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Yes smylez...I was describing the way there and what we suffered through during the journey.
Kyle heard the ring of the blade as it struck the cobble stone. This execution was wrong, and the King wasn't the best man in the world. However, he wasn't going to go against the king until there was proof it was required. Ryan walked in and saluted. Kyle sighs. "You don't need to do that. We're friends." Ryan drops it and then sits down.

"What do you think of this mess?" Kyle glanced up, a hard look in his eyes.

"It's an evil man getting away with evil things." Ryan nods and sits back, playing with a fireball between his hands. There was a few minutes of silence before Kyle spoke up again. "It's gonna get bloody." Ryan got a sad look on his face as he extinguishes the fireball.

"I know. The man doesn't deserve his title. But he was the son of the king." Kyle grimaces. He hated the whole noble blood thing. But that was how things were handled and he had no right to complain as a captain.

"It's a pretty nasty system. Men like him are given things they don't deserve all the time." Ryan just nodded, getting that distant look he gets when he's working something out in his head. Kyle just chuckles quietly at his friends habit and returns to the reports.
I'm derping, typing for so long makes you delirious, in a good way. I think. More water is good.
"You are the lesser race and you are the killer of innocents. Your a murderer. Not an honorable king. Now release them, or I will kill your executioner in justice."

Dora watches this. She floats through the crowds.
"Where is your proof of their innocence? Are we Humans suppose to take your words at face value? Hah! Don't make me laugh and take the moral high ground. Since when have your kind taken any interest in the affairs of Corinth? Go back to Edeyn."

"I have done more for our race than any other human. I have reunited our fractured, splintered race into one banner and now these beasts threaten our sovereignty once more. I have every interest in making sure our lands are protected as I am their king. Do not interfere with our matters Sylt'ar. If you a raise a finger and harm anyone, you will not be leaving here alive."
"I have come since one of my friends befriended humans. But you are the one attacking their borders! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO ARE PROVOKING THEM! And most of all, you brought them together so you would be considered 'glorious' even though you are not." Lisoria yells at him.
From ThunderCrash

Malata crouched on the roof of the palace, wincing as the executioner's axe severed the beastman's head from his body. Despite herself, she yawned. She had been traveling far that day, manipulating the winds to lengthen her flight, and she could feel sleep encroaching on her thoughts. Shaking her head, she shuffled her grey wings as one of her fellows, one she knew as Lisora, angrily shout at the crowd, as if she was chastising a fledgeling. Malata sighed. She knew that it wouldn't get her far. Humans could be quite stubborn when they wanted to be, which was often in her experience.

Closing her eyes, she savored the feel of the warm wind passing over her skin. She extended her mind outward, feeling each bright mind like a field of diamonds. And yet, one stood out from the others. A Beastgirl, one of the ones to be killed. She was frightened. Focusing on her, Malata soothed her thoughts. Sleep little one. Sleep, and you will see light again. Concentrating, she formulated the spell that she needed and cast the girl into a deep sleep, slowing her body until she appeared dead. Satisfied, she cast her mind elsewhere. Another stood out to her, this time a human male. Smiling, she spread her wings, covering her self in wavering heat. She would be sleeping very deeply tonight. Drifting outward, she paused only a few feet above the human's head. From within his mind, she sensed that his name was Kyle. She drifted lower, supporting herself on a gentle breeze. "Take her. Keep her safe, and she will awaken. I will see you soon." She reinforced her words with a persuasive spell, then raised herself high into the air, her long hair billowing behind her. She would see them soon. But now, she needed rest. And she knew just where to find it. From within Kie's mind, she had found where he stayed while in the city. Air travel quickly brought her to the home, and she laid herself down on the floor of what appeared to be the bedroom to sleep. Soon, her mind had drifted into dreams.
Kie was stuck in the crowd but he kept on pushing through. "HEY LET ME THROUGH!"

I heard the man but I didn't care, the end was right in front of me. Inner peace was what I was trying to accomplish right now for there was no point in fighting back. Out of everyone I was the calmest and I was just standing there as if nothing happened. Then I hit the ground from what seemed to be the work of someone else.

