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Name: Rak'rai Korso
Tier: 2
Backstory: A Sylt'ar who harnessed "Void" magic and was taken to the Gray Warden guild. He quickly trained there, meeting several humans who he had befriended. He now will help humans with their struggles. He is better with his magic than his scythe, but often channels his magic through it. Minus the cross.
(Just to be more specific)
Race: Sylt'ar
Age: 16
Magic Used: "Void"
Weapon: Scythe
Sex: Male

Name: Lisora Forsye
Tier: 3
Backstory: A simple warrior Sylt'ar. She is able to cast Ruination magic as well. Usually wind. Now helps the humans because of the struggles she has seen them go through.
(Just for more detail)
Age: 17
Weapons: Dual Spathas
Magic Used: Ruination.
Race: Sylt'ar
Sex: Female

Name: Nolan Heruse
Tier: 3
Backstory: He sucks with the blade he carries around since he trains with is "Void" magic more. He and his sister are friends with a Sylt'ar. He only learned about his "Void" magic recently. Except skin is tanned, not green.
(Just for more detail)
Race: Human
Magic Used: "Void"
Weapon: Baselard (Dagger)
Age: 22
Sex: Male

Name: Kaitlyn Heruse
Tier: 3
Backstory: She is equally as good with her tomahawk as she is with her "Void" magic. She and her brother are good friends of a Sylt'ar. She learned about her "Void" magic about the same time as her brother.
(For more detail)
Race: Human
Age: 20
Weapon: Tomahawk
Magic Used: "Void"
Sex: Female

Name: Dora Forisen
Tier: 2
Backstory: She was evil in life and had practiced in both Ruination as well as Perception. She was more powerful in Ruination, especially fire, and weaker in perception. Her weapons skills were nonexistent. When an uneducated, but powerful, genesis mage brought her back she brutally murdered with the magic that came back with her. She is now mostly transparent unless she prepares to cast a spell. She can be seen if one looks hard enough. Except more transparent.
(More detail)
Race: Celestial
Age: 526 if including time dead.
Weapon: She holds a staff but is not able to fight with it.
Magic Used: Ruination and Perception.
Sex: Female

Kie Louden
Tier 3
Weapon: Small Crossbow, Straight Double Edged Sword and a Shield.
Backstory: Not much is known from him except that he trained as a Shocktrooper to help break the lines of the enemy and to suppress them down. He is currently under the command of the regiment Hell Raiser's.
Your two human characters, did they cultivate their "void" magic at the guild or did they discover of it by chance? I am just saying that the Gray Wardens are always tracking "void" users who are in the guild when they leave. You really like that magic huh?
"They discovered it by chance. Yes I do."
From ThunderCrash

Name: Malata Farsight
Tier: 2
Race: Sylt’ar
Backstory: Malata was considered an oddity among Sylt’ar. Her innate curiosity about the world and its planes, as well as her wandering nature, made her somewhat of an outcast among her people. A natural at both Perception, Wind Ruination and Fire Ruination magic, she specializes in using her powers to travel with little effort and to keep herself hidden from view, while learning about the world around her. She travels wide distances, seeking to expand her knowledge. Very inept at physical combat, when forced into such situations she will use illusions and heat distortions to escape. She will, however, gladly aid anyone in exchange for knowledge. Due to her near constant use of her powers to aid her travels, she is nearly impossible to rouse when asleep.
Sorry, I got my tiers backwards. I meant tier 3 and 2.
Name: Stefan Alexander
T3 (T2 in forest), Human
Weapons: Longbow, long hunting knife
Magic: General knowledge of Ruination Magic
Backstory: Born near the border of the Mistwood Forest, The town Stefan was raised in was far enough away from any major city so the local relations between humans and the beastmen have always been relatively peaceful. Stefan has a deep respect for beastmen and their knowledge of the woods, always deferring to their laws while hunting within the forests. An excellent hunter and tracker Stefan is more at home in the woods than anywhere else, but has traveled to J'are to see the world.
I will be updating the magic section tomorrow and posting it here first. I feel that I should go deeper into mastery and specialization before everyone is raining meteors and black holes...

T3, your Tier will change if you are in a forest to T2.

