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She nods. "Get your buddies here. We're gonna hire you on for good pay." The Roadie nods. "Aight." She hits the remote button, and they disappear-

only to wind up in the Star Wars universe.
What the Jukalisk didn't understand was that they weren't cheering for it at all. But something slithered out of chamber and it was the Crelent, it had somethings that were related to a Hydralisk but it was nothing like it at all. Its eyes pierced into Jukalisk.
"Ahaha this is the best you got??" I shout and then wait for it to make its first move so I could choose what tune to play.
Then four Razor Hounds stepped out, standing right next to the Crelent. Youuuu caaallll yourself Zerggg?
I duck a strange shot and dive behind cover, Remus close behind. "Where the hell are we?!"
"Yes infact I am Zerg and probably one of the most magnificent and powerful wouldny you say??" I said with a smirk
Joan looks down at her dimension guide. She looks up. "I . . . don't know." She kicks over a droid and steals its blaster. "Cool gun."
With that, the Crelent fired off many seeker spines covered in a very special neuro toxin. The Razor Hounds dashed to the sides acting as one, like a pack going after it's prey. The scenery of the pit started to turn into the jungles of Helios where they were evolved.
"Your honor! I think the time is up for today's trial!"
Question, what time period? Cause this sounds like Clone Wars.

IC: I through a det knife at one of the guys in white armor and watch him explode before grabbing his blaster rifle. I fire a test shot, hitting another droid in the head. "You know, I like this. I think I'll keep this." I start opening fire on both sides, not really sure who was the bad guy.
Yep. Clone Wars.

Joan smiles deviously, and walks throughout the battle, stealing gas cartridges. She comes upon a tense scene where a dark-brown haired youth with a plasma blade effortlessy holds off thousands of droids alone. An older man with lighter hair and a beard jumps in to assist. Joan watches. "Cooooooooool."
I glance over at the scene, noticing that they seemed to be the good guys. "Right, attack the droids. Remus." He nods and becomes a Predator again, leaping into the fray. "Joan, maybe we could stick around here for a bit?" I was having the time of my life and so was Remus.
Joan nods. "Alright." She fires the blaster she stole again and again, mowing down droids.
Drac, this could be a fun. Why not have a sub plot here for a bit. Maybe even bring back some souvenirs for future RPs.
That's the idea. Kinda wish more chars were involved, but hey. :)
We can make it work.

IC: I fire again and again, dropping more droids. Soon some larger ones with bulkier bodies took up the front lines and soon I wasn't doing much more then scorching them. "Crap." I duck behind cover, avoiding a line of shots. A man in white and blue armor jumps down next to me and throws a grenade of some kind, taking out a large group of the new droids.

"Civilians shouldn't be here!" He fired as he spoke.
Joan smiles, and takes out more of the droids, her eyes aglow. "Look who's talking." The dark-haired man slices apart the droids. "Scrap metal!"
I chuckle and return to firing as well. "I'm no civilian, but we seem a little lost." I pop another droid in the head when three more new ones roll up. Deploying, they surround themselves in energy shields and open fire. None of my shots do any good. Irritated, I throw a det knife in each and watch them explode. "Jerks." The armored man stares in awe then continues to fire as the first guy leaps up and begins cutting them apart.

"General Skywalker, we need to fall back! We're out numbered!" I looked at the man with the sword then back at the armored man. General? The man with the plasma sword glances back.

"Get them out of here and give the order Rex!" He grabs me and hauls me back towards the line of armored man. Remus follows, turning back into a Zergling to keep up.
Joan grins and follows. "Hello, sir. Operative Joan Molina, Poltergeist Mercenaries." The older man walks over. "Mercenaries? We didn't hire any mercenaries." She grins wider. "I know. Just getting experience, because my father says I do terribly in combat still."
I shake off the armored man and face the man with the beard. "I'm just her guard. Torvus Jentus, assassin for hire, or soldier of fortune. I've been both."

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