Techsuit Warfare, Part 4

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Malak starts looking for Joan. He was pretty sure my wife would know my whereabouts.

Kofrin grabs a pick and starts mining.
I sigh and signal for the weapons to be moved back in. I radio Flint. {Flint, someone changed it's course.}
Joan slumps backwards in her outcall center. "Yes, I understand, but the shipment crashed, there was a problem with Cleansers. No, he is not dead, he just has gone a day without rations. No, I don't think we should eat the natives. Listen, Ma'am, I'm trying to be reasonable, but you're causing an issue here. Don't take that tone with me! You know what, right back at you, lady!" She hangs up. "These people are giving me a damned migraine . . ."
It should take to much longer. After this though I am going to need to sleep I've used way more energy than I probably should have.
The medic abruptly rips off Dani's torn uniform and roughly puts her in a medical gown. That was fifteen seconds of ice-cold you on every inch of me that I could frankly have lived without. Thank you, though. This is helping.
I'd smile but I don't have a face to smile with. I didn't think it would be an ice cold feeling but never knew how one would feel when covered in changeling
Well, now you know. I think I can move again, actually. She sits up, and spits to the side, where Flint can't see. It makes a clicking on the floor.
{Flint, you there? I said someone changed the ships course after we'd set it to crash into a fortress full of natives. Flint?}
Dani grabs Flint's comm. "He's busy at the moment. This is . . . Mrs. Flint. Might I take a message?"
{Tell him Kayle needs to talk to him. About that Cleanser ship.} I sigh. I'd always wondered if Uncle Cayl's stories about Flint and Dani were true. Now I guess I knew the were.
She leans back a little. {Got it.} "Flint, Kayle wants to talk to you about Cleansers."
What was that?

Well you are getting a little better anyway. Tell him I will meet him near the mess hall.
What was what?
{Alright, Kayle, he's gonna meet you in the mess hall. Make sure it's a brief meeting- he's worn out, and I don't think he could stay on his feet much longer without it being detrimental to his health.}
{Don't worry, we could probably sit to talk. Might actually be better.}
That clinking sound. Don't try dismissing it either. Even as a fluid I still have a sense of hearing sort of anyway.
Nothing you need to worry about. Just go to your meeting and take a nap.
{He's on his way now.}
I remove myself from Dani and retake my form.
"You know better than to tell me that it is something I shouldn't worry about. It just peaks my curiosity and makes me worry. I'll be back after the meeting and I will take a nap here." I walk away and head strait for the mess hall. I enter and take a seat next to the door and wait for Kayle.
{Right.} I head to the mess hall and spot Flint next to the door. Taking a seat, I glance around and then face Flint. "Someone changed the ships course."
"That is because it was coming towards this fortress. It was Commander Korzis I believe that did it. I know you had it set to go towards a native fortress but the crew could have changed it last minute. How I am not sure but what's done it done." I lean forward resting my arms on the table.
"The thing is, most of the crew was dead, including the command crew. I thing that teleporting native had something to do with it."

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