Pankoprulu Academy, Partition the 24th

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"I don't know what the hell you're on about, but no one deserves such power!"

I remain almost awkwardly silent for a few minutes then jot myself back focusing on the lieutenants questions. I was a little shocked he hadn't noticed the tendrils.

"I am not fully human and have been living in a different sector of the Galaxy for almost twenty years since I left Earth. And Shadow doesn't abuse his power. Least not that I have seen anyway. It is Umbra that does."
Which woman Dani, who is standing near me, or Jess, the one who just slapped you.
"You are right though about not having technology to live on other planets. In this time frame you do not have it. From the time frame we came from we do."
Jess slaps him again. "Look. This kid can mess up all of existence if he wakes up. Shadow has spent forty years of his life keeping him asleep. He has us taking down people who try to wake the kid." She looks him in the eye. "We're just trying to keep the universe in one piece."
I get slapped. "Lady, listen, I can't tell whether or not you're lying, but please stop that. I'll find out the truth in a minute and slapping me isn't helping. Now, you, Flint. You zoned out there for a few minutes, then suddenly, bam! You decide to start feeding me bull!@#$. I can tell that you are not completely human by those strange tendrils on your head. Don't look shocked. It's hard to, but if I focus I can see past the illusion... But how can I believe that you are A: from another part of the galaxy and B: from a different time period? I'm going to have to ask a favor of you to prove your story."

OOC: Lekroger is done for the night. I am too.
"Okay, fine. Want proof we're from another time period? Wait three days, when we get warped into a freaking spacecraft. And not one of those dinky shuttles, either."
Brian tries to hug Shade again. He was determined and yelling, "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE EVERYONE!"
I actiave the Twisted Dance maneuver and I easily reacted to the hug. Two tendrils were on my arms wrapping around them and small psionic blade like things were forming on them. "I don't want to do this!" Time was starter to adjust itself and Breaking Time was slowly starting to take effect.
Brian keeps trying.
"There is no illusion. I have not altered my form since we got the room. My zoning out for a few minutes was due to some other things on my mind. What I tell you is truth. I know with out evidence it is hard to believe. As Jess said in three days we are leaving."

I look towards Dani but do not say anything. I didn't know what to tell her or what to ask.
I glance over at Logan as I work on the VMN. Firing those stun rounds were going to require more cleaning of the barrel then I liked, but I'd live. "Sorry this mess happened. Akia has issues that even I can't comprehend." {How goes it Flint?}
{Ok.. Just got a lot on my mind right now.}
{I'm guessing he still views today's incident as a horrible thing?}
{Yeah but he seems to be taking better than before.}
Brian sweeps his arms and attempts to hug Shade.
Time stopped in the room and Brian slowed down. One arm came at him as the tendril did a twisted move at his back.
{Yeah. He might be coming with us when we leave Earth.}
"I was thinking more along the lines of seeing your memories, but perhaps that is too personal for you?"
"I don't care what happened, just as long as it doesn't happen again. This is my home city and as long as I protect, I want nothing to happen to it. Please, I need to sleep. You will prove your story later on... If I was wrong- I mean about the zerg being real, then I will apologize. There's still an element of doubt, but- *yawn* we'll talk later."
"Who's mine?" I look at the lieutenant.
Raven was lying still. " this really necessary?"

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