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"I don't care. I am part Protoss. All I really need is water. Food isn't as essential. Sure there are some nutrients I have to get from food. But I just need really need clean air and water to work well enough for now."
She laughs. "Clean air? You're talking about a bedroom on a ship. And, let's face it. That hole opens up to a parking lot." She wrinkles her nose. "But I can help with water." She takes the cap off of a finished tube of toothpaste, rinses it out in her vanity sink, and fills it with water. She sets it on the table.
I burst into the Twisted Time and shout "Behold my beauty, ahhh baneling balls Im already already breaking my promise!!!! So I must ask how is everyone doing???"
The owner took the file and started to spread the illusions throughout the Twisted Time, she had taken the guise of a Terran female in her early 30's. Walking back down she saw the Jukalisk again saying things about beauty? "That made me laugh...there is no such thing as true beauty or perfection....Zerg."
Sorrow, startled, fires off a single pistol round at the talking Baneling.
"It's a Hydra."

I quickly start drinking from the tube of water. "Shouldn't you have a air filter on a ship that travels through space?"
I don't even have a clue where I pulled Baneling from. Excuse my brain fart.

Joan shrugs. "The Recycler's filter is clogged. Dad would have to remove the whole damned thing, disassemble it, pull out whatever got stuck, then reassemble the thing, reinstall it, and then run the whole ship cold. Not even my fingers can reach it, because the tubes are thin and long. Been breathing dirty air for weeks now."
I growl angrily but then quickly calm myself. "So do you errr have any good chow to fill my magnificent stomach."
She sits down somewhere near Sorrow. " Food I can't provide because I don't work here so you have to ask someone else for that." Starts to read the file without anybody looking.
Arianna walks up to the Jukalisk. "You should try modesty for once. You might actually make friends." Arianna walks away.

"You're kidding me, right?" I ask.
She raises an eyebrow. "Why would I kid? What could I possibly have to gain?" She scrunches up her nose. "There's something I need to tell you. If you get mad at me, I'm dropping you in that salvaged birdcage in the corner. Okay?"
"Okay." I reply. "You already shrunk me. I don't think there is much that could make me mad at you."
She lets out a breath. "In all the commotion last night, I didn't pay attention, and I don't know today's code to unlock the door. You're stuck in my room until I guess the code." She looks at Korzis expectantly. In one hand, she holds some of her clothes, with intention to shower.
"...OH! Okay." I walk over to the door and stare at it.
She walks over to her shower, in a corner of her room, and begins to clean up. Steam floats throughout the room. She hangs her towel on the metal rack on the outside of the transparent plastic door. "Thanks for understanding."
"Aheem my magnificence, god damnit promises are so hard to keep, would like to know what this word "modesty means???"
Looking up from reading her own file. "I'm sorry? But last time I checked a stomach was not magnificent. No offense."
"Modesty is where you aren't boastful about yourself. Where you act decently. You could also stop trying to make yourself seem more important than you are." Arianna replies, rolling her eyes. "If you were truly magnificent you would know what it means and you would be so."

I quickly float up to the door keypad and push in the numbers: 1234.
Joan hears the beeps. "Five characters, uses alphanumerics, five incorrect answers in a row and you get tazed."
I type in N1NJ4. "Well I guess when I get to number four I should stop."

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