1.5.3 patch framerate drop

Bug Report
Lets look at why they dont want to fix it
1. to make people angry
that is all
"Are you running a music player, ventrilo, or a web browser"

Like all companies who fail to fix major software issues in a timely manner, nothing will be publicly addressed. There will be some future stealth patch for this I'm sure, meanwhile they will let customers deal with major FPS issues for over a quarter of a year.

Do not waste your time asking for support on this one.

At one point in time Blizzard used to have excellent customer service. Over the years they have outgrown their britches and have followed suit with every other company who grows so fast.

I really hope they get their act back together soon.
Now, no matter what settings I get 25FPS, which soon drop to an unplayable ~15.

15 FPS is quite playable. I've been playing well with an average of ~10 FPS in games. It's only when it drops below 4 that you really have problems.
That said, Blizzard dropped the ball on this one. They had the Arcade testing for patch 1.5 for months, and then they toss in the performance changes at the last second? There's just no excuse for that, short of incompetence. I used to be able to run highly demanding custom maps (I mean more demanding than 4v4, in case you're wondering) at a minimum of 25 FPS, but patch 1.5 axed that to 2. 1.5.3 let me at least play again, but it's definetly a big problem.
Just checking in on this to see if there was any recent news.
I've been having this same issue for the past month and a half, i can play angry Templar at 100+ fps low settings but if i join a game like hero attack or ua3, within 15 minutes my fps drop to 0, then my game locks up and crashs saying im out of memory in which i certainly am not... i used cff explorer to alter sc2.exe, by checking the box app can handle > GB address space i successfully stopped the crash but i still drop to a ridiculous 0 fps... this is most definitely a problem on blizzards end. As I've been with them since the beginning i will sit and wait patiently for a fix as i'm sure it will come sooner or later.. until then just no mass unit games for me ;(
I have had this issue as well, no problems before and now have a steady drop of fps through the game. Running on lowest settings with no programs in the background fullscreened
-AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core 2.5 Ghz
-8 GB Ram
-Geforce GTX 550 Ti
I've also experienced a drop of fps specially on the menus and when trying to load a game. It takes more than 60 seconds to start up a game now and once it starts it is practically unplayable on ultra or even on medium settings. Before the 1.5 it was 45+ fps on ultra settings
I stopped playing for a while waiting for the next patch to fix the problem but nothing. I have no other programs running in the background.
Windows 7
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
HD 6770
3 GB Ram
I have:
Intel I5 2500k CPU
8GB of RAM
AMD 7950 GPU
I have 3 monitors, one at 1920x1200 resolution, 2 at 1050x1680 resolution (1680x1050: 1 rotated clockwise, 1 rotated counter clockwise)

It seems like this issue happens whenever I have a Chrome window open, and especially if flash has run before. I use teevox.com to view esports streams, on my other monitor; so that may be the issue as well. I watch my CPU spike whenever I view the arcade. Sometimes it comes back down. It seems to come back down more often when Chrome is not open.

I run SC2 in windowed mode.
I've been having the same problem. Used to be able to run on ultra but now I cant even run on low. I would change the settings overtime but seems I'm down to the last lowest settings and now I ultimately am not able to play anymore. Blizzard please fix this issue.
I am having this issue as well. It makes the game unplayable when it happens and it is happening consistently.

The game was working great a week ago, and I have not changed anything on my pc.

any suggestions other than check to see what programs i have running in the bg and clear my cache (which i have).

EDIT ** upon further investigation i think some of the hardware on my computer is going. nvmnd**
DITTO SAME PROBLEM, looked everywhere, tried everything. no solution, blizzard should of never given their name to the fail now known as "activisionBlizzard". f u call of duty !@#$%. fix this, now. people over the world have spent millions of dollars on this game.
Used to be able to run my game on medium to high with no frame problem now i get frame chug at lowest setting T-T
Similar problem, during hots campaign, my computer's fps drop over time somehow. It's repeated mutible time, could be solved by restart the game but it's annoy.

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