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This is an idea I randomly had just now. I've never created a purely utilitarian thread before, and I think this one will be useful.

Don't you hate it when you have to maintain these big list posts in RPs? Every single thread you have to repost them, and if you look back at the old threads the lists there won't match up with the new ones. Some have tried to fix these problems and others by creating separate threads, like "JoeyRay's Bar menu" for the original Z&Z. Unfortunately, these threads rely on edits, so they die rather quickly. Thus, people don't look at them. Thus, they're useless.

So, I have created this thread. This thread is a list of all the lists in JoeyRay's, allowing people to easily keep track of RP data in a persistent thread.

How to use this thread:

If you have a character list or menu, or perhaps a list of personalities or units, or simply a self-profile that you feel should remain in the public eye, post it here. You can then simply link to it from other threads that need its data. There are some rules regarding this:

Do not create new posts when you can edit old ones. This keeps your list coherent.

Every time you edit a list of any kind, poston this thread. This allows you to draw attention to your changes using the post, and it keeps this thread from dying by giving a constant flow of posts.

Good idea in theory, but I dont think it will work.

Its better to just link all your threads together so you can navigate through them easily even if they die. ex. Third post of any of my threads.

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