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He sighs with a breath of relief. "That means we don't have to take the threat serious now since she's gone and there's no proof. Plus I already dumped a few bodies at the furnace so they would never know."
William brushed past the Celestial, hurrying after Kie and paused to give Kyle a brief salute.
"Sir, when you've got a moment I'd like you to meet my brother."
I was hurrying after them.
Malata looked about, and saw multiple guards running towards the building. They wouldn't find anything in the room, not after what she had done, but that wasn't her primary concern. Extending her mirage to the girl, she spread her wings again. "This way, little one. We have quite a ways to go, and not long to go in." She turned and ran to the edge of the building, using her wings to catch a soft breeze, bolstering her speed.

I ran as fast as I could but I was weak from malnutrition and dehydration. "I'm coming!" Dropping on all fours I started to run across the roof tops and after Malata so I could be with her. The smell of food down in the street was making me weaker but pressed on forward.
"Guess. I'll do it myself." Dora arrives at the nearest prison and slowly makes her way in.
Kyle nods and stops running, instead facing the crowd. "Nothing but a bad training incident. Go back to your business." The civilians go back to the execution and Kyle sighs. Ryan was panting a bit. It had taken some effort to contol a fire so violent.
Dora finds the warden and quickly silences him. She takes the keys off a wall and unlocks the cell of someone who was a freethinker and hands him the keys. "Unlock everything." She directs him.

"Yes, ma'am." He responds and runs off.

Within the hour the prison was taken over by the prisoners. Dora stands in front of them. "Follow me." Dora leaves the prison and uses pressure to crumble up an area on the wall, large enough for a single file line.

Malata kept looking behind her, noting with concern the foxgirl's condition. Must remember to ask her name.It was obvious that she was starving, and Malata wondered how long it had been since she had last eaten, or how far she had traveled in that state. Can't think about that right now. This place is too dangerous for her. If she is found, they will rip her apart on the spot.

It didn't take them long to reach the wall of the city. She had been expecting guards, and she quickly made alterations to their thoughts so that they wouldn't notice anything strange. She paused between two crenelations, waiting for the girl to catch up. Now, how to get her down.
I stopped near the edge with Matala and almost collapsed onto the ground, so weak I didn't know if I could even pick myself up again. "I...don't feel so good." The malnutrition and lack of water was officially starting to take effect.
I called the rest of the Tosk out from the forest, a couple of Beastmen following them out. "The human is gone. Did you glean any information?" I look at one of the Beastmen, the only one who could practice magic inside our party. "Execution- they have a lot of prisoners." I spat on the ground. "Take us to the city walls, if you could. We have a score to settle."

Malata looked at the girl anxiously. It was clear that she couldn't go much farther without food. Glancing around, she noticed a loaf of bread next to a soldier. Creeping over, she lightly extended her shimmer shield over it and took it. The soldier didn't even bat an eye. She retreated back to the foxgirl. "Here. Eat quickly, this will be the only thing you'll get until we reach the forest. I will be back soon." Lightly vaulting over the edge of the wall, she beat her wings as she flew skyward. Anxiously hovering, she looked about from her vantage point. The forest was not too far, likely less than a day's walk from the city. She was worried that the girl wouldn't make it, but she had no choice. She looked down, and fear gripped her chest. Many creatures had materialized outside the walls, and the distant look that her height provided identified them as Tosk, one of the lizard-like clans of the Beastmen. With the mind-bending that she had applied to the human guards, they wouldn't notice the warriors until they were killed. And the foxgirl was right in the middle of them.

Swallowing, she ran options through her mind. Her first priority would be to get the girl to safety. The Tosk probably wouldn't harm her, but at the same time she couldn't just let them massacre the guards.

She beat her wings anxiously. She didn't know what to do.
My eyes gleamed with hunger and with a few ferocious bites the loaf was devoured but I was still weak. The sun was starting to beat harder against me as the toll from not drinking water was getting worse. "I'm starting to feel worse now...I think I'm going to be sick."

I squinted, looking at the distance at a hovering black speck. My predatory vision honed in on the sight, revealing a Syl'tar and, slightly below her, a fox-like beastwoman. Good- The Syl'tar had been the third race to discover us, and we had maintained decent relations despite their alliance with the humans. Motioning to Ascelpius, she notched an arrow and fired it at the city wall, the draw of the twelve foot tall Tosk sending the arrow into the mortar. A rope trailed from the wall to our position. If they weren't too slow they would figure out what we were doing. I motioned to Ascelpius again and she nocked another arrow, this time aiming it at the oblivious guards.

Kie was backing up from his room. "Sir...I'm going to check on the prison for that celestial wanted me to free them so now she might do it. I'll be back."
I saw the arrow and looked down. There were others but they weren't of my exact race. I didn't know if I trust ed them and the rope would slip from my hands due to my condition.
Seth wandered down the mountain path, and started walking on the main road to the city. He had to figure out what was going on. Covering his face with a hood of a cloak, he walked closer and closer to the edge of the city.
The mountain path was the fastest way to the forest, and would take less time then the main road.
Ignore, and move on.
No feeding the trolls. Set weapons to ignore and continue the RP.

IC: Kyle returned to his office as one of the messengers reached it. "Sir, the prisoners are free, reports say a Celestial was responsible." He curses. She'd lost her leverage on us and went to do the job herself.

"Thank you, return to the general and tell him we'll start rounding them up." He nods and sprints away. Kyle turns and heads back outside, calling for his horse. This day just got long.
SF, Stop feeding the trolls.

Seth continued to walk down the main road. He noticed several beastmen were frantically running away. He murmured to himself "A prison break?"
His next thought was "There will be guards, coming to recapture them. I should try to stop the guards. They were unjustly put to trial. "
Removing his cloak, Seth said out loud, "There is a mountain path, just a little bit further from here. Its much faster, and horses cannot traverse easily though it. Run there."
He drew his bow, and said "I can delay there journey, just run."
A couple of the prisoner are set aflame. They start running frantically. A few try stopping dropping and rolling but the fire wouldn't go out. They were all screaming. "How nice. They try to stop the inevitable."

"Not feeding him. I am not getting angry. I'm keeping a level head and am just stating the information that I see from his posts."
09/30/2012 07:43 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"Not feeding him. I am not getting angry. I'm keeping a level head and am just stating the information that I see from his posts."

Responding to a troll is feeding him. Stop.

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