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Joan shakes her head. "Dad tells me my aim stinks! And he's right- I could have done so much better!" She fires again, taking out an MTT as it lands.
"It's good enough for now!" I yell out, spinning around another droid and chopping it down. The air around me was frigid, sharpening my focus. "Just keep it up!"
She fires again. "Alright!"
I bring Incendia down on another droids head when I notice the hovering tanks moving in. "Joan, move!"
When most of my brutal wounds had stopped bleading I slinked over to the forest I had slept in before, not wanting to have everyone know that my magnificence was in such bad shape, and found a comfy spot near a tree and curled up and fell asleep.
The owner sighed and went back to her office to do a report. "Good thing that I have that for emergencies..."
I waited...and waited. "Is the liquid done yet..."
Daniel ducked as two battle broids spray blaster fire at him. He rolls forward and slices the legs off of one, then cuts the other in hlaf. It falls on top of the legless one, immobilizing it.
Joan notices a Hailfire Droid and clips off one of its wheels, sending it firing its missile payload at other droids. "Hells yeah!"
I sigh. This was great, but we were losing, like it or not. "Anakin, is there someway I can get into the air and get an advantage?" He points to what looks like an air field with a bunch of fighters in it. "Thanks!" I run over to one and climb in, taking off. {Joan, tell me where I'm needed.}
{They're coming down in those H-shaped craft, which are coming out of those ball-in-a-circle things. Do with that what you will.}
The judge nods. "As it is getting late, and we must all be at our best performance level for the pursuit of justice, this court will adjourn until tomorrow." He bangs his gavel, and Smylez and KnarledOne are heading back to jail on $10,000 bail.
The sun sinks below the horizon. That same ol' wolf howls to the moon as darkness (and its accompanying nasties) creeps into the town.

Nightly News.

Interdimensional Travel!!!

Some kids (and mercenaries) have been hopping around through various dimensions, potentially having devastating effects on the storyline of Star Wars. More info on this later.


The Terran teenager Korzis remains tiny, but is expected to regain full size soon. Wish him luck!

Tonight's Threats.

Giant spiders have been seen creeping into the town. Careful!


In Infested Football, the Chargers lost to the Packers earlier today. The final score was Chargers 0, Packers 60.

Disclaimer: This post was not at ALL a bump. *whistles innocently*
I just sighed. "Shadow, how much longer until it's done?"
Angelos was whistling outside of the bar he just went in, he noticed that it turned awfully dark out. "This should be good...wonder what's going to happen soon."
{Roger that, Joan.} I zoom up, shooting down the droid fighters as they came and taking out the engines on one of the transports, sending it to the ground.
Angelos is surprised by a Giant Spider leaping at him from the shadows...
"Spiders? Why does it have to be spiders?" He reached out for a SMG and did a back flip while emptying an entire clip into the spider.
The creature started to fling out a sticky web, but was cut down. Still, Angelos got some of the stuff on him.
I woke up my belly growling. I decide to head into town but I feel something odd "What in my magnificence's name is going on?!?!" I was quickly answered when something leaped up at my face and I shot a barrage of needle spines at it just before it could leap on my face and it launched backward. I look at the carcass and realize its a Giant Spider "Ughhhh Zerg Imitatiors, big ones too." Suddenly one of the damn Imitatiors jump on my hurt back and slam my back against the tree crushing it but doing almost as much harm to me as to it and I let out an unearthly howl of pain.
Is the trial thingamajig still going?

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