Techsuit Warfare, Part 4

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Malak blinks back to the fortress with his entourage.
She smiles. There's the Flint I remember. Now it's four things I owe you for. I'm honestly wondering how I could ever repay all you've done for me.
"Just hold to your promise of staying with me forever and I will consider us even. Also I think it is only three. You paid me back for getting even with Umbra, least I think you did."

I keep pushing on through the forest and just got out of reach of the falling ship.

{Alright people where is the rally point at?}
The fortress you were is fine. Korzis is yet to return. He created a rift that was keeping most of the fortress safe.
Thank you Prelate. It is good to hear from a protoss again. It has been a few years since I have spoken to one.

I carry Dani to the fortress that we had captured making a beeline for the medical tent.
She leans upward as best she can, but one of her vertebrae snaps. That was painful. I do love you, but I also believe in repaying my debts. Really, any four things in my power to give are yours.
"Just stay still and let your zerg DNA do some its work. I might also be able to easy your pain as well as increase your healing process. I do not think I can do it today though, at least not until I rest and eat something."

"And I don't want you to worry about those debts. You know what part of Shadow's visit here was correct?"

I arrive at the medical tent in the fortress and set Dani down on one of the beds and call a medic. I collapse into a near by chair worn out from using so much energy to create that barrier. I still remain conscious as the medic tends to Dani.

I sit up in my bed when I see Flint carrying in a woman.
"Geash Flint, First I didn't know you were that strong. Second did you just claim yourself a woman?" I chuckle as I finish. I watch as he collapses into the chair nearby. "Whoa Flint what did you do?"

"I just saved your old !@# and everyone else here from my error of sending a boarding crew onto that damned Cleanser ship. As for Dani here, she is my soon to be wife. She waited five more years than she had to and I wasn't about to let her down." I cough a bit. It seemed my body had an interesting way of letting me know I needed to take it easy.
Ginei is here? Thank goodness my message got through. And, um, about my Zerg DNA . . .
What about it Dani?
Also she stayed for more than just the ceremony.
It's Infestor, remember? I only heal when in contact with fluids. It's too dry in here for Zerg healing to kick in.
I sigh a bit.
They should be bringing you fluids soon. I keep forgetting my uniqueness in zerg DNA.
I guess in the mean time you can tell me about our children. I've missed five years of their lives and do regret it deeply.

I cough again a little harder than last time.
She frowns. It wasn't your fault you missed it, Flint. You really need to stop blaming yourself for every problem between us.
Anyway, the triplets are a little crazy. John Jr. is just that- exactly like his daddy. Nothing of mine but that damned toxicity. And crazy strength, but hey. The other boy, Ivan, scares me a little. My stature, gaunt, black hair, eyes like mine, but they stare into your soul. I've also seen Infestor in him, so I'm teaching him how to control the fungi. The one girl is nice, however. Called her Leah. She's a lot like me, but she has your eyes. And shapeshifts on me. I swear, the number of times she turns into goo and hides in between the floorboards is astronomical.
I laugh a bit as I think about them.
When you say she has my eyes do you mean the gold or the green? Ivan does sound menacing. I stop and think about John Jr.
Now I had even more reason to make that cure. At least one of my children has the toxicity. I sigh and try to think about how I will manage my time between running Poltergeist with Joan, developing the cure, and my family. It was going to be a long next few years that is for sure.

I know I do blame myself for a lot of what happens. Most of the time it is true though. Like you getting hurt earlier. I could have just harvested that damned bluemoss faster and sent those twit Cleansers on their way. I put everyone's life on this planet at stake and almost cost them their lives. I still don't understand why Shadow picked me to be regent. I curse at myself mentally. She probably shouldn't have know that yet.

I sigh deeply again.
I do know one thing. I own up to my mistakes and try to correct them if I can. Maybe that is something else I can teach our children.
Gold. Her eyes are liquid freaking gold. And, to be brutally honest, the Cleansers can all go f*ck off and die, as far as I'm concerned.
And Shadow always chooses the ideal person for a job. He doesn't have faith that a cure will be found in time to save him, so he goes for the next best person. And with you as the father, our kids can't go wrong. It's too bad they don't have any other kids their age to play with- all kids are under quarantine shield on Kaldir. Our triplets weren't born in time for the shuttle.
I laugh at Dani.
Wasn't it you who suggested that I live in a Cleanser Convoy.

And with you as their mother I doubt they wouldn't be bad at all. It is a saddening that they won't have kids their age to be around. Once this plague is taken care of though I am sure they will have several friends their age. I just hope that they take to peers well. Also she will be able to change her eye color at will in due time I am sure.

As for Shadow I guess I have to trust his judgement. I haven't known him to make many ill choices.

I lean back in the chair and relax some. My eyes were growing heavy but I wanted to stay awake until the medic was done taking care of Dani.
She shakes her head, snapping another of her vertebrae. No, but Jess wanted Joan to join one. Can you imagine a psionic of that magnitude joining those twisted bastards? I'd rather see the Hybrids come back than have that occurrence.
Ha. You're funny. I would withhold something from you, but just being around is a reward, apparently.
John Jr. and Leah should be fine. Ivan would probably scare the living daylights out of the average kindergarteners.
I just got a memo from Joan. The chamber with all the water is sealed off. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna die if I'm not submerged in some liquid soon. Sometimes you try your hardest and still lose the game. I don't know what to do.
I am glad she didn't. Why would Jess even suggest that in the first place.

Ivan probably would and we might want to keep an eye on him just to be sure. The soul staring thing I have no idea where he gets it though.

I haven't lost yet. I have one more thing I can do.

I sigh the one thing I could do might help but it wasn't a guarantee. I was to close to getting her back to have her just taken away.
I reach out and touch her arm over an open wound and morph my hand around it creating a seal and I attach my arteries to hers and begin sending my own blood into her body know it would at least ease her pain if not start to heal her.
"Don't bother trying to take my hand off of you or keeping me from doing this. The seal will hold as long as I will it to."

"Medic I need a water bath for her, I know we have a supply of water for things like that around here."

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The medic shakes his head. "The pipes got blocked. Sir, I don't recommend that. Her blood toxicity is 56%. If any flows into you, it will be like injecting yourself with tar. And, sir, you would both die that way. If you're a Changeling, sir, couldn't you BE her necessitated liquid matrix?"

Dani looks up at him. Listen to him. I'm not letting you die on my part. Remove yourself, or I'll grab the damned bedframe and knock you out with it.
I facepalm with my free hand. I needed to sleep after this.

"I could. The chances of her blood getting into mine are improbably. I only connected in such a manner that her blood stayed inside of her but allowed mine to enter. Much like a needle but with out all the pain."

I look at Dani. "You and Ginei both would I am sure. I will break the connection but I will do as the medic suggested and provide the liquid matrix that you need to heal. No arguing about it either."
I break the connection then alter to provide the liquid that she needed to allow herself to heal.

I'm sorry if this feels weird Dani.

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Dani begins to heal, but twitches a little. Yikes, that's icy, Flint. I mean, I'm feeling better, and I'm really grateful, but you're right. Uncomfortable

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