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I suppose I should make 2 characters, due to the likelihood of one being killed off early.

Name: Garret "Old man" Jones
Age: 74
Classification: Survivor
Profession: None, he was a crazy survivalist who was cared for by the colony.
Backstory: Noone knows for sure, he claims he was once the king of "The Empire", and refuses to say anything except that secret agents of the devil are stalking him, and that he was robbed of his position as king by the Demon "Naazarie" (i.e he's rather off the deep end).
Defining Characteristics: 5'8, 230 pounds, he wears a shadowy cloak over a t-shirt and shorts, Deep black eyes and short, greasy grey hair.
10/07/2012 04:29 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Captain Trevor Balroy and Mike Richey were the only ones that knew where the mining crew was really going.

Warhawk, the only problem with that is the fact that if you went off on your own you wouldn't survive long... you're getting closer though.

Dacder, Make as many characters as you want, kill them off, bring them in, whatever you want!
Um... how about he was sent to locate the escape pods? OR sent investigate the crash? That would put him with one of the two groups right off the bat.
Name: Michael Dare
Age: 18
Race: Terran
Class: Drone Specialist
Primary Weapon: Modded C-10 Canister Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Drone Remote
Backstory: Michael was hired to the Mobius foundation for a time, due to his skills in both hacking and just around anything high-tech in general, but held a particular interest for small robots. With a quick mind, he's more suited for tactical overview and analysis of situations than upfront combat, scouting with drones and using them to thin up enemy numbers through harassment. Can pick off larger targets with a customized, high caliber C-10 canister rifle, though he isn't a very good shot.
Defining Characteristics: Approximately six-foot four, very thin. Carries a small handheld with him used for controlling drones, and prefers long-range combat to short range scuffles.

STATUS: Aboard Daalis's void seeker

Name: "Noctalus" Dare
Age: 17
Classification: Rescue/Lab Rat
Profession: Heavy Ordinance
Backstory:An adopted son of Michael's, Noctalus was an orphan on the run from a special ghost program by the project's codename: 'Nightmare'. Noctalus has been his assistant as well as a prime candidate for research into psionic research, due to unusual readings. Upon hearing the ship his father was told to investigate had crashed into a planet, he quickly ran from the Mobius foundation, determined to find his 'father' and only line of defense against the Dominion and Mobius, before the scientists decide to strap him onto a dissection table, or worse...
Defining Characteristics: Approximately six-foot three, is fairly thin, but ports advanced, prototyped armor with a heavy-duty nanite generator, as well as a plasmite-chaingun, designed to shred through tanks without much difficulty. His suit's energy well allows him to mitigate physical damage at the expense of energy, giving him inhuman endurance, though his mobility suffers significantly.

STATUS: Currently flying towards the crash site in a stolen drop-ship, thanking Mobius for the micro-warpdrives.

Tah Dah. Hope you don't mind, Markus. Betas for the new character I'm throwing in.
hmm... I've been thinking about this Morrjo... How is Michael going to join back in the RP if he's on Daalis' ship? We could just say Michael escaped in an escape pod.

I do not approve of "Noctalus'" I made the mistake once of crossing my RP's with DH and I'm not making it again.

10/08/2012 06:03 PMPosted by Warhawk
Um... how about he was sent to locate the escape pods? OR sent investigate the crash? That would put him with one of the two groups right off the bat.

PERFECT! but what crash are you talking about?
Pick what you want to investigate...

Torvus' ship that lands on the planet. This would put you with the following characters:

Torvus Jentus(Zarkun)
Markus Devroy(MarkusDaWise

The escape pods. This would put you with the following characters:

Sean Trope(MarkusDaWise)
Kyle Darrok(MarkusDaWise)

and possibly...

Dan Eickhoff(ZergBioMech)
Ryan Dermont(BlackWarrior)
Mark Minuteen(Soldier)
Ramses Reep(RedOctober)
They're not crossing. Its sort of a pre-story to another character, albeit one that turns out slightly... differently. Whereas the character in one stems from an alternate outcome to Ghost Ship, the current Noctalus is one who hasn't suffered that. Its a bit of an alternate reality, where each RP is mutually independent. In other words, what happens in Sinister and Ghost Ship are not in line with what happened in DH. Think of what happens here as nothing more than a past character expansion.

...As for Michael, he probably got dumped unceremoniously onto the planet, to investigate the crash site. Ancient Protoss vessel (on par with a religious artifact) + curious human = bad things happening/angry Protoss. And as you know, Michael's a glutton for punishment!
This is really confusing...
who are Yuun and Diego?
and how do they connect with Captain Trevor Balroy and Mike Richey?
Or not at all?

Ok, thanks. so Y&D are not connected to TB&MR, right? (aside from being at the same planet)

But anyway I'll follow the ship, not the pods.
Yuun and Diego are from Dishonored. Nothing to do with the other stuff. Tied to Torvus and them.
I'd like to join but if it goes too fast I might not be able to keep up with it.

Name: Jeff Carson
Age: 27
Classification: survivor
Profession: Defense Technician (he keeps the turrets up and running and is very good at making defenses)
Primary Weapon: Assault rifle
Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife
Backstory: He was arrested after he built a small mortar and fired it at a government official. After his trial he got to choose between jail and working at the mining station. He should have chosen jail.
Defining Characteristics: He's about 5'11" and weighs about 210 pounds with a muscled build. He has a buzz cut and wears armor that is much less bulky than a marine suit but gives about the same protection.
Just wondering, how many people do you think we will go at?
He'll probably wait for a couple more new people and then start. I have a carry over character, so BOO-YAH! No new character sheets.
Morrjo, Okay, thats good, but like I said before, nobody knows this is happening. So change his status and he should be fine. As for Michael, just either say he escaped in a escape pod, or make a reasonable explanation for Daalis to dump you back on the planet without staying himself. Make sure Zarkun approves of it too.

10/08/2012 07:16 PMPosted by Zarkun
Yuun and Diego are from Dishonored. Nothing to do with the other stuff. Tied to Torvus and them.

Yuun and Diego are the captains of the ship that destroyed the Ignominy. Not that important for this RP.

10/08/2012 07:37 PMPosted by Fenrir
I'd like to join but if it goes too fast I might not be able to keep up with it.

Well, I cant promise it will go slow... I will give you summaries if it goes too fast for your liking.

10/08/2012 07:46 PMPosted by Zarkun
He'll probably wait for a couple more new people and then start.

Bingo! I dont want to start without enough people, that would suck :\

Probably one or two more people then I'll go.

I'm Glad I got some of the unregular's
Truth be told Mark, I think we're about ready. Thunder already said he doesn't mind being in the sequel.
He doesn't mind? So... he will be in Sinister?

You really think we're ready? We have You, CR, Dacder, Fenrir, Warhawk, