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Kyle nods. "Right, well then, find another place to put her. For now, go back to your duties."
Dora walks by Kyle in her solid form. "I know she's alive. Maybe I should let someone know." She says aloud to make sure Kyle heard her but not loud enough for the crowd to.
Kie gave off a salute and tossed him the key. "This is the key to the room and I locked it before I left." After that he reached for his small crossbow and started to go back to his duties.

I was starting to stir some more, it was warm in the room for some reason and there was a lack of air flow where I was at. " I?" No one was in the room and I thought I was dreaming again. "This has to be a dream."
Seth fiddled with an arrow, cutting one of fletchings. After doing so, he rubbed his hand over a piece of charred wood. "Ruin, the outcome of war. If you fight for the Beastmen,don't think you are any more righteous than if you fought for Humans. No one is righteous in war."

(Ok, at this point, I am going to give Seth "Special" arrows. As smylez evidently doesn't want me to have any close combat abilities whatsoever, of anyway to fire a second shot, other than hiding. As a tier 3, his combat skills are mediocre, and he lacks any magic. From this point on, unless Smylez objects, special arrows will become more and more prevalent. This will be neccessary, because I need at least one edge. I made my case in the discussion, and will try to brainstorm ideas, of how to fight with the huge disadvantage)
I got up from the bed and the new clothes almost fell off. They were richly colored and they caught my eyes. "This must be a dream, or this must be the afterlife." Searching around I went to open the door but it was locked and wouldn't budge. Grabbing my silvery red furred tail I went to put my fingers through it to untangle some of the knots in it with my vixen like claws. My ears were hearing words but I couldn't get a good hearing on them.

Kie went back down to the streets and took the body to the...furnace to be burned off.
"We find the term "Beastmen" insulting. We are of the Tosk. I look at the Syl'tar. "The righteous in warfare are the ones who live."
Seth places the arrow back into his quiver. He then draws a different one, and nocks it. "So... Will this end in a fight?"
"If it does, don't be surprised if each of you go through a wall when I take off to not sustain unnecessary injuries." Lisoria says.
I wandered into the large city, passing by many stalls. People were all around, buying and selling various wares both native and foreign. But my interest was not here. My interest laid inside the town library.


The heavy oak doors of the grand building opened by themselves as I walked in. The mages here were crafty, reducing the amount of physical work so one could focus on their studies.

I passed by several rooms and bookshelves before reaching my friend's office. As always, he was still studying the last artifact I brought him. I knocked on his door to know I was there.

"Mercrill? Are you busy?"

"Not busy enough to talk to you, old friend! Show me what you brought this time, I'm quite curious now to see what caused you to return so early."

I brought out a stone from my bag. It was roughly the size of my hand, but it only had a strange, green symbol imbedded in it.

"Another rune. This one came from the mountains up north, near some rocks."

"Splendid! My students just decoded the last one you brought. And by what I've seen, we don't have any runes like these on record. This one will actually stump them for once!"

"Alright. I'll get my payment tomorrow after you're done with classes."

"Goodbye, then!"

I left his office with a wave, then headed outside the library. The air was more alien after getting used to the library's smell of paper and failed experiments. But the most alien was the noise I was hearing. So, out of curiosity, I decided to follow it.
Seth said "This is a bad place for flying, the ashes of the Funeral pyre would blind you. I would rather end this by a mutual agreement not to harm each other."

He asked the Tosk "Can we agree not to harm one another"

(No response to what Seth showed her? What a strange person, getting angry over a few beheadings, but being stoic to the ruins of a village)
"She believes the humans deserved it."

"I am able to control some wind. It would stay out of my eyesight." Lisora responds.
There was food down in the street and I could smell it. I haven't eaten in days nor had anything to drink and I had to get down there. I didn't bother slamming into the door for I already knew that I wouldn't be able to break it down especially in my weakened state. "This is either a dream, or the afterlife!" Ears twitching I tried to find another way out.

Kie started to see another one of the Beastmen fall dead from either disease and malnutrition mixed with dehydration or from the axe. "What a tragic way to go for those poor creatures." The crowd was cheering on.
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"She believes the humans deserved it."

Seth responded with a darkened face "Monster.... While the executions may have been wrong, and injust. You forget.... That that Action was provoked! My race has done wrong, but we did in response to something else. The execution was immoral? It was! But the slaughter of people that lived on this land for years without provocation? How is the slaughter justifiable? You are a heartless, bigoted monster."
His hands trembled slightly. "Let this matter be solved by us and the Beastpeople. Go away. You can't see that both races committed harm, and neither one deserved it."
"The first sentence was OOC..."
The noise were cheers, and the cheers were something that I was dreading to see. There was a dead Beastman, laying on its own blood. It was one of those dark rallies that always had someone killed. I looked in disgust as I looked at the people around me, seeing them cheering for a crime.

I turned, heading my way to find the cages that prisoners were kept in for these events.
Dora comes up to the cage of one beastman. She slips into the cage quickly.
Malata had intended to sleep for a long time, but she was smart enough to have cast a spell to rouse her when someone entered the room. Moaning softly as an insistent buzzing filled her head, she dispelled it with a thought and opened her eyes. Recognizing that she was in the room of the human male that she had noted, she smiled as she spied the Beastgirl roaming about for an exit. "Hello, little one. I see that you have roused. You slept well, I hope?"
I growled, the ridges on my neck bristling. "You were the ones who cut down our sacred trees, who spoiled our water, who killed our children. Harm will most likely me inevitable."

I looked around trying to find the voice, I could hear it but not see it. "Who are you?" Ears were twitching and the tail was swaying in curiosity. Trying another exit from the window I was just to big for it and couldn't get even my head out. Slipping off the wardrobe under the window hitting the ground with my butt. "Ow..."
Dora looks at the Beastman. It was female and part lion. She solidifies and the lioness looks at her in terror. Dora grabs the lioness and slams it against the cage. She shocks the lioness, destroying its entire body within seconds. Dora comes out of the cage, back to her transparent form. She looks for the one named Kie.
Malata frowned for a moment, then suddenly laughed. "Oh, I am so sorry. I keep this spell up so often, I usually forget that I even have it." With a thought, she dispersed the heat shimmer masking her.

I turned and saw what appeared to be like an angel in my mind, but it really wasn't and I the wooden floor was radiating with warmth. "Who...who are you?" Eyes wide and ears perked. I was around the age of 13 and I couldn't help but be in awe of this...angel.

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