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Her smile vanished. "For being curious. It is not the way of the Sylt'ar to take an interest in other races, as by your words I am sure you are aware of. I've always been curious, wanting to learn new things. At first, I was considered an oddity, frequently straying from the aerie on little 'expeditions'. My former family was heavy on discipline. My father and brothers were in the army, my mother and sisters more taken to magic. Of discipline, I had none."

Her gaze turned skyward. "Eventually there was an, incident, and I have not been permitted to return to the aeries since."
My gaze was on the two of them and they were sad again. "And I'm the only reason why she can't fly, I know that she did it willing but she was still affected because of me." The amulet was starting to glow again and was humming slightly.

Kie made his way through the streets and then he saw Kyle? "Captain!? What are you doing out here? You sure strayed far from your regular bar."
I stop as I see a temple. I imbue myself with extreme speed and within a couple seconds I am standing on the staircase. I look upon the destroyed statue and step into the temple. "What in the skies above?"
Malata's ears caught the faint note, and she glanced at Simiras. Her eyes sparkled slightly, her curiosity aroused, as she caught sight of the glowing amulet again.

"Hmm, now that is interesting." Her hand moved toward the amulet, then she restrained herself. "May I? It's not very often that I get a chance to try my powers on artifacts."
I slowly pull the amulet over my head and putting it on Malata's hand it gave off a loving warmth. "Yes...but please don't break it, it's the only thing that I have to remember her."
I spot Kie and curse. If he wasn't dealt with before the agent got here, they'd miss their window. "I'm here to meet with a friend, Kie. Go about your business." Ryan was watching the other lanes in carefully, trying to figure out which drunk was just a little too sober.
Kie then glared at Captain Kyle. "I'm off duty right now and I just spotted you and I had thought that you were going to the tavern for mug full."
(You're gonna have to help me on this one, Raven. Your amulet, your show.)

Malata smiled at her. "I wouldn't dream of it." She closed both her eyes and hand, her breathing becoming soft and even, as if she had fallen asleep. Vague thoughts passed through her mind, and she examined each one with disinterest before letting them pass. Finally, her mind was a black and empty as a dark pool of water.
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Agathe sighed. "She got away, that's just great. I'm going to need more hands to handle her. Well, I'm going to have to tell Astrid the full story when I come back. At the very least, my earlier message should have resulted in some action taken.

I would like to place my character in Agathe's location. He is looking for work...

OOC: Then I'll do a little DMing.

Gordon Hammond was traveling along the road. Turning around, he saw the city behind him. He felt dissatisfied. After a day and a half searching the capital of J'are, it didn't yield any suitable clients for his trade.

The wind graced his face. Perhaps he should have went to M'eca, the trade capital of the human lands. No doubt some wealthy businessman would want his services. As Gordon pondered his decisions, he glanced upon a fair woman sitting along the bank of the river, her horse grazing on the grass nearby.

She gazed upon the river. A raven was perched on her shoulders. She petted its head and in a puff of smoke, the raven disappeared. It was a mage.
"Curiosity is good. I must ask what this 'incident' was. You are traveling with royalty and I need to know if I can trust you." I look at the amulet, wondering what causes it to do that and what its significance is. I watch as the Sylt'ar tries to touch it. I expect it to reject her.

OOC: You guys technically ninja'd me, but I think my post is fine for now.

From Fawwer: I let out a low growl. "Why do you treat us as such, Beastman? Have we not already been traveling with these two? You have only shown that you think of us as untrustworthy."
An image flared in Malata's mind, she could see my mother giving me the gift and promising that nothing will ever happen to me. Then everything turned black, she had found herself in some kind of ruins with a memory of the amulet being used as a key to open up the final door. Inside was something that belonged to the family and then a throne was appearing as if...I was destined to play a major role in the Hierarchy as if something terrible is about to happen.

Malata couldn't get a good look at the item but it seemed important as if it was waiting for me and me only, and this ruin was the same one that that human was planning on going to.
"I would heal her, but I'm going to need to look over the damage."

I see the unique ritual the Sylt'ar was doing. I couldn't recall if I ever seen one do that.

"After she's finished with whatever she's doing."
"It's along the lines of caution. I don't know who you are, what you want, where you came from, and you're traveling with a noble beastman. I don't know how long you traveled with her, but you haven't taken her back to her people. For all I know, you're a Sylt'ar spy sent to kidnap her. You haven't even introduced yourself to me even after I introduced myself to you."
Kyle sighs. "Can't, we leave in the morning for Yoka and the lands about there. Our job to secure the from additional attacks." Right then Ryan tapped Kyle's shoulders and pointed to the only man who would be approaching them besides Kie. It had to be Cross and he confirmed it when he reached them. "You're clear Ryan, but I'll need to see your blades, Captain." Kyle drew them out just enough for Cross to identify them, but he knew Kie had seen the runes of power, which were different from runes of magic, and far more ancient.
Grodon pulled his cloak tighter around him.

It was unlikely that the mage would recognize the very distinctive armor he wore, but it didn't pay to take chances.

He was better than equipped to deal with a mage than almost anyone in the world, but the real danger was to the mage herself. If she felt threatened enough to (and had the ability to) turn him into say... A frog.

He would have nothing to redirect such a focused spell at save for the mage herself. He tecnicly could direct it at the horse... But there was no telling what a spell designed to change a human to a frog would do to the poor horse she had with her.

Nothing for it. She might be able to help him. "Good pastnoon!"
Malata sucked in a sharp breath, and her eyes suddenly shot open. Fire burst around her feet, a sudden wind blew around her, and she dropped the amulet as if it had burned her. She was panting slightly, then swallowed.

"Guess it didn't like me." She gingerly picked up the amulet and handed it back to Simiras. "Well, you certainly have a big journey ahead of you, little one. You are going to see some very interesting things." She smiled, then turned to the human. "I'm afraid I haven't gotten your name yet."
Agathe turned around. "Why hell there! What brings you to these roads?" said Agathe jubilantly. She stood up, smiling.

What a strange outfit he his wearing! she thought to herself.
OOC: Only Malata, Svelena, and Rod'nac have been introduced.

IC: "I expected it to not accept you. An artifact like that is meant to be held by only beastmen."
"Assuming we are Syl'tar spies, you and your entire party would be dead by now. I advise you watch your step, Beastman."
I looked deep within the amulet, it had this soothing feeling to it and I felt at peace, but then something struck into my head. Another vision from it and it showed the relic of the Beastmen deep inside of a vault and the image was burning inside my mind.

I was on my knees staring deeper into it and I saw the death of somebody but I couldn't see who. The image was to brutal for me to see and I had glimpsed into the future, I was standing over the queen with an object in my hands covered in blood and I had used it on the queen.

I hit the ground and my eyes were wide open and I was muttering.
Kie looked at bewilderment at what Kyle just did. "Sir...I'm sorry for this but what are you dong!? Those are never to be seen by anyone yet you just flash them in front of someone?"
Malata swung around, her wings spreading slightly in anxiety. "Simiras? Are you okay? What is it?"

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