Pankoprulu Academy, Partition the 24th

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"Oh..." My face lights red with embarrassment.

"You don't own me anything Dani. I don't know why you would say that you do. Besides you also have you promise to Marco. I cannot make you break that."

I quickly turn to the lieutenant.
"You don't have to do that. Everyone here is part of the Academy. I have also remedied the situation for now as well."
"So I've heard. I suppose you're Flint then. I'd like to know what happened here."
"I figured you realized that back in the room or was the fight between you and Cayl that focus demanding. As for what happened it is none of your concern and probably best that you don't get involved."
I stare at the officer.
"I would beg to differ. Though I'm a 'student,' as you say, I am still in charge of the safety of the citizens of this city. Any and all disturbances need to be made known to me. Since this is the academy's teacher causing the problem, then it's more imperative that I know what happened given what you people can do. On top of that, I am a 'student' of this academy and I feel I should know what my brother and I are getting into."
I frown at the lieutenant.
"Then you will have to have someone else brief you on the matter. I am unsure of what everyone is capable of and believe that what happened has nothing to do with the students nor the safety of any civilians here. I just intervened because I didn't want Jess to get hurt. Now I think I might have caused more trouble for myself later on."

"As for what you and your brother are getting into, I can tell you that it is more than just learning to control your psionics. You have to deal with the other students as well. Mostly the ones that like to prank or preform experiments while their subject is alive and conscious. Then there are the combat hungry ones like Zaros just avoid making him mad and you should be fine." I stop and think about each of the other students and what they did most.
She smiles. "Such a nice guy, and modest. But really, I owe you. For all you've done for me on this trip. Anything in my power to give is yours. Jess leans over to Flint. "Don't tell Dani this, because it'd break her, but Marco slept around on her. She promised to stay loyal to him as long as there was a chance for him. Not five hours later, he put the charm on a waitress. Every damn time they met, he would get some, and she would always say that he was perfect. He'd go and take any girl he wanted whenever Dani wasn't watching, but she's never even looked at a guy with love in her besides you and Marco."
"That's exactly my point. These 'students' seem to not know the difference between right and wrong. First, we have that man with the elemental powers who started a brawl with the police and wounded several of them needlessly. Then we have not one, but two people who seem to enjoy invading people's minds and rearranging how they please. One of those people, that tall woman, has severally injured an officer because she's too strong for her own good. On top of that, she showed no remorse like she was Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Then a teacher, of all people, assaulted a fellow teacher in the middle of the daytime. She's obviously has anger problems and endangers the lives of the people around her. Now you're telling me that ne'er do wells, sexual deviants, mad scientists, and psychotics make up the student body. I'm sorry, what can of school are you running again?"
Why was it people told me things like that. I felt like I was aging three years on the spot.
"Jess do have any idea what this is doing to me?" A look of frustration on my face. This trip has been rather more stressful since I was sober again from the first day.

"Dani I don't know what to tell you." I look right at her. I really didn't know what to tell her. I didn't want to ask anything of her.

"I don't run it I attend it. I deal with the issues and stress through meditation most of the time. Also I don't take pleasure in altering minds. Also mind you I am sane and that tall woman you are talking about has a name. She is used to people being tougher as well. As for Umbra she does have anger issues but she also has a few other issues as well."
She raises an eyebrow. "Nothing? I'm sure you'll think of something." She turns to the Lieutenant. "Look, I'm not showing remorse because Shadow's watching the whole thing. He cleans up the mess. He never so much as reprimands any of us, because he needs us. Basically, he turns us into super soldiers and undoes what we screw up so he can achieve his greater goal later."

Jess eyes Flint. "Just giving background information." She turns over to the Lieutenant. "Besides, Umbra's just Shadow's unstable cannibal sister. She's actually the source of most issues."
I sigh and look back at Dani.
"Your right I can but I won't ask it."

