Techsuit Warfare, Part 4

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Once Flint is out of the room, Dani lets out a cough she had been holding for a while, to not worry Flint. She looks over to the side she spat over- the crash had bashed her teeth out. Thank goodness for Zerg regeneration.
"It possible but I don't think they can do anything with ships. I mean the sun here prevents most electronics from functioning and they have just developed gun powder a few years ago. Changing the course of a gigantic ship that has more complex controls than simply lighting a fuse or stabbing something would be difficult for them to work with. I could be wrong but I do think that it was one of the crew on the ship. It did also fire its Planet Cracker to destroy the planet and I don't think the natives would have wanted that to happen."
"What if he didn't know that's what would happen? What if he thought he could wipe us all out in one blow?" I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out my flask and took a nice swig from it. The fine Caribbean Rum tasted good.
"Maybe, if it was him then I doubt he will mess with technology again until his people can figure it out. Also he is one lucky sob that I managed to keep that barrier up otherwise we all would be glass." I sit back and rub my hands over face. "Anyway do you need anything else? Oh I would take it easy on that stuff. I still need you functional until your off duty unless you are already."
Joan scowls. {You left your broadcast button on. Nobody stops until every last drop of cure is harvested.}
{Understood Joan.}

I sigh and shake my head. She was pushing them really hard but for good reason. We did need to get this cure harvested and distributed. I just hope the soldiers see it that way.
I chuckle. "Funny thing about my family, we can't get drunk. Using the elements the way we tend to have faster then normal metabolisms. And I don't plan on getting much of a rest til we're done with our rotation. I may be enlisted, but I don't technically take orders from Joan."
"What do you mean? You are part of this force and she is second in command here."
I look at him curiously.

OOC: Last post till I return from work. After Kayle finishes he conversation with Flint, Flint will return to the medical bay and sleep in a chair next to Dani's bed.
{I would be first, but I got demoted last year for reckless conduct.}
I sigh. "I'm part of a Lorian black ops cell of sorts. We agreed to help secure the cure, but with the nanites, we didn't need it. They've started adapting themselves to various viral and bacterial threats to eliminate them. But, part of the agreement was that we didn't answer to anyone but Korzis or one of our own." I took a smaller swig. This was gonna put a lot of holes in the trust we'd built.
{A little much stock in those nanites, don't you think? Shouldn't you keep a supply on hand just in case? This disease mutated to kill Protoss, I think it's not that much a step to fool nanites.}
Kreis had settled me down inside this small cave that had lichen and vines covering the entrance up and hiding it. Inside was dark and cold with a small spring inside of it. "Rest...child."

He then saw a little comm device and he put it near his face, he didn't know it was on. " this?" The sound was very static and no one would still be able to figure out the location of I.
{I'm not allowed to disclose anything else. All I can tell you is there's a reason small bits of the cure shipments go to an unmarked location.} I took another swig. Restus was gonna kill me if he found out.
{"Wha...a..str..nge...device."} The static continued as he was intriuged by it and he kept on trying to work on it but it ending up making it worse and worse. "Terran flimsy."
Malak finds Joan and asks her, "Where is Korzis? He has not come back yet."
Joan raises an eyebrow. "You haven't tried his comm? He should have that with him, and it would work even if a damned Tunneler was around. Unless he found a kukara bird, but that's beyond unlikely. They've been declared extinct since yesterday."
"...I don't have a comm. I have no need for it. I am a Nerazim for Xel'naga's sakes!"
Joan puts a hand to her temple. "Carry one. Shearheads' chirps at night kill psionic communication. So unless you plan on staying silent at night to further members, I recommend you have a comm."
"...I won't be able to communicate through the comm even. Protoss communicate telepathically smart stuff."
Why is everyone ignoring the static from the Protoss that he found the communicator on Cynthia and he didn't know it was on...

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