Stuck on "Entering Lobby" while playing AI

Bug Report
Hello, I think I've found a bug.

Sometimes when you create a game against the computer, it will get stuck on the "Entering Lobby" message.

These are the conditions for this to happen:

1) Go to "Vs AI" section

2) I double click on the map name.

3) While it's "Streaming Data", I press the "Create Game "button.

It's kind of annoying because I sometimes double click when I select the map instead of one clicking and I end up having to logout.

Thank you very much!
Is it only happening to me?
Greetings CardinalPain,

Thanks for reporting this. I am able to reproduce it by very, very quickly clicking the Create Game button after selecting an uncached map, like you said. It looks like the immediate fix at the moment is to allow the game to finish streaming the data before attempting to load into the lobby. We will investigate it further.

I am having this problem as well.

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