He heard the voice. "OUT OF THE WAY PEOPLE!"
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"I have come since one of my friends befriended humans. But you are the one attacking their borders! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO ARE PROVOKING THEM! And most of all, you brought them together so you would be considered 'glorious' even though you are not." Lisoria yells at him.

"We? WE? Have you been to our borders Sylt'ar? Have you seen the destruction they have wrought there? The death they leave in their wake as they obliterate entire towns and cities? Entire settlements wiped out in the blink of an eye. And when have we provoked them? Tell me citizens, when have we provoked them? Those peaceful lands that were settled recently were ours to begin with! Are we to allow them to molest us uncontested? Nay! An eye for an eye! They dealt the first blow and now they will receive our righteous fury!"
"You cut down their forests. You made horrible rumors about them. You, you are the reason for their anger." Lisoria says.

I finish the book and Nolan and Kaitlyn sitting together at a table reading a book. I was surprised how much alike they were even though they were a couples years different in age. I smile as I walk out of the library.

Dora appears beside a Beastman. "Hello there." She says seductively.
"And still, you continue to spit your venom at us to pervert our minds. Sylt'ar, what is your name?"
He reached the final part of the crowd and as soon as he went to get into the execution area the guards stopped him in place. "I have to get in there right now!"

My body was starting to feel cold, what did they do to me and why? Unless they wanted me to be free and away from all of this. Some of the other Beastman were staring at my body and it lay on the ground with a small amount of blood bleeding from the chin from where I hit the stone. Whatever that person did made me go to sleep and that's why I was on the ground.
"If I wanted to do that I would've trained in Perception magic. And your small mind is too weak to deserve to hear my name." Lisoria responds.

Dora looks at the king and Lisoria. "Is any blood going to be drawn?"
Kyle was growing tired of the Kings rant. The Sylt'ar was right, but once more he was gonna wait for that moment. He kept working on the reports, writing the last one before he began to read them. Ryan still had a distant look on his face, as if he was working on a new spell, which was always amusing.
OOC: The summary is up and it contains some relevant lore. Not a TL;DR. I find it funny that everyone assumes that the king is behind the attacks. I may not have made this clear but only the scribe (and some other characters) truly know his past. Well, rumors could spread so I'll take that.

"Prideful child. Very well then, since you wish for death so badly, I will grant you that wish."

He draws out his crystallized sword with his left hand and runs two fingers on his right hand across the fuller. The sword gleams.

"You should run right now."
Lisoria takes off before the king can strike. "Fool."

"Aw, stand and fight like the prideful being you are." Dora yells after her. "Well could you kill one of these things very painfully for me?" Dora asks the king.
The affect from whatever Malata did to me made it where I still couldn't move and I appeared dead to the rest. Who....did that?

Kie was trying to persuade the guards to let him pass. "Ok...first of all on of them just fell to the ground and she could be dead already for all I know, and second I'm just going to recover the body so let me pass please." He looked over the shoulders and saw one of the winged beings flying away.
Name: Stefan Alexander
T3 (T2 in forest), Human
Weapons: Longbow, long hunting knife
Magic: General knowledge of Ruination Magic
Backstory: Born near the border of the Mistwood Forest, The town Stefan was raised in was far enough away from any major city so the local relations between humans and the beastmen have always been relatively peaceful. Stefan has a deep respect for beastmen and their knowledge of the woods, always deferring to their laws while hunting within the forests. An excellent hunter and tracker Stefan is more at home in the woods than anywhere else, but has traveled to J'are to see the world.
@KO and WH
Updating character profile tomorrow. Both are approved.

Looking over the scene from an upper walkway, I turned away shaking my head in disgust.
They both have a point the king and that Sylt'ar, the execution of innocents was a was a shameful and unpleasant business at best, but what was the king to do? The escalating violence along the border needed to be stopped, but responding with violence only would bring more of in kind and eventually war...
I go to the courtyard and start practicing. I create an orb of pitch black energy and a couple streams of dark projectiles fly from it a target. After several seconds it is torn apart. I smile, but my dark hood concealed it. As I moved away I decided to try to change the environment to something more of my liking. A few pillars burst from the ground to change the wind flow. I unfold my wings and feel the wind. Such a pleasant feeling.

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