Pankoprulu Academy, Partition the 24th

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"Yes I do and I hope you rest well."

I turn to Dani.
"Dani we really need to talk. In private preferable."
Raven readjusted himself on the bed like thing. "So when can I leave?"
09/30/2012 07:02 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Raven readjusted himself on the bed like thing. "So when can I leave?"

Doctor: "You're done with the forms huh? Let me see.... Everything seems to be in order. I just need to draw some blood. Come into the other room please." A few minutes later, the blood is drawn and vialed. "Thank you, you're done. The nurse will lead you out. Umm, you can pay for the stitch work right?"
I go back to the room and go in. I look at the man on the way in. I unload the shotgun and get ready for bed.
I glance over at the man as he walks in. Flint had left his radio on there at the end, so I knew what was said. "Your men are lucky it wasn't Zaros." I point at the man laying on the floor, a bottle of Dr. Pepper nearby. "He doesn't take kindly to to that kind of thing."
Raven was searching through his pockets and he turned up a penny. "I don't have any?"

I walked back from the room and time returned back to normal and I was out of the stance. I had to find Cayl and Flint to ask them a question.
"I would either have cloaked and killed them one by one, or gotten so pissed I would have the power to make the small area a crater. Either way, they would've been slaughtered." I vomit again before grabbing the drink. I chug it down very quickly.
I sigh. "You aren't helping our case here..." I turn back to the man. "Look, do you have a name, I'm getting tired of calling you 'the man.'"
"Well I'm not very helpful in non-combat situations. So don't get all pissy."
"Not pissy, attempting to mend things. And you aren't helping."
I searched around and I ended up seeing Cayl and Zaros along with another man. I was still limping but not as bad as before. "Hey I need to ask you a....who's this?" Looking at Logan.
"Yeeeaaahhh, you guys are crazy... My name huh?"

"It's Lieutenant Dan now let me sleep!"

Doctor: "Ummm, that's unfortunate. Do you have anyone you can contact? Do you have insurance or anything?"
Raven shook his head. "I don't have any numbers on this device and I don't even know what insurance is. Where I'm from we didn't have any."
"We're crazy? Then how about this?" I cloak and go behind him before decloaking. "Then is what I am able to do crazy?"
I chuckle. "Ignore us Logan." I face 'Dan' again. "He isn't serious was he?" I then throw the TV remote and hit Zaros in the head. "Knock that off."
I forgot that I was still in the time slip that I created, I then went out of it and appeared right in front of them. "Sorry about that...I forget I was still in the time rupture."
I pick up the TV remote and whip it at Cayl. "Hey Shade. Wait, why are you here?"
I dodged a flying object that was coming for me. "Your brother tried to hug me and I broke time and here I am."
I duck it and it hits the wall. "Nice miss." I face Shade. "What's up?"
I turned around and spun on the floor with one foot dodging another object. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! And who's that!" Looking back at Logan and the Lt.
"You still owe me a new shotgun by the way. And don't make me break your nose. And my brother hugging you is a good enough reason to leave? Shade, its Dan, or something and Cayl can cover the other one. As to what's going on. I'm not being very helpful to the mending of Cayl, Flint and these people."

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