Pankoprulu Academy, Partition the 24th

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I slowly come back to wakefulness and look around. Seemed I was the only one still in the room. Standing up and storing the armor, I stretch and head into the kitchen, grabbing the gallon of milk and chugging some. {Anyone listening on here?}
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"What do you do in your free time? Do you just work on machines?"

"That or training. I know I am probably not that interesting of a person." I say looking up at Logan.
"I really don't care Zaros, but I really do like looking a knives and stuff so they might have some at this weapon store you speak of?"
"Likely hunting knives. Not as sure about combat and pocket knives." I reply.
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O_O Damn...I am lost in this.

OOC: Just join where ever you were before. Lekrog, Zarkun, and I were the only ones doing anything. Although I guess you just did.

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{Anyone listening on here?}

IC: {"What is it Cayl? I'm on my way back to that apartment. That apartment is going to be breached tonight and won't be a god idea for you to be there."}
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"That or training. I know I am probably not that interesting of a person." I say looking up at Logan.

"Well, why not? Everyone needs a hobby." I say while kicking at the ground, leaving a scuff mark which I immediately start to wipe away.
I jump. Checking the radio was habit, so I never really expected a response. {Sorry, forgot we weren't at the Academy. Just making sure you all didn't die all of a sudden. I'm not even in the apartment, so I'm not concerned.} I go in and grab mine, Jessica's and Flints stuff and move it into an empty room with nothing in it.
{"How would we die in the Academy?"} I ask slightly concerned and annoyed.
{Allow me. This is an Academy for existence's greatest soldiers. It's not exactly Yale.}
{Well....there's a number of ways, most of them to do with the Commune, but that's a story I'll give you on the flight back. I don't know much about them myself.} I head back to the kitchen and sit down, eating a bowl of cereal.
{"The Commune?"}
{Human supremacist group trying to get Shadow to tell them where Di Carnal is. Trust me when I say that kid has issues and you don't want him to wake up.}
{"Interesting. I can't imagine many people being a threat to you guys though."}
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{"Interesting. I can't imagine many people being a threat to you guys though."}

QFT unless it is DV or Hybrids.
As we arrive at the weapons shot the first thing I see is a pellet rifle. "How can this even pierce flesh?"
I was looking around and I was highly disappointed. "Zaros...these are nothing compared to what we have back home."
{You'd be surprised. Normal human beings aren't normally, but there are those that are. You'll learn what I mean when we get back to Koprulu.}
"I know. All of this would only tickle a Zergling." I answer.
{I'm sure a couple thousands with tanks, specialists, air vehicles, nukes, etc. versus the few dozen or so people with special abilities may have a chance. Just saying."}
I chuckle. {You really don't know the kinds of things we fight in the Koprulu Sector to well then. I'm assuming you saw the Zerg in Flint's memories.}
{"Yes. I also saw marines, combat walkers, nukes, aircraft, vehicles, and psychic specialists."}

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