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I really truly don't recall saying anything funny.

IC: "Me, a Zerg? Ha. No, I'm just a tourist. I'm a Mal." The creature spreads its mandibles in a gross parody of a grin.
"Actually doing obstacle courses are fun for me." I answer. I sit down.
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don't worry Joan, you'll find another. There's a vending machine outside the Temple...

She dresses herself on the opposite side of the nightstand. "Want me to set one up?"
"Sure. That'd be great." I answer.
Okeh (it is so).


KnarledOne and smylez are transported to the courthouse, where their lawyers are waiting for them.

My lawyer is a shifty looking creature of unknown origin.

I frown. "What the th'ga? Where's Joseph?"

The creature fidgets. "He couldn't make it. Something more important back in my world. I came instead."

I glare. "You're the last thing I need. Pure logic will get me cremated."

It gives me a withering look. "Mal do not necessarily have to be purely logical. Actually," and it grins evilly, showing the serrated inner edges of its mandibles, "I am a particular expert at flawed logic and false evidence. Which is why I was called in. The truth is definitely not going to set you free this time."
She smiles, and designates an area for the obstacle course- it spans the majority of the room, and even involves climbing over a pyramid of books. "You ready?"
"Yep." I get into the starting position.
She smiles. "Go!"
I start running through the obstacle course. Easily dodging and speeding through. What I couldn't do physically I use Psionic barriers to get through.
She smiles, enjoying herself, but then notices something. Right between the final two obstacles is a brown recluse. She quickly runs over, before it can bite Korzis, but it runs from her in Korzis's general direction.

Brown Recluse
Maximum size: 2.2 inches
Advantages: venom, webbing, exoskeleton, speed

Korzis Ravius
Size: 3 inches
Advantages: psionics, intelligence, Joan
"What the f*ck is that?" I ask as I quickly create a Psionic barrier in front of it. It smashes into it, almost giving it a concussion. I laugh.

"Last post of da night."
She panics. The spider is too close to Korzis for her to crush the spider without harming him. "Brown recluse. Spider that turns your flesh to mush when it bites. It can fling sticky webbing stronger by thickness than neosteel."
Ooh, how exciting!
I create several barriers and start smashing them on the bug.
Joan is torn. As the spider's hard exterior is thicker on scale than a Zerg's, it can still slowly advance on him. "Run! Or try to! You're too close, so I can't step on it without having a very good chance of squishing you!"
I keep the barriers up and I run over to a wall. "Would've been better if my weapons shrunk with me." I point to my Katana and pistol right beside the door.
She frowns. "Really too bad. But . . ." she tosses over a toothpick. "You could try that."
I smiled and I tugged on his hand. "Well...there is the Twisted Time?"

The owner laughed. "That's not the beauty I meant but oh well."
"OK. I am very hungry... let's go."

OOC: Need smylez...

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