Techsuit Warfare, Part 4

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I look through my fingers at Dani watching her sleep. I really was running out of options.
"I know that there are no records left on that CSAA project, least not that we can access at this time."

I'm sorry Dani.... I tried and I failed you.... again... Tears were starting in my eyes. I really had failed her.
The medic sounds impatient. "So, you haven't offered a solution or a replacement to this issue with the Night Watch. Then I can't help you." He crawls away.

Dani stirs fitfully. It seems as if she's having a rather bad nightmare.

The trooper finds Korzis, and puts him in a fireman's lift. "Commander, pleasure finding you."
"The Night Watch I can deal with. As for the solution... Use my genetics. The changeling part might add something that she needs to regain her integration matrix." I say still looking at Dani. "And soldier, I am sorry for what I did to you. I lost my temper and I took it out on you. At lest let me heal your wounds."

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He screws up his face. "I thought you wanted to keep her alive. You'd bump up her blood toxicity if you mixed more in, and that could shorten her lifespan."
I shake my head. "It would be smart for you to leave now, otherwise I might set you on fire." I ignite a fireball in my hand for emphasis.
I look at the man.
"You said that you didn't know anything about the CSAA experiments. How would you know that it would increase her bloods toxicity?"

"No Kayle he is going to stay and help. He doesn't have much of a choice now. And I apologize for how I reacted to you trying to help, but this isn't something that I am taking lightly nor should I."
There was a quiet growling in the forest tonight, Kreis then hid the entrance to the little cave with some void energy easily masking it from others. "This girl...This is going to be hard on her for I know."

I was sleeping and the Protoss took the armor off my body and laid me down in the spring to help with any recovery.

"Wouldn't want this fancy little armor or suit of yours to get ruined because of a little water now."
He scoffs. "Your blood has 2% toxicity- about normal for a mixed human. Hers got back from the lab at 56%. That's about as poisonous to human beings as bleach." He looks offended. "Just because I don't know CSAA doesn't mean I don't know medicine."
I open my eyes for a second just for them to close again.

Malak looks at them. "Should I leave, or what?"
The Black Snake member catches up. "Got the Commander." A gruff voice responds, thinking Korzis is asleep. "Good. I can't think straight. Taking orders from a stupid chick like that. Th' Commander might do tactics okay, but damn, he picks the wrong kind of girl."
The storm was as heavy and thick as a hay bale. The wind was like a dust storm, blinding and toxic. "Poor thing...I wonder who you are?" He put his hand on my forehead while I was soaking in the springs.

The memories came quick, he let go and was sweating from it. "What...was that?" He felt another presence and it burned him to the core, he was panting even as a Protoss.
I was starting to come out of my unconciousness fully as I hear the man. I was still too weak to move properly and just say to him. "F*ck. You."
The soldier jumps. "Ay, he lives! But, boss, gimme some credit. She's breathin' down our necks. We haven't gotten a break, and she says we won't 'til all da cure gets outbound. Stop the loon!"
"She has a good point. Millions are dying every week the cure isn't out." I say weakly.
I nod, the fireball still in my hand. "Not saying you shouldn't, but torturing the man isn't gonna help."
"You think I don't know that. That was a moment of blind rage and anger. I never think right in that state and it gets worse the longer I am in it. I am fortunate that it seldom happens."

I sigh and look at the medic. "So your telling me that adding my genetics, specifically the changeling portion, will increase her blood toxicity okay fine we won't do that then. I also think you doubt even think nanites might even help at this time."

I stand up from the chair. I was running out of time and options. I run my hand over my bald head trying to think of other things I could do.
"Damn it if we were only at the base." I say kicking at a tray stand.
I glance at the medic and extinguish the fireball. "I'm doing the nanites anyways. Maybe they could buy here time."
I look at Kayle.
"Thank you for trying to help. I really do appreciate it." I look back at Dani who was still sleeping and probably still dreaming that nightmare. I was curious and reach out and touch her subconscious mind to see what her nightmare was about.
I nod and step forward, placing a hand on her forehead and releasing the nanites. I only hoped that this helped repair some of the damage done by the CSAA.
/|You/Dani run through a maze. Every wrong turn, every stop, every little mistake, and the floor sends thousands of volts coursing into your/her body. Marco's voice calls out from behind- he got caught on a trap- but the pause electrocutes you/Dani. Spots fill your/her vision, and all goes dark.|\

The medic shrugs. "Might work. Doubtful, but hey."

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