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Hi, a noob to Starcraft 2 (actually starcraft in general). I was playing today a 4v4 match and everyone got eliminated (including myself), only 1 person from each side remained.

The guy on my team was only slightly outnumbered in combat units. As soon as my base and units got killed off i msged my teammate:

"hey, he's heading your way"

He then replied:

"Do you have any mins?"

and then i said to him:

"Yeah he's aproximately 2 minutes away from you bro"

The enemy then came and killed him off completely and he left right away. Before he left he said: "Should have gave me your mins..."

I thought i did?? I realised soon after he was asking for my "minerals" not the "minutes" till the enemy was gonna show up. LOL!

When i said that to him he must have been thinking "That smart *** motherf......."

I honestly thought I was contributing and helping out by telling him that and giving him an idea of the timeframe till he got attacked, little did I know I was griefing in a way. Not on purpose of course.

Anyways I laughed for about 5 mins straight after realising what had happened and texted my veteran SC2 buddies from work to tell them about the huge noob mistake i made.

Just had to share lol.
.... wow that is totally an epic fail.

My best one is forgetting to get a baneling nest against Terran until nearly 20 minutes into the game...
Once I played against turtle zerg didn't research warp gate till 11 min, and still win (chronoing dark templar is tough).
Dont necro please...
I understand where you are coming from, I just started sc2 as well, it is a big learning curve.

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