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I raise an eyebrow. "Do I want to know?"
"No. No you do not. The answer to that question is always no when it involves me." I answer plainly.
I sigh. I lift the cup with Korzis in it, and pluck him out to sit on my shoulder. "Give me directions."
"The smoke trail to the North. About half a mile North-west of your landing zone." I say to Shadow.
I set my mouth in a grim line. "Hold on." I walk carefully, but with enough speed that the distance won't matter much.
Anakin grins like a fool as they get closer. "Well, this is where it get's fun. Meet you back at camp." He jumps into the fray. Literally. I gape in amazement. Never in my life had I seen a man leap that far. What ever these Jedi were, I think I want to be one. Coming back to reality, I charge forward, the blaster rifle as I'd over heard it called was slung over my back and I had Incendia and Glacies drawn. It was time to show my specialty. I jump into the fight, cutting down the droids with help from the elements. Some of the clones, once more overheard their name, watched the swords in amazement. I had a feeling I may have just signed up to become a Jedi.
OOC: Starwars 0_o What universe will u f@ck up next Transformers......Wait there could be something to that....... (Evil laughing is overheard)

IC: Seeing the creature coming closer I cranked the sound up and then I heard a BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt my back being ripped apart as my speakers blew out. Blood spurted all over and my injured arm ripped off. I looked around and saw the creatures coming towards me, a little tipsy as the amount of sound I created before my speakers blew shredded their ears (remember your not only allow you to hear but are also important for keeping your balance) I raised my remaining arm in defiance before I passed out.

OOC: Better??????
...Mecha, use physics here. You wouldn't cause a sonic boom because you had your volume high, you would just have blown out speakers. You're a freaking Hydralisk, do what comes best at a range, spines! Make them unique if you want.
Mecha...Jukalisk and everyone in the arena is dead now. A shockwave is more powerful than you think, it doesn't take that many g's to kill a person.
Or a hydralisk. Flesh and bones is flesh and bones.
I edited

This RP is kindve hard to do because you have to balance realism and fantasy. Im still a newb and still learning..... Im srry if im frustrating......
A pillar came up from the ground of the pit, it was beautiful and it started to release energy. It was turning back time to when the match had started but the owner made sure of one thing, that the arm was still gone and that the speakers were blown out. Arianna didn't get hit.

After everything was once like it was, the owner came down the stairs and into the pit. "You passed out so you lost, even if the creature would would die after you passed out."
Tis better. Please try to be realistic and next time someone takes out your speakers, they're gone, not magically repaired. You could have used several variated spines instead.
"I fai- failed.." I croaked "how is this possible." I held the stump that was once my arm and carried myself out of the pit, ashamed. I slinked into a small alley near the Twisted Time, licking my wounds, feeling ashamed and neutered.
Do hydralisks even have nuts?
................. Neutered is for girls and you can also apply it in a different sense such as the cat felt neutered after it got declawed.........
Spayed is for girls. And that doesn't answer my question.
Well he feels neutered cause his speakers are basically ripped out and will take a long@ss time to heal
Joan grins, as her Flare Cannon supercharges the Tibanna gas, creating a massive crater. "Sorry, Skywalker! I was testing something!"
Anakin just grins. "With a weapon like that, we may be able to keep Kashyyyk after all!" I was too focused on the battle to really notice.

"Nice shot Joan!" I leap into another group, my blood alive with the fight.

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