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I did not ok CR's I said I might consider it. I have considered it, I have declined it too.

10/07/2012 09:24 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
I do not approve of any new races in this particular RP, sorry.

This goes for SF, CR, Zanon, Smylez, I dont care.
Meh...I can go with that. >:3
Cool, thanks for understanding CR.

Warhawk, after you read the current story It will make sense why there would be no 3rd party. I agree that its a little unrealistic, but... I dont know, I will continue to think about it and develop the story, after that I will decide whether the 3rd party is approved or disapproved.
Please reread the OP!

10/07/2012 04:13 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
All RPers are encouraged to have up to five survivors!
That mean it's starting soon?
HOLY !@#$! Why is the year 2590?
relatively soon, yes. I just need people to make enough survivors and tell me what their doing with their original characters. (the ones mentioned in the OP)

I looked up when SC2 takes place and it said the 26th century! I will change it, what do you think it should be?
Just to give you an idea...WoL takes place in 2505 and I have to go so see ya.
Oh, okay thanks. haha
I think I'll just stick to Torvus. Much easier with as many RPs as I'm in.
Can you at least make one survivor? Just to set the example so others cant say, "Well how come Zarkun didn't make one!"

Survivors are mostly made to have fun with the idea of dimensia and insanity and everyday life these people would have to go through without screwing up a character they'd like to actually use in other RP's
Mark, I think you're missing the point. I already have four or five other RPs I'm in. I'm stretched pretty thin. I'm not even including the RPs I'm in that aren't here on this site. If one of the others is slow enough, I'll make a survivor. But for now, just Torvus.
Oh, okay. Jeez, I just realized, you really are in like... every RP haha!

I think the fact that I'm the only one to end a RP contributes. What other sites do you RP on?
Couple of sites I made and a couple someone else made. Lots of RPs.
Whoa, that is a lot of RP's!

I just have to work out a few more kinks...
Alright. I may or may not be here when you start it, just so's ya know.
Alright, how about I change Stefen's backstory to a merc hired as part of the security force, who goes AWOL when things go down the drain. (people going crazy, etc)

I've applied a few other edits as well.

This work?
Name:Javier (Harvard) Linchnok
Classification: Survivor
Profession: Assistant Manager of mining operations (tell me if this isn't ok)
Backstory:Born in a big city, he grew up well, going to private schools and such. He graduated Harvard, And went with on the Apparition. He was a major influence in the decision to stay, and was one of the leaders of the mining operation who decided to look the other way. Now, he regrets that decision.
Defining Characteristics:6'2 in height, roughly 155 pounds. Not very muscular, has long blonde hair with light blue eyes, and wears a business suit.

Hope that sounds ok, if not let me know and I'll change it.
Warhawk, what do you mean goes AWOL? I know what AWOL means but please specify more. As long as the one who hired him is Mike Richey it looks fine.

Dacder, looks great! Make as many survivors as you want!
When everyone looses it, he packs a long-range com unit and heads off on his own, waiting for someone who's sane to show up.

Also, who's Mike Richey? I didn't see his name anywhere...

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