@KO and WH
Updating character profile tomorrow. Both are approved.
Name: Azon Droga
T2, Human
Magic: Genesis
Backstory: His past mysterious, Azon has traveled far and wide to many lands. An adept in genesis magic, he also has a wide knowledge of various cultures and creatures, including special spells that were exclusive to ancient races (meaning he knows the what the spells do, but he can't cast them). Knowing multiple languages, he can communicate with known races.
Well... This is the first time I've seen an RP of such depth posted on Battle Net.

The only thing is, it bears several similarities to Upon a Shattering Dream created by TheLostAzn. Not to accuse you of stealing his work, but I'd just like to ask whether it's based on his RP?
Remove Void magic or be T3.

Any newcomers either RP themselves in or ask me to do it for them.
Well... This is the first time I've seen an RP of such depth posted on Battle Net.

The only thing is, it bears several similarities to Upon a Shattering Dream created by TheLostAzn. Not to accuse you of stealing his work, but I'd just like to ask whether it's based on his RP?

That name sounds familiar. First time I heard of that RP.
Remove Void magic or be T3.

Ok, turned him into tier three. Waiting on approval.
Well JodoKaden, if you must know where I got my influence from, its Final Fantasy and The Battle for Wesnoth and other fantasy books.

Fantasy RP look really similar to each other and there are archetypes that are present universally in almost all fantasy RP. They either are jack of all trades, brute power, fast speed, or magically attuned. And guess what fits those descriptions? Elves, Beasts/Orcs, humans, and maybe an avian race of sorts?

The Relics were originally summons and then crystals of powers but that seemed too grand so I opt for legendary artifacts in the form of relics.
I'm gonna leave this here, and let you good folks put two n' two together. Not to accuse you of stealing anyone's work of course.
Plagiarism is a terrible thing to do. Even when you know it is the wrong thing to do, you still do it and it becomes something of a drug. There is an uncomfortable nagging feeling in your chest after the deed is done that gnaws away at your moral conscious but so too is the more perverse thought that someone's work made your life so much easier. It's a vicious cycle.

Though I wish to make up excuses and call World's End my own, I have seen enough in life to know that it will only agitate the problem. I did steal your work TheLostAzn. In my research for a fantasy medieval, I stumbled upon your RP and liked it so much, I decided to borrow some elements of your RP for my own. However, I stole all of your work as my own in the end. The original vision of the RP I had was lost in the process. I am not proud to admit it but I committed two of the worst crimes in literature; losing sight of my artistic vision and also plagiarism.

I apologize to the community. The fantasy epic you were waiting for was a sham. My reputation among you all is now in tatters and it will be hard to get that trust back. Now, all of my work including my stories will be scrutinized but I stress that they are my original works. You have every right to judge me in a negative light and I won't blame you. I have wasted your time yesterday and gave RPers a bad name. There are unspoken guidelines we must follow and I happen to transgress on one of the most important ones. I just hope our friendship with each other is not irreparably shattered.

Most importantly, I apologize to you TheLostAzn. You have created an unimaginably great RP and my attempts to emulate that success resulted in the stealing of your work. It is frustrating to see your work passed off as someone else's. I am sincerely remorseful of what I did. No matter what I say or do, I will never right this wrong I have inflicted upon you. I can only appeal for your forgiveness.

If there is anything you guys can learn from this, don't plagiarize. People will find out and they will report it. Its consequences are harsh, especially in academia. Thankfully, this is a less severe case of plagiarism. While I have never plagiarized papers in school, this small experience has taught me much and will hopefully deter me from doing it again in my future endeavors. I am happy that someone pointed me back in the right direction before I went too far so thank you Jodokaden.

As for World's End itself, it's in hiatus. More likely than not, it is abandoned unless you guys want to take over or wait for me to come back. Even if the premise is the same, must it be true for the story? However, if TheLostAzn desires to have it removed, I will do it. Again, I am sorry and it sucks that you participants invested a lot of time in characters just to see it be potentially removed because the DMer was an idiot.

Why did I do such a stupid thing even when I know that it is the wrong thing to do? I honestly don't know. The mind works in strange ways and I was lucid the day before. I will excuse myself from Joeyray's Bar. I just need a breather. Getting this off my chest, I feel better knowing I did the right in thing in confessing my crimes. Again, I am sorry for what I have done to you all.

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