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Daniel doubles over. "Ugh... sorry. I don't know... AAH!" He falls to his knees in pain.

You walked away and left Korzis to his fate? He is once again on the verge of death!

"Agh! I'm... sorry. What's... happening?!?"

You are bound to Joan's fate. If you fail, you will die. It is how you were created.

"Gah... alright! I will go back!"

Bring food.

Daniel lies on the floor convulsing for a minute. Finally, he rises slowly. He looks at Cynthia. "Sorry. I have some... health issues that flare up every now and then. But I've been thinking... we kind of left Joan and Korzis to themselves. We should go back and make sure they're not... misbehaving."

He looks around.

"But let's bring something with us, I am still hungry."
"I'm not going to kill you." I say as I type in another code with the mini barriers.
I smiled and I nod my head in agreement. "Yes...I'm getting hungry as well, but I don't think that they are doing anything like that but I forgot that I need to check on brother because he got shrank by Joan."

The owner pulled the file out back from the clothes and she went to find an incinerator to burn the file. A single tannish sheet of paper slid out and landed on the floor near me and Daniel. I know I wasn't paying any attention to it.
Daniel heads for Shadow's ship (with Cynthia in tow, methinks).
Yep Knarled.

I was close behind Daneil but not before I scooped up a small file. "Daniel, I found this file on the ground and it was from the lady from earlier. I wonder who she was?"
"Is she not the proprietor of that establishment? She seems... odd, though. My mask keeps telling me she is not... normal."
I was curious. "You mean that she's trying to hide something?"
I slam the warrior into the wall again, this time running Chiller through his heart and freezing him solid. I pull the blade out of him and he shatters and falls apart, dropping the key leading to the mini-boss. "Well done my friend, but not good enough." I pick it up and move on, unlocking the door and walking in, activating the flashlight on my helmet. Once I reach the middle of the room, I find myself facing another warrior who looks like....

OOC: This is you KO.
...He's made of bark, and wields a wicked sword. He is surrounded by a swarm of menacing insects...

"I don't know. She just feels strange. Not psionically, but... well, I don't know."
I tucked the file into my pants pocket. "Well should we check that out then after you're done with whatever you're doing?"
I sigh. The insects were gonna make this difficult. "Let's go." I lunge forward, freezing a large chunk of the bugs, but not taking enough of them out to focus it down to the warrior. "This might be a challenge." I lunge to a side as the warrior swings his sword at me and then I strike the insects again, freezing more and dropping them. I dodge his sword again and strike at his arm, putting a small bit of ice on it.
He shrieks, then points at you and shrieks again. The walls swarm with buzzing hornets, and the insects fly angrily at you.

Daniel hesitates. "If I receive an order, certainly. Still, I would rather leave others to their own devices. I do not wish to intrude on anyone's privacy."
"That was...unexpected." I leap backwards and swing Chiller, small chunks of ice flying through the insects and killing them. I then rush the warrior, leaping over his head and striking it, cutting off one of his wooden horns. Landing, I throw a det knife into his back and leap behind a boulder, the explosion wounding him. "You're too large for your own good!" I roll out, putting two more knives in him and then leaping away the explosions causing more damage.
Sighing we almost reached the ship. "well...I guess, but then why are you delivering the message than if it technically intrudes on privacy?"
"It doesn't intrude on privacy!" He says defensively. "It is merely of a private nature. Besides, my master's orders are more important than minor qualms."

The warrior shrieks and falls, and is replaced by a chest.

(Contains Cloaking Talisman)
"I'm sorry okay!" I was turning my head. "It still seemed private okay? And it seems like I'm not not needed so I'm just going to leave..." Making sure he couldn't see it, I had started to cry as I slowly walked away from him. To myself I started to think. It's all my fault! Maybe I should just give up...
...I expected a suicide attack or something, but ok.

IC: I open the chest and find a cloaking device. Equipping it, I find a have a permacloak like thing goin on. "Interesting..." I grab the key that dropped as well and move on, towards the boss.

OOC: Am I the only one interested in the full spectrum here?
Sorry, my posting will be . . . off, for a while.

Joan looks at Korzis. "You- you don't understand. I'm not sure how long I can go without eating. And-and-and . . . you'd never be able to hold me off. You wouldn't even be satisfying enough for me to know what I've done in time to save you."
I press in one last combination before staring at Joan. "I'm not going to kill you. And that is final. Plus I could always keep yours mouth open with Psionic barriers." I say with a shrug. I continue typing in combinations with the barriers.

"Last post."
She frowns. "The hungrier I get, though . . . I might swallow you whole."

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