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"Well, that was convenient." Remus pounces on it and eats, snuggling up to me with contented growl. "So, who's who, Anakin?"
I smile. "It's still boiling hot. We're waiting for it to cool."
General Skywalker, we need you as well. The Seppies are pressing hard.
...We're never gonna learn anything if you don't let us...

IC: "I just left the front, Corporal. It's fine." He faces me and Joan. "You already met me and Obi-wan. The man who pulled you out of the fire is Captain Rex. Commander Cody should be around here somewhere, most likely out on the battle front." I nod.

"Sounds like quite the group." Anakin laughs.

"You'd be surprised at the messes we get in and out of."
Joan nods. "Hate having triple your force pressing against you. Those odds don't fare well."
Anakin smiles mischievously. "Nothing but a day at work. We've dealt with worse then this." I chuckle.

"You sound like a man with a love of adventures." He only smiles wider as a man in yellow trimmed armor runs up.

"General Skywalker, we need help. Damn seppies are bring in more Droideka." Anakin nods and then faces us.

"This would be Commander Cody. Mind helping us out?" I shake my head and stand up as Remus morphs into a Predator.

"All for it." He walks back towards the front and Remus and I follow. "Coming Joan?"
"Is there anyway to cool it down faster without damaging it?"
I burrow deep down quickly to avoid the seeker spines (Its to deep for them to follow) I then move up quickly and stab a razorhound from underground. I then unburrow shot a sonic blast knocking one of the razorhounds into the crowd. "Poor puppies." I smirk "Do you need a bone???"
The Crelent anticipated that, two small creatures were floating in the air about the Jukalisk, they were from the spines and they dived down almost immediately as soon as he unburrowed. Both of them going through both of its speakers.

The Razor Hound that got stabbed bit the scythe claw that the Jukelisk used and ripped it off with ease. Then the other one that didn't get pushed up that many feet jumped onto its back.
Mecha, it's a requirement you take a hit or two. CR's Brood is extremely Lethal.
I gritted my teeth as the two creatures plunged into my speakers but I knew the acids residing in my speakers would take care of them and the speakers would soon be better, the claw on the otherhand, would take longer. "Ill give you a rough time!!!" I yelled and then cranked up my favorite song Nyan Cat so loud thay many spectators eardrums burst open like a bloody zit and soon after two of the razorhounds head explode and the rest of my opposition was paralyzed. I smiled as I slithered in for the kill.

@Zarkie I know. The Crelent will be a tough mofo but the Jukalisl is using attack methods unknown so they would be caught off guard.
Your speakers are busted by the way? Going through them kinda makes the speaker quit working.
You're a hydralisk with speakers. There isn't much you can do that they won't expect. And call me Zarkie one more time, I will find you and I will end you.
Its called Zerg healing............. Also off topic. What do the Razahound and Crelent look like????

Okay Zarkie ;D
...Lock your doors if you want to live to see the daylight...
"Zerg healing doesn't work in a minute. It would take you about an hour to fully heal the damage."

Arianna decides to throw a small pill at the Crelent.
And they are speakers not Zerg organs...

A Crelent is something similar to a Hydralisk but not even close to being the same.
Razor Hound is pretty self explanatory.


The Razor Hounds grew their heads back but this time they had two...They were like Cerberus of Greek legends but with Hydra influence.

The Crelent had a surprise waiting in store as the ugly Jukalisk came slithering up.
1: I know the speakers are small and dont you think Jukalisk would make sure he evolved the regen around his speakers. The claw however, will take a few days to heal. Also they are biomechanical. (Think of regeneratative biosteel)

Ok Zarkie ;D
When the pill makes contact with the Crelent it explodes in a dust and starts to absorb into its skin. The Crelent doubles in size. "Eat that you f*cktard!" Arianna yells at the Jukalisk.
Even biosteel takes time. it isn't instant. Other wise I'd get that every time in game.

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