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I turn around a corner to see a beastman suddenly turned into nothing as someone leaves its cage. I was fascinated but disgusted at the same time. A void user that just killed a beastman. I knew not to judge in case there was reason for this. But I had to find out what that person was doing here.

I started to follow.
Dora sensed someone following her. She quickly freezes the air into a wall between her and the follower. "Never. Ever. Stalk. A. Celestial." She says as she turns. She becomes completely transparent again. She moves onto finding Kie.

When she finds Kie she whispers into his ear. "I know she's alive. I wonder what would happen if I told everyone about one of the Hell Raisers were harboring a living Beastman?"
Kie jerked around. And noticed that they weren't there but still could hear the voices. He was away from the crowd this time and he could hear the voice following him. "Show yourself!" A single blade was out of his sheath the metal gleaming in the light. "What do you want?!"

Malata smiled at the girl. Stepping forward, she gently stroked her head in a soothing manner. "My name is Malata Farsight, little one. You seemed quite scared down there, so I decided to help you." She shuffled her grey wings against her back, the soft feathers brushing against her skin. "I am one of the Sylt'ar. You need not be afraid while I am here. Tell me, where do you come from?"

I didn't know what was worse. Me being scared or me being in awe. "I...I was from the forest, some men ambushed me while I was picking berries and herbs for my mother." The tail wrapping around my hand and twitching.
"I am that which is dead. But is living. I am that which is banned. I am a Celestial. And I shall not show you who I am. But I do have something to ask of you." Dora says as she circles around Kie.
Kie couldn't keep track of the voice and it was getting irritating. He swung his sword and he passed right through something. He touched it and he felt it but there was nothing. Sheathing his sword since he couldn't do anything more to it. "What do you want from me demon?"
"Demon?" Dora laughs. "I wish. But no. I am a Celestial. Now, I would like you to send all of the prisoners out of town. As well as some other people. If you get enough outside of the city. I won't reveal your little secret." Dora keeps circling but she does reveal herself. She has some balls of flame go around her.
She continued to run her fingers through the foxgirl's fur. "It's okay, little one. You need not to be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you." She searched through the girl's memories, and found some of her mother stroking her fur. She copied the movements. "Would you like to go home, little one?"

I nod almost crying with sadness and despair. "Yes...but I know that would never happen. They grabbed her and did things to her and then they killed her at the spot when they took me." I was starting to cry as I remembered what happened those days ago.

Kie was shocked by all of this. "You know that I can't do that! That's against my orders and I could be executed at the spot!"
"You would be more likely be executed after what I say. But the way where you don't, both you, the beast girl and maybe even your commanding officer will be executed. Two will be executed and the Hell Raisers will fall to disgrace if you don't do as I ask. But if you do, there will only be a chance of one executed." Dora replies.
"What do you have to gain through all of this! And why do you want me to do things that wont benefit you eh?" If he could he would have already ran a sword through it's heart. But he already knew that he wouldn't be able to do anything to a Celestial.
"I would be gaining something. I am just not letting you know what it is. But either way, I win." Dora smiles, she was sure she had him.
OOC: adding a char:
Name: William Alexander
T2, Human
Weapons: Crossbow, 2-handed war axe
Magic: none
Backstory: The older brother of Stefan, he left home at a young age and joined the military. He has only visited home a few times and has worked his way up to the rank of sergeant within the Hell’s Raisers company. More at odds with the beastmen than his brother, but he still has a healthy respect for them. A resolute and boisterous individual, William has a commanding presence both on and off the field of battle.

I was shook from my thoughts by a familiar voice;
"Stefan! Little brother!! Is that really you?!"
I wheeled in surprise to see to see the rough and ready features of my brother coming up the stairs towards me.
"Will! you look great! and a sergeant too! been a bit busy I see?"
He laughs, a deep and rolling sound.
"Not as busy as you! what brings you to my neck of the woods?"
"Seeing the world.. and you of corse!"
Will threw his arm over my shoulder, leading me down from the walkway to the streets below.
"Then come! Let me buy you a drink!"
We walked down the street chatting, unknowingly in the direction of Kie and Dora.
"You don't understand though, I should know why I'm risking my life and others for your personal gain." Kie was being persistent with his plan.

Pity filled Malata's heart, and she knelt next to the girl, pressing her forehead to hers. Her wings extended and wrapped around them, forming a soft warm blanket. "Oh, I'm sorry, little one." Inwardly, she sighed. For all their intelligence, humans certainly are capable of misusing it. "Would that I could bring her back, I would. But the dead are best left as they are." Folding her wings again, she glanced out the window. "But perhaps I can help you to return home. Would you like that?"

I sniffled and I let Malata wrap the wings around me forming almost like a blanket. "It's to late for my home, it's gone now and the war is going to destroy it even further. I don't have a family anymore." I wrapped my arms around her crying into her wings.
Seth looked down and said "I don't want to kill anyone. I have my own struggles to face."
He turned around and walked away from the beastman, and syltar. He climbed the mountain, that overlooked the cities, and sat down next to one of the paths. He murmured, "This place, feels different. Almost like someone else is here."
"It's none of your concern. Either way I win. I can do it on my own. I just want someone to do it for me. And if you refuse, you, the girl, and maybe even some other Hell Raisers would die. And it will be a for sure that the Hell Raisers fall from power."
"Well, that's interesting. A celestial? Explains why he could go into that cage."

I quickly put both of my hands forward, summoning a fire wolf. It came forth in a sphere of flame, melting the wall of ice. I say my thanks, sending it back home. I ran to catch up to the celestial, only to find someone aimlessly looking around.

"If I had to make a guess, the celestial that I saw is here."

I summon a thunder effigy, a large hulk of rocks that was held together with the swirling thunder around it.

"Show yourself."
Kie clenched his fist and he was angry. "Fine! But you are going to be a distraction since no one can kill you. You want me to free them then you and I must cooperate. Got that!?"
Dora roles her eyes as the Sylt'ar came. "No. Now don't make me cause your puny summon crumple up into a ball." She turns her attention back to Kie. "Yes sir." She says in a mocking voice. "What do you want planned?"
Kie noticed another one but he dismissed it from his mind. "I wear a disguise and then you distract them by making a scene with someone. I'm pretty sure you have the talent for that, and then I want you to use your energy to open the gate up."
Walking down a near-empty street I over hear the conversation of Dora and Kie.
"Will, you hear that?"
I say at a near whisper.
"I did indeed..."
He said, face grim, all traces of his jovial mood now gone.
"Whoever wants to mess with the Hell Raisers, will have to deal with all of us!"
Unlimbering his axe, Will headed for Kie.
I pulled out my bow and followed in his footsteps.
Dora remains completely transparent. "Will do, Kie." She says. She was ready to follow the plan he came up with.

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