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The man nods. "General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi of the Republic Army." He offers a hand, which Joan vigorously shakes.
A Clone soldier watches with shock.

Supervisor, an anomaly.

We detected it. The handsome male is connected loosely to us. Ensure that they do not alter this world's course of events.

Aye, sir.

Good. Brotherhood out.
Knarled just as a fyi...You're forgetting about World's.
I just sat down, waiting for the others to return.
I shake Obi-Wan's hand. "Pleasure. Who's your friend who helped save my @ss?" As I ask, he walks up.

"Anakin Skywalker, General and Jedi of the Republic Army." I shake his hand as well.

"Torvus Jentus, soldier of fortune." Remus nudges his way in, looking at Anakin with interest. "And Remus, albino shapeshifting Zergling."
I sit down. "So, Cynthia, what have you been up to the past three months?"

Obi-Wan raises an eyebrow. "Zergling? Never read about that life form."
I prop my feet up. "Oh nothing much, me and Korzis being the trouble makers we are when mother and father aren't around. Everyone calling me perfect when in reality I ain't."
The Brotherhood Clone walks up, watching the group carefully. Ready to intervene.
So when did Star Wars crossed over?
10/12/2012 03:23 PMPosted by smylez
So when did Star Wars crossed over?
It's a different reality and they just did Pikmen not that long ago.
I chuckle. "We're, uh...not from around here. Out of curiosity, where is here?" I notice the armored man get closer. "Hey man, butt out, AB convo so C your way out of it."
I nod. "Perception and faith are hard to break."

Kenobi looks at him. "You are not aware you are on Kashyyyk?"
The Clone pretends to be doing something useful. In specific, unpacking nothing from an empty ammo pack.
"Kashyyyk? Where in the Koprulu Sector is that?"

OOC: Don't you dare ruin it KO. This could be fun.
I'm not ruining it, just ensuring that you don't change the Star Wars storyline. That's my job.
Kenobi looks even more confused. "Koprulu Sector?" Joan interrupts. "We're not from around here. A long way from here. We crossed to here thanks to my father."
The Clone's alarm grows. He touches his Crystal, hidden in his helmet.

Obi-Wan's comm-link flashes. General Kenobi, we need you at the front immediately.
I facepalm. "Right," I sit back then notice Remus looking for food. "You guys have some meat to spare? Remus hasn't eaten in awhile."
Kenobi leaves. "I really have to go. But you are interesting." A dead Lychee (monkey about grapefruit size) falls out of a branch nest.

Yes, expanded universe nerd heeyaah.
I hop out of the glass and look at Shadow. "When is the thing going to be ready?"
The Clone relaxes. It worked.

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