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And now, what you've all been waiting for!

The Triquel to Umoja's Plains...

The Sequel to Ghost Ship...

The Sequel to The Dishonored...

I bring you...

Sinister Outpost! (Suggestions to a better name would be greatly appreciated.)


If you were in any of the RP's listed above, your character might make an appearance in this RP whether you like it or not.

The following characters WILL be in Sinister Outpost, whether wished or not.

Torvus Jentus(Zarkun)
Markus Devroy(MarkusDaWise
Sean Trope(MarkusDaWise)

The following characters have an option to start in Sinister Outpost.
If your character lies under this catagory, please specify what you want to do with him. (Withdraw him, Take control of him, give him to me, kill him, etc.)

Thad Baker(LGelPanadero)
Jackson Matar(Jester)
Dan Eickhoff(ZergBioMech)
Ryan Dermont(BlackWarrior)
Michael Dare(Morrjo)
Mark Minuteen(Soldier)
Ramses Reep(RedOctober)

As always, this RP is still very Joinable. In fact, I welcome all to join this RP of epicosity!

If you would like to join this RP...
You may join as a survivor in the outpost (read the sinister outpost backstory, post #5)


All RPers are encouraged to have up to five survivors! Just fill out this character sheet!

<Your ID name>
Classification: (Survivor or Other)
Profession:(Some some ideas could be: Pilot, Computer Specialist, Droid Specialist, Mechanic, farmer. I'm really looking for your role in the outpost. Before and after the outbreak.)
Backstory: (Must include how the character got associated with the Apparition)
Defining Characteristics:


This thread is also for discussion of the RP. Just to keep the other one less cluttery. Thank you!
Umoja's Plains
The Dishonored (Part 1)
The Dishonored (Part 2)
Devroy Manufacturing (Markus Devroy's Backstory)
Ghost Ship (Part 1)
Ghost Ship (Part 2)
Brontes' Colonization (Sean Trope's Backstory)

Hey, is this useful? I dont think anyone actually ever uses this -_-
The Story So Far

It all began with Umoja's Plains. The place where a battle erupted into a war of the wits. The place where a ship called the Daybreak crashed and caused it all. After the crash Yuun and Diego, aboard the Retribution hired Markus Devroy and "The Dishonored" aboard the Ignominy to hunt down the survivors of the Daybreak and find out what caused this ship to mysteriously crash for no apparent reason. In the end, a battle erupted between the Retribution and the Ignominy leaving the Ignominy in ruin above an outer fringe world.


A frigate named the Apparition goes dark on a outer fringe world. finally, an investigation team is sent with Sean Trope as their leader. After boarding the Apparition, they discover it has been contaminated by a terrible disease that causes people to go insane with dimensia, and causes the dead to rise and attack everything that moves. They bearily escape in the escape pods and are now stranded in a Sinister Outpost on the outer fringe world.

What they dont know... they're on the same fringe world.
Sinister Outpost Backstory

When The Apparition set forth disguised as a frigate. Scheduled to go to Umoja she went to an undiscovered, uncharted world in Protoss space. This world has an estimated 13x more valuable resources then red stone that could be sold for nearly three million credits per ton. It would change the way terrans fought war for ever.

Just before they started making plans, a new law was issued that no person or persons could mine on any worlds in Protoss space. This world was deep in Protoss space. Captain Trevor Balroy and Mike Richey were the only ones that knew where the mining crew was really going. When they reached the planet, the mining crew were only beginning to catch on. But it didn’t matter, after they saw how lucrative this world was, they were just going to play dumb and walk away millionares. They established a mining colony in complete secret. Nobody tried to communicate with the rest of the Korprulu sector until something terrible happened...

They had already hauled one hundred tons before they found a strange artifact. This majestic piece of art was put on a shuttle, and sent to The Apparition for further inspection. People only started to get a clue when strange sightings were seen. Things, not terran, protoss, or zerg were roaming around outside the colony. People within the colony would begin to do things over and over again that just didn’t make sense, like cooking the same thing for an hour and not even caring that is was a burnt rock. Or eating leaves and claiming it was jellyfish. Some would just start going crazy, ripping their teeth out and running into walls. Others would have strange dreams, some couldn’t sleep at all, not even a wink until their body finally collapsed on the floor in one big lump.

