Pankoprulu Academy, Partition the 24th

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Dani snaps out of it, and goes for Umbra. Umbra shakes her head, and puts up a wall of energy. Umbra reaches into her boot, and pulls out a rusted combat knife. Jess sees it, and cries. "P-p-please . . . no . . ." Umbra lowers her arm, bringing the knife to within a half inch of the dark-hued nerve core, where every sensation was amplified five thousand times.
I had enough of this. I place a psionic barrier over the nerve cord protecting it.
"That is enough Umbra."
She scowls. "Fine. For now. But you can't keep an eye on this worm forever. And when you stop . . ." She waves the knife. Umbra calmly strides away. Jess looks up at Flint in reverence. "Thank you." Dani hugs Flint. "Sorry, you're a little late to join. This man is a roller coaster you're not tall enough to ride." She giggles at the pun.
I repeat to Flint. {What the hell was that, Flint? One minute it's quiet, the next someone's screaming.}
"Not a problem Jess. I'm sorry I didn't step in earlier. I should have had those containers better hidden."

I look up at Dani with a curious look. "So what you've called dibs on me or something?" I say in a joking manner.

{Sorry I didn't answer sooner Cayl. Don't worry about it. It was just Umbra being herself. Situation is resolved for the moment.}
"Yes, I figured that whoever the hell you are. What I want to is: you heard that right?"

"Someone screamed. It's time for work. Grab the guns."

"You sure you're up for this? You look like your going to fall over. Stay here. I'll take care of it."

"I can help. I-"

"No, you'll just be a hindrance. Don't push yourself."

"I- *sigh* You're right like always, but give me a second. I think I can help you." I focus my energy again and I find that I still do have some energy from my brother. I place my hand on his leg. "Take this." The drain is slight, but noticeable. I slowly sit down and fall hard onto the bed.

"Thanks. Drink some water and get some rest. I'll be right back." I start walking over to the shotgun.
I step between Logan and the gun. "You're staying put, or would you like another visit to dream land?" I crack my knuckles for emphasis. "It was two of the teachers getting in a fight. Probably one of them getting their hair pulled. It's fine."
"Again with this? What are you worried I'm going to do? Escape? I can't really go back can I? Otherwise I may kill someone, right? I can feel it. The power I have is... loose. I can't go back until I get it under control, so I decided to meet this teacher of yours, but in the meantime I'm not going to be your pet prisoner. If you want me to be a student, then fine. Treat me like an equal. Right now, someone's in danger and, since I can't control my powers, I need to do things the old fashioned way. Let me take my gun and do my duty to the city."
I shake my head. "Trust me, Umbra is not someone you want to shoot at."
{Cayl give him your radio so I can talk with him.}
"Who said I was going to shoot at anyone? There's people in this building and going in guns blazing would only cause problems. I want to see what's going on. The gun's just a deterrent. I assumed it was a case of domestic violence. Happens a lot with all the combat veterans, but now you say it's one of the teachers causing a problem?"
{And you don't just talk to him psionically because?} I was still between the man and the shotgun. I really didn't want Umbra turning him into mush. I shake my head at the man. "One of the teachers is a royal b!tch who likes to think she's the best because her brother is in charge of the Academy. She and I believe Dani had a disagreement, but it's been handled." I step aside. "But if you wanna risk running into queen b!tch herself, go right ahead. Just trust me when I say the gun is as far from a deterent with her as possible."
{My energy is focused else where at the moment. Part of why Umbra left.}
{I'm letting him come anyways. What's the room number?}
{We are in the kitchen on the same floor as our room. I guess I'll deal with him then.}
{Right.} I face the man as he picks up the shotgun. "There's a kitchen on this floor. That's where you'll want to go." I take a seat, activating my armor and pulling out my VMN. I start cleaning it. "Flint will know if you're up to something, so no tricks."

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"Irregardless, I would like to check. Thank you. I won't do anything. Logan, you play nice."

I pick up the handgun that was knocked from my hand earlier. I unload the thing before someone accidentally sets it off. "Yeah, yeah. I'm taking a nap. Don't get killed."

"Thanks for the encouragement..." I uncock the shotgun to prevent accidental discharge and ready it at my waist. Happy that I still have my police uniform, I step out into the hallway and walk towards the where the disturbance happened.
I ease out of Dani's embrace.
"And what did you mean by rollercoaster?"
"Oh that lieutenant from earlier has joined us sort of. He heard Jess screaming and is coming to check it out. I'll deal with him."
She shakes her head. "Not your fault. Now, at least, Shadow remembers that week." She smiles weakly. "And that's all I wanted." Dani shrugs. "Considering how I owe you, and how much you like me, I figure that I'll just be what you want to make of us." She grins. "After a while, I remember everything that happened in my trance. You're almost as good as the Whirlwind himself!"
I come to the double doors of the kitchen. People seem to talking inside. I take a breath and step in. "Hello, this is the police."

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