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"Nearly all. The indications were bleak at best. We could not tell what, but we knew whatever it was would be well beyond what any currently here could handle. The Garrison felt that their duty to defend His creation transcended a pact with mortals. No matter how it was made."
He sighs, and draws his blade drawing a rune in the dirt. "Then I really do need to talk to them again. Tobi here is still grasping his powers, but I've taken steps to buy him the time he needs to understand them enough to be able to handle it." He glances past me to the smoking Avenger. "Besides, I think more pressing matters then a fallen the four of us can handle are about to rise." I turn around as he points at the blade and curse.

"Seraphim, what the hell is that?"
Linnzie started to back up. "I'll be leaving...something might happen and I'm a little worried since he said that he's a Fallen..."

I started to pull Hermes out slightly more now.
Zarrath chuckles at the worry. "I'm Fallen of a different sort. I may not hold my position anymore, but I retain the powers and such. Trust me, if I was evil, you'd know. I wouldn't have used a single half-power bolt on Altun here for one. As a former Captain of God's Guard, I'm a lot more powerful then that." I nod.

"I can vouch for him. Notice the wards aren't stopping him?"
Linnzie put her head down. "I'm sorry Tobi for being rude...but I have a secret I have to tell you and it will have to wait until were in private."

I put Hermes back down into the holster. "Long story Tobi and Alistair kinda told us..."
I nod. "Zarrath is a...consular of sorts for me, so he'll hear it too. But for now, let's deal with that sword and the Fallen. Then we can talk." Zarrath slowly approches the blade, his own, Andilite, flashing red then white before returning to it's dark red and blue color.

"Rehabilitated True Demon blade huh? Not bad, or it wouldn't if it's owner was dead."
Linnzie sits down and hold Vanalia out. "She is really quiet..."

I sat down beside her. "And Tobi...the thing were going to tell you involves the Fallen..."
"That's fine. Right now, focus."
"I must go. Join me in the hunt when you can."
Altun turns and his Holy light vanishes entirely. Is armor now merely reflects the sunlight. His presence seems to vanish as he walks away.
"Looks like the darkness really wants that blade back...."
Zarrath snorted. "So glad I was never like that." He coats his hands in a red light and picks up the blade. "It would seem it's owner is near reentering this plane of existence. That's no good."
Me and Linnzie pick ourselves up. "Tobi...should we go ahead and talk since the Angel left or should we wait until you give us orders?"
As the blade falls off my back, I drop to all fours, gasping.
"..son of a... Damn it!!"
The string of expletives continues for about a minute before I take a deep breath and stop.

"I think your friend hit nail on the head Tobi, Avenger's original owner is working his way back into reality..."
I nod to Zarrath;
"would you mind dumping that thing in a bucket of holy water? The lack of physical contact makes it a little more bearable, but it still hurts like a !@#$%..."
I glance at Graal and Linnzie. "Wait til this is done. We may have a True Greater demon on our hands soon." Zarrath locked the blade in Sorrow's old locker, and several of the runes lit up, containing the power the blade was pulsating with. He then faces Seraphim, a no nonsense look on his face.

"What's your full name?"
I blink, sitting upright as he locks the blade up;
"well... I guess that works too..."
"What's your full name?"

"I'm Seraphim Dante.. or do you want my honorarys and titles as well?"
Ravener looks interestedly at Zarrath. The angel contains both light and darkness; his soul was undoubtedly corrupted, due to his rebellion against the One whose name Ravener could not speak. Yet there was a grudging light within, and Ravener knew this meant that the One had not given up on this creature.

What a mixture of flavors! This creature's spirit would be entertaining to consume... unfortunately, it appeared to be aligned with Van Helsing. Well, Ravener would watch. And bide his time...
He nods. "That's fine. Answers why that blade feels familiar. It was a Dante who nicked me with it during a miss understanding. How long have you had it?"

OOC: Hehehe, you're gonna get blown away when he reveals why he's Fallen.
Linnzie saw that Ravener was getting hungry again and she remember what the child would carry. "Tobi...I'll be leaving the room it's an emergency." She then tilted her head in Ravener's direction.

I then reached for Hermes. "I think I should go with her then to make sure nothing happens to her."
I think for a moment, doing some mental calculations;
"Lets see.. somewhere between 15 and 20 years ago.. when my dad gave it to me before he was killed... Why do you ask?"

sigh, alright what now?
Linnzie was walking right back out the room and she looked back once more at Ravener, she was worried that he might now. I was following her with Hermes pulled out. "Just call me once were ready to do some...damage."

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