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smylez said that he was coming back yesterday but I don't know...I think he's still regretting that he purposelessly stole another persons idea for World's End.
I saw something about that... TheLastAzn, right?
So... want to actually RP?
Yes...but I'm worried that smylez might do something stupid because of this whole thing.

I started to show Daniel back towards the Twisted Time. "This is where the food is...So what was the message about?" I was getting a little to curious for my own good.

The owner then got up from the chair with the file in hand. "This Dee'Em (Hope I spelled that right) person has some humor revealing everything about my life in this file. I must dispose of it properly."
Yeah, sorry about that, owner dude... it's called a recap... it's obligatory...

BTW what is smylez doing?!


"Well... it was of a rather private nature. She probably wouldn't be pleased if anyone else found out about it. Certainly my employer wouldn't be."'s obligatory. I might as well play along yes?

And I don't know what he's doing.


I shook my head. "I'm sorry that I asked then..."

The owner saw the two entering and the disguise was still working. Thinking of a plan she hid the file in her clothes. "How are the two of you doing today? I am one of the people who works here."
I saw the two entering and said "Hello, I am the Jukalisk behold my magnif... uggghhhhh I hate promises. Well anyways may I learn your names and can whoevers in charge of here get me a menu please!!"
A menu appeared in the Jukalisk's...claws. Inside of it, it said today's specials with one of them on it. It said this.

Liver & Onions.
----For some reason the liver seems familar...

That was the description on it, other things on the menu was suited to almost everyone's taste.

I turned around and saw the Jukalisk. "Uh...Cynthia..." I was slightly confused and...scared of this...thing?
Going to a meeting. Maybe back later.
I look at the toothpick then at Joan. I look back at the toothpick and then back at Joan. "How the hell could I use a stick that isn't too sharp and is more like a spear when my expertise is in swords and axes?"
"Oh hello little girl, do not be afraid." I hear my belly growling. Ummmmm do you have fried marine liver or filet mignon because those are by far the best dishes in the universe!!!!!"
A waiter approaches the Jukalisk. "I'm sorry...but we don't server...Terran, Protoss, or Zerg. And the fried liver and onions, you have to have a thing for it especially since it says so on the menu."

I look back at the Jukalisk. "I'm not really scared...more like awkward?"
She hears her own stomach growl as she opens her mouth in retort, and quickly kicks Korzis aside as gently as she can, and crushes the spider underfoot. She dashes to the door, and tries combination after combination, getting electrocuted several times. She mumbles to herself, but Korzis can hear what she's saying. "Already almost ate him for breakfast . . . can't let lunch roll in without getting out of here."
"Ow." I say as I get back up. I remember hearing her stomach growl and quickly run under the couch.
As Joan punches in the various combinations available to her, she becomes obviously weak on her feet. Getting the combination wrong another five times, she goes down, her metal zipper showing arcing bolts of electricity.
I run over and climb up onto Joan's face. I slap her across the nose repeatedly. "Why couldn't she have just tranquilized me?"
Joan stirs, letting out a loud yawn. "That hurt. A lot." She stretches. Alarmed suddenly, she sits up and rapidly looks around. "Korzis?! Where are you?"
I fall off her face, just missing her lap. I get up dazed. "Down here." I say while stumbling about.
She picks him up. "What, exactly, were you doing in my lap, hmm?" Her expression changes from alarm to coy amusement.

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