Pankoprulu Academy, Partition the 24th

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I wander about and find Cayl. "Never, ever, eat at the MacDonalds place."
{Alright, the Lieutenant now believes us. Least that is what I have gathered from what he has said. He had the pleasure of going through a few of my memories. Mostly the battle of Braxius and my time in the Dominion lab.}
"My mind is still in a balancing point. I will tell you how I feel after I hear more. You claim you can travel through time and you tell me that you wouldn't like to try to change things? I suppose that would be ill-advised though. I'm sorry for your loss. Tell me about the zerg and Kerrigan. Why did you want to control the zerg?"
I fall asleep.

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"I don't want to change the past only the future. Besides if it wasn't me that was expiermented on it would have been someone else who might have used their newly gained powers for ill. Also I myself cannot travel through time. Shadow's ship on the other hand was modified for it."
"To control the zerg swarm was to control that sector. The zerg are with out number or fear. They have a hive mind mentally and ruled by one being, the overmind. The zerg are all biological and have a knack for evolving to better themselves in different situations."
"Kerrigan was once a human as well. She was taken by the zerg and infested. The process of infestation affects each human differently. She had more free will than most. I do not know much more about her than that. When we get to the ship I will pull the records that we have over her and let you go over them."
"Good man. Only a fool would want to change the past. Is every zerg a psychic? How do they evolve? How is a person infested?"
I glance at Zaros. "You could have asked me about that you know."
I puke a little more. "Asked you about a fast food restaurant? Why would I do so?" I ask. "So, damn, bad."
"They are only all psionic enough to be controlled by the overmind or Kerrigan. The have what is called the hyperevolutionary virus and that is how the it can infest other beings. A person can get infected when exposed to the virus. How it is spread I am unsure but when it starts it can take over a whole planet in matter of a few days if not dealt with immediately. Purging by fire is the normal method."

"Evolution comes from them being exposed to certain elements or situations that may promote the need for change. Often it is a combination of both of those things."
I sigh. "You should probably go get a Dr. Pepper to wash the tast out. It's a soda by the way."
"I know what evolution is. We still know about it in this time period, thanks. Is the Overmind still around? An extreme virus, huh? I wonder how that works... How can a whole planet be burned?"
"No Kerrigan with the aid of protoss killed the overmind. That is why the UED lost. As for burning a whole planet, have you ever heard the term glassing? Its pretty much doing just that."
"You have to be !@#$ting me?! You glass an entire planet to destroy the zerg? That would kill all life on it and render the planet lifeless. That's-That's horrifying!!"
"That is the protoss way of doing it and the most effective way of preventing even more innocents from being infected. The planet can be terraformed to allow for recolonization. There are people that are looking for a cure but the virus mutates to quickly. There has been progress in that option though."
"Terra-forming. So things have become that advanced. Hmmm." I get lost in thought.
"Yep it is why we humans have been able to survive in the Koprulu sector for as long as we have. That and just plain luck at times I believe."
"Hmm. Okay, I'm not sure if I believe you, but you seem honest enough despite what happened earlier.... I can't speak for Logan, but I will come with you. At least you and I will get along better than that other man..."
"We probably would. I do apologize for the deception earlier. It was a last minute plan and almost poorly executed at that. I nab another piece of beef. It was cold but I was hungry and needed to eat.
"I didn't appreciate it at all. You acted like an escaped criminal and in my book, you still are. At least you still have some morals unlike a few of the others I met."
"Morals is what separates me from many and what keeps me going. That plan wasn't one that I wanted to do but my co-students had other plans apparently when they started shooting."
"Hmm, we'll if you made the right choose by helping them. Perhaps the your intervention did save lives, but even if it did, I can't simply forget that you were involved in the fight that my men were hurt in." I turn my back to him. "I want you to know one thing. I'll study to control my powers, but I'll always do what's right. If something or someone doesn't sit well with my morals... well I think you understand. It's late. I'm going back to the room." I walk out the door.

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