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Zarrath has a look of intense concentration on his face for a second then sighs. "Then now would be about the right time for Avenger's previous owner to return. Only this time, you have to slay him, and with Avenger." I nod, noticing Ravener as well.

"Should be soon."
I nod, slowly rising to my feet;
"Great.. that's all we need, a greater true demon on our hands.. not to mention the fallen...."

Do you want me to kick things off now or after we deal with the fallen angel?...
Go ahead and do it now.

IC: He nods. "Indeed. However, I feel you shall be able to handle them with help, which is why I'm here."
:D should be... interesting.

(this is at Tobi/Alistair/Valencia)
As the conversation continues, you hear the buzz of an incoming call from the planetary com.
We reached somewhere safe. "This is not good Linnzie, Ravener might have sensed it already and we must get you somewhere safe. It's perfect for him because of the conditions." I lead her back towards the room and lock the door.

She was on the bed. "I know...what are we going to do?"
I hesitate. "Odd, shouldn't be anything wrong anywhere just yet..." I go and answer it and a hologram of one of the liasons comes up. "What's the problem?"
The liason shrugs;
{Beats me. Some guy got ahold of the com link and is asking if you've got a hunter named Searphim in residence. He sounds kinda desperate. Do you want me to patch him through?}
I nod. "Go ahead, I'll get Seraphim." I poke my head out the door. "Seraphim, you got a call."
I perk up, heading to the com room;
Could it be?..

I step into the room just in time see an old familiar, if somewhat battered, face come up.
"Stefan! What the hell happened to you?..."
The man on the display grinned for a moment before his expression turned serious.
{Good to see you to Seraphim, but things are getting ugly around here..}
I sigh, this couldn't be good, given everything else that was happening.
"Ok, whats going on?"
{Remember those cultists you delt with for us, all those years ago?}
It was my turn to grin;
"How could I forget? ...Wait, don't tell me that I missed some of them?.."
Stefan nodded grimly;
{I think so.. They've got some different outfits and new friends, but I'll bet you they're the same ones...}
I nod, all business now;
"Alright.. Any distinguishing features? There's a lot of crap going on right now, so any info would be good."
I notice Seraphim talking to another person on the monitor. "Ok...what's up?"
I shrug. "No idea. We'll find out soon enough."
Stefan stared off for a moment, thinking;
{well.. they've got black robes with red lining.. also their faces have white skulls painted on them wit...}
I interrupt him, saying;
"With three red slash marks across their faces?"
He blinked;
{Yes.. but how did you know?}
"Right now that doesn't matter, but is there anything else?"
{Yeah, they've got some suits of marine power armor.. and Seraphim, they're not normal...}
(we hear some muffled shouts in the background along with some sporadic gunfire. Stefan quickly glances over his shoulder)
{I gotta go, tell Emily and the kids I love them.}
And with that, the feed cuts.

I slowly step back from the monitor, and turn to Tobi;
"Tobi, please tell me you've got something faster that a horse..."
I come back to the armory after I locked Linnzie up in the room. "Tobi...make sure that no one...hungry get's in Linnzie's and mine room."
I nod. "I hadn't been planning on this, but I've got a transport down in the hangar. Guessing we should move now?" Zarrath was watching the locker closely, deep in thought, while Valencia finished with her fifth rifle and decided to pay closer attention. Alistair was simply waiting for the ok to kill something.
"Yep, I can give a briefing on the way. we need to get to the eastern end of the Starspire Mountains asap."
"Alright, lets go!"
"Tobi I don't think if it would be a good thing for me to leave just yet again for a mission of hunt. I'm guessing you already can tell then if I'm trying to keep Ravener away from her."
I round on Graal;
"Fine. Stay if you will but, we could use all the help we can get."
"Seraphim you don't understand...not even you can sense it and I'm afraid Linnzie is even more of a target for Ravener...But if you can get him to go then I'll go so I wont need to worry as much."

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