Techsuit Warfare, Part 4

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Comms on have a direct intended recipient unless set to "broadcast all" (for me, bold).
ID your broadcast all for future reference.

Joan sighs. "But that's closer. The more distance, the more chirps, the more of the message that is altered."
He studied the device further and switched it to a broader broadcast to see if anyone could pick this up. He wasn't worried and he didn't care, he just wanted to see if it worked. (Hell...?) He sent the message.
{Hello? This is Commander Joan R. Molina, KSA merger with Social Services of Poltergeist Mercenaries, First Class speaking.}
"Just check on him. Somethings masks his signature from me."


A native child starts poking an unconscious me with a stick.
The Protoss used the device again. { functionin...}
Joan snaps alert. "His presence is very faint. He's either dying or offworld."
{It's not our engineering, it's these damned ion storms. If anything high-tech, no matter who built it, gets caught up in one, it's broken.}
He used some psionic energy to boost the signal but it wouldn't help them to find me. {That's better...not the best but it...working. I found this....woman passed out and found out she had some tendrils that I clamped them.}
"Must've been the foolish attempt to try to save everyone. He could've just let it be. They would've died due to their own incompetence." Malak does the equivalent to a sigh. "I shall look for him."

The native child continues poking. He was all alone.
Joan puts her head on her desk. "When did I become everyone's keeper?!" She punches a button. Black Snake, look for Commander Ravius. Yellow Falcon, look for Ms. Cynthia Ravius. Move it!"
The Protoss had pin pointed the signal through vibrations within his energy. "They would be smart to use a transport or something looks like you came from the other side of the planet?" The sky was already dark where they were, and it started to storm.

I was stirring and moaning.
I nod to Flint and head back out to the keep, looking for the room I'd used to rest earlier.
I am curled up in a ball on the chair next to Dani's bed sleeping. Occasionally I stir and mutter none sense sentences. In my mind memories from the past few days were flashing past as I looked back at what I did and where I could do better in the next situation if one similar occurs.
The medic returns to the room, after Dani falls asleep, about two hours later. He wakes Flint. "You plan on marrying her, right? My advice? Don't. A blood test we ran proves that she has lost control of her reintigration matrix. If she coughs up one of those explosive eggs, she can't reabsorb it. She's a genocide waiting to happen. I've called the Night Watch on your behalf."

Poltergeist File
Night Watch
Secretive, Gestapo like agency. Work for the KSA, hunting down those with harmful mutations and exterminating them before those mutations get loose into the gene pool. Already responsible for the termination of Spectres and all Protoss suspected of taking Sundrop. Do not engage.
"Better cancel that call. I still plan on marrying her anyway., I promised her I would and that I would remain by her side no matter what. I hold to my promises. As for those explosive eggs, those can be contained in barriers. I know it will tax my energy but I will do what I can to help."

"Besides what am I supposed to tell our children? I couldn't bring myself to tell them that their mother isn't coming back."

I look the man in the eyes. I could sense that he feared that she might cough up an explosive egg which is also why he had called the Night Watch not just on my behalf.
"Now go about your rounds after you cancel that call understood. Otherwise it won't be an explosive egg taking your life that you will need to fear. It would be a faster more merciful way for you to die than what I would do to you."
He looks confused. "How long have you been out of it? You don't "'cancel"' a call to the Night Watch. They'll be here in the morning, and I guess you need a trip to a sanitarium." He walks away, dialing the psychotics hotline.
I grab the man pulling him back.
"I have been living on this hell hole of a planet for five years away from this woman. Don't even think about taking to anywhere from her side." I glare at him in anger.
"When the Night Watch arrives tell them it was a mistake and that you came in contact with a plant here that altered your mind for a short time making you believe that there was something wrong."
His eyes widen in fear. "I reported a large woman with a hazardous mutation, and they're going to show up in the morning and kill a large woman with a hazardous mutation. They might shoot me on the side, but they never report a failure. Your fiancée is at death's door. I guess you can't pick them." He regains enough of his bravery to jab a syringe of anesthetic into Flint's neck.
I feel the needle pierce neck neck. I try to isolate as much of the anesthetic as I could and force it out through my pores.
"You should have know better than to try that." I throw the man into a wall. He had really done and said the wrong things to me. I morph my left hand into a narrow blade and approach the man to pick him up.
"I told you that detonator egg would be more merciful than what I am about to do to you." My anger shows on my faces as I get closer to him.
He raises his hands. "Look, I could get promoted off this hellhole world for reporting a menace to society. The Night Watch offs her, I get hero status, and funnel enough cash to you so that you could take your pick of any girl. As for kids, they should be on Kaldir anyway, and you should have 'em sent."
"I have no need for money, I am part of the Poltergeist mercenary's. I don't want any other woman either. She has been with me for almost thirty years and our children were born after the last shuttle to Kaldir. As for your promotion that will never happen. I will make sure you get demoted and spend the rest of you service time on this damned planet." My voice elevate in anger with each sentence.
"DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM OR WHO SHE IS?" I yell at the man grabbing him by the collar and lifting him up holding him against the wall the blade millimeters from his neck.

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