World's End

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"I would be glad to not fight, but I still don't know you're intentions. So, I'm going to show where you are so I can keep track of you."

I conjure a spirit lamp, letting its light show where the celestial is.

"C'mon, now. Tell me why you're here."
"Just to talk business with my friend here." Dora responds.
"Pretty obvious. Really now, why are you here? I saw you kill a beastman, so right now I'm thinking for not really good reasons."
William and I came around a corner to see Kie, Dora and Azon.
(Will): "Kie? What the hell is going on here?!"
My brother growled.
I took a couple of steps back and nocked an arrow.
"Brother, I think our friend here said it, we've got a Celestial on our hands here.."

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OOC: What? I just notice that everyone's calling me a Sly'tar even though I'm human.......
I turned towards the two brothers. "Stand down...we have to do as she says or we all get executed. If do it then I'm only the one that's going to be put on trial if they find out."
"Oh, woops. Sorry."

"See. Business." Dora responds. She smiles.
(Will): "..Do what she says?! Why?!"
Said Will, eyeing the Celestial carefully.
"Because right now I have some major dirt on you guys. Ah, the greatness of being undead."
William had had enough.
"Alright Kie, whats this piece of filth talking about?"
His voice deadly calm.
"We...we thought one of the Beastmen were dead but the poor girl was just in a trance of some kind and now she's in my room resting. This celestial is willing to tell this entire kingdom what the Hell Raiser's did and Captain Kyle told me to put her somewhere safe. So I have to do what the celestial says so please stay out of it so you don't get executed." Every word I was saying was true to the tongue.
"Now you have to help him, or you run the chance of death as well."
"You filthy amoral scum!"
Will shouted, hefting his axe.
"Will.. don't do something stupid.."
I said quietly.
"You can't harm me. And I can cause the scene by destroying you." Dora smiles. "That's how you can help him!"
Malata held the girl as she cried. For a moment, she was uncomfortable. Dealing with others was not something she was good at. "Shhhhhh, there, there, it's okay. You're safe, little one." She slowly stroked the girl's head, wracking her brain to find some way of calming her. "It's okay. I don't have a family either. I'm an outcast among the Sylt'ar. Perhaps, maybe, you and I could journey together? Until you decide what you would like to do?"

I hugged tighter but I knew it wasn't that tight. "Will you be my new mother?" Keeping a good grip on Malata, I didn't want her to leave my side in this cold dark world.
Kyle was slightly amused by the Celestials assumptions. Odds were that girl was awake and long gone by now, so he had nothing to fear. Not to mention the Hell's Raisers were loyal to him, not the King. Ryan was fighting his natural inclination to kill the Undead. Mages didn't like them, one bit.
Malata paused for a moment, the girl's words shocking her. Of all the things that she could have said, she hadn't been expecting that. "I, I, I don't, know. I've never been a mother, little one. I wouldn't really know what to do." She thought for a moment. "If that is what you need, then I will do my best to learn." She leaned back slightly, looking in the foxgirl's eyes. "Would you like to learn with me, little one?"

I smiled and embraced Malata. "Thanks mom, and I would like to learn from you as well." The warmth was loving and I was giving off a throaty sounding purr keeping my face near her neck.
"Isn't this a problem for all you? Well, not really, if you think about it. Celestials are usually evil, so people are going to be less likely to believe you. Then again, humans these days will believe anything......"

I ponder for a moment, then look at the people who were in the room.

"This is a really a predicament for you, isn't it?"
Malata paused as she felt the faint vibration of the girl's purr. Combined with the softness of the girl's fur, it was a very pleasant feeling. "Well, little one, the first thing would be to get you out of here. Hang tight, it's going to get a little warm in here." She pulled the girl closer to her body and concentrated, feeling the pull of the various magical planes. Drawing on her natural skill, she heated the air immediately around them, keeping a buffer of cool air to protect them. She deepened her concentration, and ignited the air. A powerful explosion rocked the building as fire burst through the outside wall. The furniture inside the room burst into flames, their charred bodies leaving clear outlines on the wall where they blocked the flames. A ragged hole had been blown in the wall, and cool air slowly filtered into the barely breathable room. Malata released the girl, her lungs working to take in the hot air. "Come with me, and be careful at the hole." Rising, she lightly jumped from the hole and spread her wings, rising rapidly on the spiral of hot air outside the building. Turning she alighted on the rooftop of the building, once again masking herself in the heat shimmer.

I smiled and quickly followed her step, jumping high and reaching grabbing a hold of the roof I pull myself up. The air felt good and the area looked serene and beautiful despite all what's going on in the world. "Wait up!" I desperatly needed something to eat or I fear I wouldn't be able to go any farther.

Kie saw the explosion. "KYEL FOLLOW ME!" That room was his room and it's where the girl was being kept at. Some of the citizens were worried and were starting to ask questions.
"Ryan." He nods and the flames caused by the explosion are brought under control. Kyle follows Kie. "She's most likely already gone, Kie."

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