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"Heh. Not necessarily, as unpleasant as sea monsters can be, they're not too difficult to deal with. A fallen angel, on the other hand now that's an entirely different story...."
Valencia finished assembling the rifle and grabbed another one, beginning the process again. "A Fallen Angel is trouble on a massive scale. The longer that thing is here, the more lesser Demons can flood in."
"Well, lets get ready to send that thing back before it wreaks havoc."
"Agreed. We need to finish this as fast as possible."
She chuckles. "You think this little group alone will do it? Why do you think Tobi called for the angel?"
I snort;
"Ha, if I thought we could do this ourselves, you'd be wanting to lock me up. No, I don't think we can do it alone, and I hope to the gods above we don't have to..."
I say fervently.
"You're right to hope that. Tobi and I are strong, but not strong enough. Not yet."
I think at this point nothing else is really going to happen tonight, so if we're going to fill up space, let's make it somewhat productive...

I've got a roughed out idea of what to do for Seraphim's subplot w/ his sword... it would be a somewhat extensive mission. The question is are you cool with it in general and if so when to do it?
I'm fine with it, and you can start it now, and work it as we do Zanon's thing, or wait til we're done with Zanon.
Excellent, I've got something to keep everyone on their toes a bit....

I wince in surprise and pain as dark blood red smoke starts to rise from from Avenger, curling out from between where the blade's guard meets its sheath.
"agh... what the hell?!..."
I manage to sputter as I try to get the blade off my back.
09/27/2012 01:56 PMPosted by Zarkun
"I'm sure you felt the use of dark energy, we all did. Did you feel what it summoned?"

"I felt it. I know it is a fallen. I was on my way to fight it before it gained the fullest extent of it's powers back. That is no longer possible thanks to your summons. I had assumed you to be in mortal danger..." Altun looks into the distance.

"Do you think me blind, def, or dumb Helsing? Surely you know I would have immediately moved to hunt such an evil, and yet you feel the need to call me back to tell me of it? Consider this a warning Helsing. You are the boy who cried wolf."
Linnzie made a smart !@# remark. "Well...technically I'm a wolf." She was still thinking on how she would know about the child...Alistair even said that it would be hard to keep progress on itself because of the powers. "Hmm Alistair? Do you think that maybe once a week we can do a check up on my health?" She made it sound like it was more to that so no one else would be suspicious.

I nod. "Yes...just to be on the safe side after all. And Seraphim let me get that for you." A bullet came from Hermes at pin point precision and shot the sheath off. The blade was on the ground still in the sheath.
I see Seraphim's sword smoking. "Uhhh...Seraphim, whats wrong with your sword?"
I was reaching a point of anger again. "Look, you're already breaking an agreement signed in the blood of angels and all the hunters who left Earth. For once in your life would you step off your high horse and realize that this thing was at half power when it entered this world and is already one of the more powerful fallen Seraphims. More powerful then you, seeing as you'd have to be fairly new to ignore the agreement. You're lucky I don't just call Gabriel to deal with you." I sigh. "You wouldn't have beat it alone, even with your power. The Fallen have access to their angelic powers as well as their demonic ones." I hear more wings flapping, large angel wings. "You bring a friend?" Alistair nods.

"I'm quite good at that type of thing when needed."
Altun's voice becomes cold. "Remove the log from your own eye before you seek to remove the splinter in mine. You speak to me of arrogance. You have no concept of what I can and cannot do Helsing. I am an Archangel, among the mightiest of Heaven's host. Yet you claim that I can not defeat a Fallen when it is at half strength? I am aware of the powers that the Fallen posses. I fought them during the Rebellion. Do not presume to call me new."

Altun was raging under the cold calm his voice gave. How dare a mortal of less than a thousand years lecture him on what he could and could not do. And call Gabriel down upon him? Bah. Gabriel would not jump to help this mortal just because the mortal felt nettled. Deal with me indeed.

Altun had been aware of the flapping for a while now. What would it be now?
OOC: Enter Zarrath, Former Captain of the Guard of God and now Fallen Angel in the servie of good! Questions about his history can be answered in DA.

A bolt of lightening strikes Altun, actually hurting him and forcing him to take a step back as Zarrath lands. "Well, well, well, yet another Archangel who thinks he's above bloodpacts. What are you doing here brother?"
"The decision to break the pact was determined necessary by the garrison. I was on my way to send the fallen back to Hell. This Nephilim called me. I assumed he must be in danger beyond his ability to be desperate enough to call me, so I came. And then I found him standing where he now does, secure as a babe in the cradle. The chance to easily defeat the fallen was lost due to this mortal's call."
OOC: I forgot to ask who Zarrath was. I don't see him on the character list.
He's new. I'll add him after this bit here. One of my older RP characters from a different set, he has an interesting backstory.

IC: Zarrath chuckles. "The garrison, really? Geez, bloodpacts must mean less then they did when I was Captain. Who in garrison exactly? Because I'm still allowed in the gates, despite being a Fallen." I just stared in awe. Zarrath had come back? Things must be bad indeed.
Linnzie nods at Alistair but then she was scared as soon as Zarrath arrived. "Who...who are you..." Vanalia was absorbing some energy trying to break the seal but to no affect.

I reached for Hermes but I didn't take it out of the holster. "Tobi...this doesn't surprise me but don't ask. You have some connection with him, yes?"

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