to go back in time to see them...or in another universe. For I want to see them for real, what what you could offer and I'm sorry if it offended you."

I whisper something to her. "You are a part of this family now..."

She smiled and hugged me tighter. "Thank you again..."
I contemplate telling her that said people would actually be her family, but decide against it. A response is a response, after all. Leaving the two to themselves, I walk over into a more secluded area of the Armory, and begin experimentally cutting through the air with the Night's Edge, drawing black Loci in its wake, stretching and warming up for anything that might try and kill us in the next little while.
We had sat down on a bench as Linnzie laid her head back on my chest. She was tired and was wondering what kind of child it would be. Alistair said that it wouldn't be a demon but it would have powers.
Ravener watches them. Snivelling weaklings.

He banished those thoughts. He shouldn't degrade others just because he envied them.
Valencia watched Ravener carefully out of the corner of her eye as she worked on an old rifle, cleaning it for old times sake. She didn't trust him, and had decided Ignitus would be fed his flesh it the need arose.
Just to let you know Knarled...Gluttony doesn't have to refer directly to food you know?


I turned around and I saw Ravener eying us. "What seems to be the matter?"
After some intense training, i walk back into the armory, and notice the commotion happening. Reading my tome, i listen to the conversation.
So many dark arts to choose
You can focus to the phobias involved in forty hues
Whether you levitate or bend spoons
Tune into the prudence of the
Dark Heart News!
Don't feed the trolls.
Tobi comes rushing back into the armory;
"Scratch the hunt, this just turned into a war."

I look up, my book snapping shut;
"Alright, what are we dealing with?"
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Zanon say "don't wait up"?
Well, I started talking to him, so I'll just use Valencia.

IC: Valencia looks at Seraphim, still cleaning the rifle. "A Fade, most likely the one that lead the attack on the manor, summoned one of the Fallen Ones. Now we're going to have to kill him."
I hear Valencia saying that a Fallen One appeared. "Oh crap...."
I stare off thinking;
"..The Fallen.... Are you referring to those who broke the pact?..."
She shakes her head, beginning to reassemble the rifle. "No, those who were tossed down in the Great War Above. Fallen angels."
"..Damn.... if that fade has managed to bring one of them back...."
My voice trails off in a sense of wondrous horror..
"Why couldn't it have been a sea monster that we had to kill? I've always wanted to see an ocean..."
At Toria's comment, I shudder at some less than pleasant memories;
"Trust me, fighting sea monsters is not a pleasant experience... The seemingly endless quantities of ichor, hundreds of feet of writhing leathery flesh, and don't get me started on the smell..."
"A fallen angel...this will be VERY difficult...And i would gladly fight a fallen angel rather than a sea monster."

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