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"I was on your face slapping your nose to wake you up actually." I say. "Now please, stop picking me up. And why didn't you tranquilize me?"
Joan smiles. "Why? Getting vertigo?" Feeling bold enough to joke, she takes the hand she's holding him in and raises it far above her head. "And, when it comes to tranquilizers, your Protoss DNA would interfere. It'd wear off in seconds."
"No. Because it makes me feel weak and vulnerable." I answer. "Then you could just hit with a hard object. Or take out my Psionics with something or other for the day."
She frowns. "I'm really sorry about making you feel vulnerable. I just saw your biggest advantage over me and took it away." She considers the second half of his statement. "Could've done that. Great, now you've gone and made me feel stu-aaaaaaaaaaarrgh!" She clutches her side and tumbles. Korzis flies through the air as her arm flails.
I quickly create a few barriers and come back over. "Sorry. Hey. It's fine. You just weren't thinking clearly." I say, trying to heal her wounded pride.
She opens one eye to look at Korzis. "The sad truth is, you're right. I'm really . . ." she flinches as she smacks herself "stupid. I want to apologize. If and when we get out, I'll-I'll leave you alone. I've been nothing but trouble."
"You're not stupid. You just care a little too much. And I don't care about trouble. It's a standard part of my everyday life since I before I was in the double digits!" I say as I hover over her face with the use of a barrier.
Joan giggles. "Thanks. You know just how to cheer me up." She frowns. "I have to open the door, before my damned metabolism forces me to eat you." She scowls, stands, and begins trying combinations again. "I'll get it eventually."
"There's proba- Ah, never mind. You'll get it." I float back over to the bottom of the couch.
Joan gets zapped. "What was that?" She crouches, looking directly at Korzis.
"I was just going to say there are probably hundreds upon hundreds of combinations. It could take an hour to get the right one." I answer. I would've stayed quiet if I weren't so damn small.
I look at the girl curiously "What do find about my magnificence that is odd???"
I look at the Jukaliks again and said one word and one word only. "Speakers..."
"What about speakers is odd??? It is a blessing." I then start playing "Hunger"
She frowns. "Thirty-six to the fifth power combinations, to be precise." She hears her stomach growl, and goes back into panic mode, testing combinations like mad. "I . . . won't . . . eat . . . you . . ." The repeated shocks start making her body convulse. "I . . . promise . . . you . . . that."

SF, check Techsuit.
"Joan. Couldn't you get your dad to check by contacting him Psionically?" I ask.
She looks over. "He isn't notified of the codes. Trust me, I'd love an easy way out of this, but it's not going to happen." Her facial expression becomes dreamy. "I'd also just love a good steak, seasoned well, cooked perfectly . . ." She shakes her head, clearing it. She looks terrified of herself. "Korzis, put me in a box of energy. My metabolism, your size . . . I can't be trusted."
I quickly create barriers and a box out of them, trapping Joan. There were small holes allowing air for Joan to breath. I create a few tiny barriers and type in random codes.
She smiles gratefully. "Thank you. I'd rather starve than know I ate you." Her eyes get that far-off, dreamy look. "At least, not without seasonings . . ." She clears her head, then breaks down and cries. "KILL ME! I-I-I'm . . . I'm not trustworthy. I-I need to eat."
I slam the warrior into the wall and leap back, Chiller alive in my hands. I'd already broken one of his blades, but he's coated his remaining one in fire, so Chiller's special properties weren't of much use. "Finally something fun." I clash blades with him again.

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