So what did I miss?

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IM BACK! Miss me!?

What did I miss?

Now that I'm back I will probably finish up The Dishonored and make another Sequel/triquel.

If I made The Dishonored II would you join?

If I made Ghost Ship II would you join?

If I combined them to make a super epic story would you join?

Thanks bunches!
Jeez, dude, slow down. Gonna over load yourself. Work on a deeper story for the two and then come back to DH, you'll like where it's heading.
I have been working on a deeper story for them. What, do you think I just plunge into this and make it up as I go along? If you give me a sufficient summary I might have time to come in. I dont think I want Markus Devroy in it though, I feel that DH is less SCII and Markus has a backstory that doesn't exactly match that of DH. so I will make another character for it if thats ok.

I dont think I will overwhelm myself. I enjoy SC based original RP's with the exception of DH. I loved DH but accidently dropped it when it went waay to fast for my likings. If I couldn't get on for a day I knew I would miss four pages.

Some RP's I just dont connect with, not because they're bad or anything but just because its not something I am interested in. When I dropped DH it was an accident and I hope to pick it up.

You didn't really answer my questions though...
OK, intertwine them if you feel the need and a new person is totally fine with me. You can still use Zeus.

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