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Joan laughs. "Yeah, what's meant to stun a normal person would be like getting struck by lightning to you. I set a randomizer on the codes, it changes daily."
I type in 7UD83. "No sh!t sherlock."
"I act decently!!!!!! I was the one who put out that big fire out!!! I also have saved a Overlord full of Zergergartners, I gave out free creep shakes to the poor Zerglings who are veterans of several Overlord drops and have come home to find their Hive Cluster in ruins by a MMM army!!!!! And I recall you were the one who smashed my head in and yet I still have not done any form of retribution. Also I have won Korprulus next top Zerg Model so im obviousl very beautiful and handsome!!!!"
"Zerg. Terrans are the ones with a true concept of beauty. Protoss don't give sh!t about it, and Zerg think a mutation is beautiful. You aren't magnificent, and you act like a snob." Arianna responds.
The owner chuckles and the good thing is that know one knew what she really was, or that she was even the owner. "Trust me...a Zerg model is nothing like my people. We would beat you at modeling any day. We would need an unbiased judge of course."
She turns. "Hey, I thought you said you weren't gonna get mad at me. If you want something in the meantime, don't hesitate to ask. My room is yours, at least for now."
"I wasn't getting mad. You were just stating the obvious." I respond. I type in: 12O4Q.
" Terrans have a concept of beauty BWAHHAHAHA you think that fire breathing monstousity is beautiful" I snort pointing towards a hellion parked outside. "Even though the Protoss can act like snobs I very much respect them considering how their armor is beautiful yet still is more powerful than those disgusting suits you Terran wear!!!!!"
"You don't have to look your best for combat...I don't even use armor or suits for I don't need to. For my illusions and mind tricks are all I need." Has a Colt out and starts to work on it.

The Slyven slithers in. "I...don''re....beautiful...Zerg..."
Joan sighs. "I'm sorry. I'm being sensitive, so that I don't assume you're joking when you're serious about wanting . . . something. I don't know. Please don't try to get me to stop, and don't say anything sarcastically. I'll take it seriously." She steps out of the shower, wrapping her towel about herself. "Your turn. You smell a little. I hope you don't mind me watching, but I can't have you going down the drain." She grabs Korzis in one hand, and sets him in the sink./
"Well I'm keeping my clothes on then." I say. I quickly stomp down the drain and then allow the to pour down until it made enough to be a bath for me. I have the water stop and sit there.

"Only rednecks think that beat up vehicles are beautiful, Zerg. And concept of beauty for Terran would be one like myself. Or Cynthia. Or even Joan."
I glower at the Sylven, he had hit a chink in my emotional armor and I would not let anyone know. I quietly growled at him and sat down and tried to hold back the flood of my emotions.
She scrapes off a bit of bar soap with her thumbnail, and hands it to Korzis. "I assumed you wanted to shower. If you want a bath, I have a plug on hand. And I could walk away, if that's really what you want." She runs a finger down Korzis's spine, mimicking a gentle stroke.
"Yes. And yes. I already blocked the drain." There was a Psionic barrier over top of it. "But I'm not doing anything until you walk away and look away." I wait for her to walk away.
I was in the middle of solving a puzzle when I noticed my tail. Ignoring the beast, I finish the puzzle, get the key and move on, still deeper into the forest.
She pouts. "Fine." She walks away, picking up a copy of 'Ender's Game'. She flips to a piece of paper she was using as a bookmark and reading, deciding to let the steam air out before dressing. She carelessly flops down onto the couch.
I quickly undress and bathe. I redress and remove the barrier. I jump out and use a barrier to reach the ground safely.

Arianna grabs some more food and stuffs herself, she made another person pay, again.
Whoa. Things got a little spicy when I wasn't looking.

Draconus, two things.

1. I see where you're trying to go with this.

10/01/2012 03:13 PMPosted by Draconus
KO, day made.
What the heck is this?

An insectoid leaning against the wall of the twisted time speaks to the Jukalisk. "Beauty is frivolous. Utilize only when it has a useful effect on others."

It takes a drink of some dark, dirty looking liquid, then considers. "Actually, true beauty is reality. You must simply not allow it to affect you. However, logical reactions can be suppressed in order to create a pleasant reaction. But you, you are not beautiful." He points at the Owner. "Nor are you. Truly appreciable beauty exists only in sculptures and gemstones. It is a proven fact. Art and gems are the only objects universally appreciated by all species."


"What is wrong with her?"

It is fortunate that she didn't kill Korzis accidentally.

He looks at Cynthia. "Well, I guess my message will have to wait until later. Do you know somewhere I can eat? It's about morning, and I'm starting to get hungry."

The sun begins to creep up over the southern horizon. Somewhere, a rooster crows joyously to the rising sun as light flows over the town in a golden radiance.


Daily Digest.

Today, the dangerous Zerg food kingpins will be put on trial.

Nighttime businesses are closed or converted to daytime operation.

The monsters have retreated with the darkness.

Feature: Strange creatures have been noticed around the edges of the forests. Eyewitnesses claim they resemble unicorns, giant butterflies and dragonflies, and griffins. Supposedly they glisten as if carved from gemstones.
Day made?
As in, you were funny enough to make my day?
Just sayin'.
Well, all the steam after a hot shower clings to you, and if you don't wait for it to clear you'll be standing in wet clothes when it does. Tell me please I'm not the only person who waits it out.

Joan raises an eyebrow. "Why walk around down there? It's a bit of a mess, and hiking over clothes and books and candy wrappers isn't my idea of fun." As the steam clears, she lifts Korzis again and puts him on her nightstand, with the projector she used earlier.
"And who are you, my strange friend??? Are you a fellow Zerg or are you something......more!!!"

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