These symptoms are nothing compared to the trials they would face next. Pretty soon, their dead would rise, and mutate. Hands would become claws, legs would duplicate, eyes would become orange, or red. Skin would grow dark and hard. These mutations attack everything that moves and the miners were completely defenseless. The only defenses were a few turrets and about 100 security team members. Not much more details are known about the attack of the “Necromorphs,” as they called them.

About the same time The Apparition started to experience the same problems. The ship goes dark and multiple problems arise. Pretty soon, the dominion realized they had been missing for months. They sent out a small ship in search for the apparition, they only found death and destruction. Few survivors escaped on the escape pods. Others, weren’t so lucky.
THIS should be good...
what's even better is reading 'the story so far' while listening to epic music.. :D
I read "What they dont know... they're on the same fringe world." as the music hit the climax.. (hell yes)
This, I gotta join....
Thanks Warhawk! It should be really fun! Hopefully my best RP yet! If you have any idea's I'd love to hear 'em here!

Also, it might be helpful to read the first and last post of Ghost Ship part 2 :)
Mark, I don't think a few of those people are coming back. It's sad, but life can force you to miss out on the good RPing you deserve.
Yeah, I know. That's why I have to count on people like Warhawk to join. The only people I really require to join for this RP to survive is you and maybe CR. I just wanted to give those people the option to join as their character that is already involved in the story.

I've been thinking about making this a stat RP. What do you think of that? It could take this RP to a whole new level. But it could also nail the last nail in its coffin.
I've looked over TD and GS a little bit...
I was thinking of being a merc hired by an unknown 3rd party.. but this fellow's got an agenda of his own... :)

will throw a rough char sheet on soon...
Stat could work, but I mean, the only reason it works in DH and PKA is cause it mainly applies to certain situations.
I hate to rain on your parade, but this planet is suppose to be completely undiscovered. So you would have to share a little more for me to approve.

As always, all my RP's are open. But everyone is encouraged to play as a character already on the Sinister Outpost as a survivor of the disease that strikes. If this doesn't make sense, it will after I post the story on the fifth post.

Well, yes. It would only apply to certain situations. But sometimes just your classic, "Kills the monster" is better.
Name: Stefan "Hawkeye" Alexander
Age: ? 35-45 ? (judging by facial features)
Race: Terran (possible zerg and/or protoss DNA infusion?)
Classification: survivor/merc (I think?)
Profession: Merc sharp shooter, surprisingly skilled in other areas
Primary Weapon: Magrail Battle Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Twin Machine Pistols, 12" utility combat knife
Backstory: A merc hired as part of the security force, he goes AWOL when things go down the drain. (people going crazy, etc)
Defining Characteristics: All black highly customized armor (possible marine/specter combination?) / 5' 11" / very tight-lipped, will only answer with words when gestures won't suffice.

Some notes:
Stefan would have some minor psychic capabilities; sensing others, minor self enhancement, etc. His suit would have a stealth field generator.
Who is the third party? I think it might unnecessarily complicate things.
I honestly have no idea...
Make then whoever the hell you want.. perhaps the '3rd party' can be the people behind things in the previous RP's...
Just saying...
hmm... let me think. ;)

But to be completely honest, I think it miiiight not work... This isn't suppose to exist. like... Nobody knows about it escept the captain of the apparition and those who are in the outpost.
"I might join. I would definitely not use interest if I use a new race I made up."
Yeah... shadow... I do not approve of any new races in this particular RP, sorry.
And yet you ok'd CR's...
Sorry Mark, but (as much as I dislike arguing with a DM) I feel that this being a complete secret is.. well, unrealistic. word spreads and there's always some shadowy organization pulling strings from the back.... so, yeah.

Also added a few notes to char sheet.

I'm done for the evening.

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