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I roll as I'd leapt to avoid another floral creature and turn on it, a throwing knife through the head finishing it in a single blow. "Joan, do what you need to do!" Remus was still a Shrike, as it was proving the most effective. He began peppering the new enemy with spines as fast as he could.
The new enemy roars, and the plants uproot violently. They clap eyes on different people based on color.

Small creatures with odd predilections. They have different capabilities with different colors.
Red- fireproof, excellent fighters
Blue- waterproof, high stamina
Yellow- resistant to electricity, lightweight
White- poison resistant, fast, poisonous themselves
Purple- 10x the weight and strength of other colors
I spin both blades and leap forward, Incendia and Glacies cutting through the strange creatures with ease. "Can we get going please?! I'm getting a little more of a work out then I'd like right now!"
The red ones cluster behind Joan, looking to her as a guiding figure. "Friendlies! Stand down!"
I spin the blades and sheath, watching the others closely. "Right..." I signal Remus and he lands on my shoulder. "Are we done yet?"
Joan runs past, with the red Pikmin following closely behind. She gets the object she came for.

Metal Suit Z
Reduces incoming damage by half, minus one.
(Ex- 40 damage attack is reduced to 19 damage.)
"Right, let's get out of here." I had a small group of smoke knives in my hand and as soon as Joan was close enough, I throw them down. "Do that remote thing now please."
The group warps away, Pikmin and all.

They find themselves standing in a massive wasteland, with steel-quilled porcupines roaming about.
I sigh. "This can't end well..." Looking around, I take in to consideration that even with Remus's help, we're still vastly outnumbered as well as not a clew as to why we came here. "What are you after here?"
Joan points to what appears to be a floating speaker. "Contract for Dad."
"In another dimension? Man I could use some connections like that." I keep an eye on the hedgehogs, but I wasn't sure there was much Remus or I could do to them.
Joan waves. "Over here!" The speaker moves over, and the man carrying it slowly fades into view. "You're a Roadie, right?" He.nods.
I look at Joan quizzically, but keep my mouth shut. I wasn't used to this kind of thing, so she probably knew more then me about it. Remus was eyeing the hedgehogs hungrily, and I shook my head. "Probably give you indigestion." He sniffs and returns to his normal form, still on my shoulder.
Joan remembers her company. "Roadies are usually completely invisible unless you're standing face to face with one."
I nod. "I suppose that makes sense." Remus was glaring at the Roadie hungrily. "Calm down, I'll get you some steak when we get back." He growls but refrains from doing anything more.
The Roadie chuckles. "Iffee wants a Steelquill, just take da quills out- dey're delicious."
"I believe he's fine." I glance at Joan. "Can we wrap up soon? Remus really does need to eat."
OOC: Summary???

IC: I quickly sign the paper and think to myself "The crowd shall see my magnificence and they will never forget!!!"
The owner smiled from her desk, watching the Jukalisk. "This shall be fun!" She could see everything happening from her office.

The Protoss smiled as best as he could. "Wonderful, now get in that pit!" He was excited, for they managed to bring back something nasty.

OOC: Summary???
A summary is not needed for nothing happened to your person or involved him/her/it.
I slither down to the pit and shouted out to the crowd, my voice amplified, "Lets get ready to rumbleeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ad they start cheering. "These speakers do wonderful things dont they???" I thought to myself and I got myself ready for whatever horrible creature they brought out

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