I know Jess. Sometimes though information like that I don't need nor want to know.
*sigh* "I know you're a student. I just meant in general. Meditate with Logan sometime. He needs company. As for you, I don't care what you're used to. A little remorse or a little self-control is all I ask. If other people are more fragile than you, you're the one who has to be careful. You need to take responsibility for your actions and control yourself. It's like if you know martial arts, you can't go around roundhouse kicking little children. Please, don't suggest that I'm being disrespectful since I don't know your name by the way. The man whose arm you broke had a name too and it was Jim. You didn't care about him now did you? Though I suppose you did say the other officer's life when you knocked away that car. For that, I am grateful. In regards to Umbra, if she has issues than she should go deal with them. There are such a thing as stress relievers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. It's not like a person can get away with domestic abuse because they have PTSD. If she's obviously unstable then she shouldn't be teaching and if she's a cannibal, then she needs to be in a mental hospital.

Finally, this Shadow doesn't sound like a good man. He allows all this chaos to occur all the time to the point where you guys find everything that occurred today normal. Property damage, wounded, mass chaos. If that information regarding what the Swat team information got out, the entire country could be in red alert by tomorrow. Fingers would be pointed. Mass investigations would be started. Summit would be called. Who knows how far reaching this could be if that happened?! What would people think if they discovered people could create fire with their minds or that people's thoughts and memories could be altered at a whim? Mass hysteria would grip the country! Conspiracy theorists would crawl out of the wood work and just exacerbate things. On top of that, this Shadow is making super soldiers? Obviously, he attends to use them for war and if that man back there and you are anything to go by, then whoever controls said super soldiers would control any war. Entire countries could be toppled over! No, I don't like this at all."

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"With Umbra its more complicated than PTSD."

I look at the lieutenant.
"My apologies I got a little short with you. Its been a long day. I'll keep meditation with Logan in mind though I don't think he would be keen to it."
Dani looks over. "You know, I am used to tougher people. I forgot that normal people are like eggshells. So, I'm sorry I broke Jim. But A, he shouldn't have grabbed me, and B, I was thinking he was someone I was used to. Face it, you're a rag doll to me. So, I'll be careful, but you and yours need to tread lightly. Don't expect me to go easy if you push me."

Just so you don't feel any guilt for having her go against her word. Marco was a jerk who deserves to stay dead. If I said that to Dani myself, I'd probably need plastic surgery.
But it is underhanded Jess. She still feels the guilt and suffers from it. That isn't right.

I sigh and shake my head at the lieutenant.
"We are not staying Earth and our quarrel is not with its people. I wouldn't be here if it was. I couldn't bring myself to help conquer my home planet. Now Shadow can alter reality so that what happened here never did. I know that doesn't make any sense to you but in time it might."
You guys may want to go back and look at my last post...

Jess slaps the Lieutenant across the face. "We're basically an A-Team, being built up to take down a psychotic dictator who plans to remove a reality-controlling nine year old with serious issues from stasis. We can't be soft and expect to win against that."

Like it matters. If you can convince her of that, she'll swear off this ridiculous promise and you get her as your new girlfriend. Everyone wins. Except Marco, but he deserves it.
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I glance at Jess.
It might now matter to you but it does to me. How am I supposed to know that what you tell me is true anyway?
I get slapped. "One: don't do that. Two: I'll have to see that for myself." Well, I can agree with that. It's been a long day. I was right about this woman though. She's a danger to herself and others. "What do you mean you're not staying on this planet? Though you have special powers, I know you are human... Well at least you Flint. Gold saw your memories. It's not like we have the technology to live on other planets. Again, this thing with Shadow. If he can alter reality, which I doubt, then I'm disgusted. So much good you can do with that. If he could alter reality, he can also abuse that power maliciously. I hope he isn't as horrible as my mind has made him out to be."
I recorded my memories, so if Umbra mindwipes me I don't forget what happened. He hit on me, got Katrina drunk once and did her . . . It kills me to think that she's pouring her heart out to this guy, and he never once showed gratitude. Not only that, she blames herself for his death.

"He can't yet. He has the potential to, but he has to do something rather disgusting to achieve that power. Some twisted nine year old had that power, but luckily he's been kept asleep."

Hate walls of text, is all.

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