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How is buffing the tank NOT going to affect bio overall? Because Terrans refuse to ever make the two of them and demand to only build one or the other?

Protoss mixes nearly all of its tech paths to fight Terran, why is it Terran can't do the same?

Back on topic, having an even higher damage tank allows you to take control of strategic points in the map, and then abuse the high mobility of your bio army to launch attacks from all over the place, while creeping with tanks towards the enemy base.

Tanks do not need more damage, it only seems that way because bio does so much damage with little skill required compared to mech.

Your question is equivalent to asking how buffing the Colossus is not going to affect High Templar in PvT. It is completely moronic, and you have no understanding of how Terran works.

Before I go into the long-winded explanation: Protoss do not use Stargate tech against Terran, so your point about Protoss using "all tech paths" is mute from the start.

Now, let me start by explaining the difference between Terran and Protoss because you are too ignorant to understand it.
Protoss ground army:
  • The Protoss Gateway units are the core of any Protoss ground army.
  • Colossus and High Templar are fire-support for the Protoss Ground army, that makes up for the dps deficit used to balance out the Warpgate mechanic. This creates a core+support relationship where High Templar and Colossus support a core of Protoss units.
  • All Protoss Ground units are on the same upgrade path, in which most individual upgrades are heavily discounted.
  • Protoss do not sacrifice unit strength to split tech trees between High Templar and Colossus.
  • Terran ground army:
  • The Barracks and the Factory both provide their own core units
  • All of either army's support units come from the Starport (Vikings, Medivacs, Ravens), with the exception of the Ghost.
  • Mech and Bio do not support eachother well with the exception of Ghosts for mech or Marine-Tank in a few match ups. Marine-Tank only works because the Terran player can often skip armor upgrades altogether with that composition, and it does not work against Protoss.
  • Both bio and mech have their own exclusive and expensive upgrades that they need to retain effectiveness over the course of the game. Both paths are very reliant on upgrades.
  • Terran sacrifice unit strength for Bio or Mech to build and upgrade units from the other tech path.
  • Bio and Mech each have their own set of solutions for every "problem". They have their own counter units and ways to deal with issues that arise. This makes mixing Bio and Mech incredibly redundant because the Terran player already has valid solutions to a problem without mixing the two.
  • Basically, the difference is that the Protoss ground tech paths support eachother. Your "tech paths" are nothing more than different support options.
    The Terran ground tech paths are mutually exclusive entities that do not support eachother with the exception of Ghosts for mech.

    In short, your complaint is the equivalent of complaining that Jill will get sick if Ted accidently eats an infected apple. There is no valid basis for your conclusion.


    Nobody asked for a Colossus buff, at least not me, therefore your analogy = irrelevant.

    However, if I asked for a gate units buff, my army is now unstoppable because the mix of my core units + Colossi/HT is too strong.

    Ergo for tanks getting buffed for no reason.

    Bio is mineral heavy, mech is gas heavy, tech labs/reactors can be swapped at will. Upgrades are the only thing separating mech from bio, but you could have 3-3 bio and 3-0 mech for the same amount of upgrades of Protoss 3-3-3, or zerg ground 3-3-3(melee and range).
    And it is debatable wether mech desperately needs upgrades to remain viable the same way Bio does.

    So again, no, it makes no sense to buff the tank just like that.

    Suck it up.
    What about bringing back its overkill mechanic? Then you could buff the damage in some way. This would further emphasize positioning as well.

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