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Not necessarily. If opportunity presents itself, you can introduce a character. For example, there is a Human-Beast War coming up. There's a lot of ways to introduce a beastman.
I see but I want to go my route and my person could have been blamed for the raid even though they never was a part of it.
So we have to be human?
Humans and beastmen hate one another and this "raid" only enflamed their mutual hate for each other.

If you do want to do it, we can have a nice little prologue to set the mood up. The next batch of execution is coming up.

@Human question
For now, you are human unless you are a mercenary faction or Krynar/Sylt'ar who has motives for helping humanity. You don't have to say why right now.
"Can I have 'Void' magic while being Sylt'ar and what is the character sheet?
I like it!
Time to get my prisoner beast ready mon'. And one of the mercs group could always buy me right before I get executed.
Any chance to introduce an arcane animal who perhaps lives in the city were the execution is happening.
Ok, Sylt'ar it is. Now for a character sheet which I shall edit this post into.
09/28/2012 04:44 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
Any chance to introduce an arcane animal who perhaps lives in the city were the execution is happening.

They are becoming rarer by the year and found at secluded areas. That said, you can tame one if that ever happens in our epic adventure.

Character Sheet Updated.
Guess I am going to be writing like never before. XD
This sounds like its going to be about as epic as things can get... unfortunately I don't think I've got the time for 3 RPs... and even if I did, I don't have any idea of what I'd be...

Will read along though..
Good luck, and happy writing!

Also, Zarkun would you mind getting back to Darkest Heart for a bit? don't mean to be rude....

Sad to hear that. You can be a human soldier. This should be slow enough for you to fit as each posts is suppose to be detailed and quality focused like what I wrote for the prologue.

Everyone is choosing to be 1 character? I guess I need to make more NPCs later to fill in gaps.
Um.... I'll think about it.....
smylez I will make more but for now I think I'm going to start out with only one and I'm going to make it a she...who needs a beastman to buy from execution, and I think I might base her off of the Laguz from Fire Emblem?
OOC: XD, you won't have time to write those sort of posts out especially with those commitments. Well, you're still welcome at anytime.

I will eat food and come back soon.

I'll make some leeway but don't expect the beastmen to be in gratitude of you. Plus, you are making a very unpopular choice unless...?
I can make a whole war party, and open with a prologue bit if you like (to hasten the conflict).
Name: Rak'rai Korso
Tier: 2
Backstory: A Sylt'ar who harnessed "Void" magic and was taken to the Gray Warden guild. He quickly trained there, meeting several humans who he had befriended. He now will help humans with their struggles. Minus the weapon and the cross.
(Just to be more specific)
Race: Sylt'ar
Magic Used: "Void"
Weapon: Qiang

"I will make another one."
No harm in trying.
Ugh.... I feel that I'm going to regret this for some reason...
(thunder and lightning flash and rumble overhead)
still can't figure out why.....

Alright I'll do it. Give me the rough stats and I'll flesh him (or her) out.
Gut. Give me time to write.
Unless what?

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