Techsuit Warfare, Part 4

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I shake my head as I sift through the vision I had just seen. That must have been during the CSAA's training. I look at Dani with a sad look on my face. If I could only help you forget some things.... I take a knee on the other side of her bed and hold her hand in my own.
An older medic walks in, roughly pushes Flint aside, and opens Dani's mouth. "Who put tofu in her meal? She won't so much as move or eat until this gets out of her system." The younger medic tries to slink away.
Rage reenters me as I turn to the younger medic. He stops in his tracks as I psionically hold him in place.
"You...." My eyes begin to glow as the anger builds again. "Who paid you and why?"
I stop the flow of nanites and face the younger man. That was crossing the line. "I won't let him torture you, but there's nothing to say I won't toss you to the Shearheads."
He cringes. "There are tons of little fringe organizations that want Poltergeist to disappear. They told me that for every Agent I managed to get rid of, they'd fill in time on my service card and get me 5 hundred thousand cardpoints."

Poltergeist File
All citizens under the KSA have a small ID card. Each cardpoint is approximately worth twelve dollars of currency. These points may be transferred from any source.
"No Shearheads would be to kind Kayle, and torture is not meant for him either least not now..."

I still hold the man in place.

"Well this is the wrong agent to try to get rid of." I say through my teeth. "Now what to do with you...."
I shake my head. "This is why Uncle Cayl is using black ops cells. I could always send him to my Uncle, I'm sure he'd have fun with this worm. Or rather, his pets would."
He shirks away in fear. The older medic taps Flint on the shoulder. "Do I have your permission to pump her stomach?"
I turn to the older medic.
"Yes but be careful. If a detonator egg happens to come out as well let me know asap."

I turn back to the man.
"Yes Kayle that is possible. Maybe one of Shadow's tools back at base would suit him really well..." My voice trails off as I ponder the various items and creature that were kept at the base.
Ginei suggests something over the comm. {Perhaps objectification serum? Since he has such a loathing for Dani the ideal punishment would be to make him into something she's never without.}

The medic nods, and gets to work.

The young man looks back between Kayle and Flint.
I perk up. "Is the maintenance area still all women? I mean, Uncle Cayl always said that he'd been warned it was whenever he visited."
{Ah yes thank you Ginei. I had forgotten the serums. Do we happen to have any of that on hand?}
"Yes Kayle that hasn't changed one bit. I still avoid that section myself after my one encounter there. But that might not be punishment to him, and it wouldn't be fair to the ladies either."
{I'm sure Shadow sent some with Dani. We'd have to reclaim it off the Shuttle's wreck, but hey.}

The younger medic perks up for a second, then shirks away, feigning horror at the idea.
I glance at him. "Take some acting classes punk." I then turn back to Flint. "Well, I'm out of ideas, unless I want me to force him to fa.rt fire."
I glare at the young medic.
"What was that for? You would like going to maintenance level on Poltergeist wouldn't you. Just imaging all the women there that are genetically modified for strength speed and psionics. Some are even all three and more." I cackle as I describe them knowing that it would probably turn him off to the idea.

"Nah as amusing as that might be its just rather funny than anything else."

{Maybe, Hopefully she will be back on her feet again soon. I'd like to get the wedding done and head home. I have several things that I need to do and I haven't even really started this job as Regent.}
"Your choice." I regard the man who had thought he'd get away with such a crime. If this was how the KSA handled things, it was rather unneeded then.
Kreis walked back over to my sleeping body and scooped me out of the spring and laying me down next to the fire, dropping out of my pocket was a psi knife. " this?" Picking it up he figured out that it was a knife that you could run energy through. "To..small for me, but maybe I could help her training after recovery?"

I had a dream and it was where everyone was at my...funeral? And there was no body at all in the coffin, they have never found me. I screamed as I woke up. "I'M NOT GOING TO DIE!"

Kreis turned towards the scream. "You're awake...and you are not going to die just yet."
He curses under his breath.

{Hopefully. You know how things tend to go.}
{To true. We will be taking this here medic with us as well. I might be kind and let the ladies in the mechanical bay have him before I do anything else. Who knows maybe he will prove to be a challenge for them to nab.}
I motion to an MP. "Take him to a holding cell for now. I'll deal with him later."
The young medic looks terrified for a second, and then releases a yellowish gas from behind his head. The MP convulses, and then goes after Flint.

{Challenge, indeed. I'm looking at his records. Apparently, he can keep up to nine people at any given time under his direct control.}

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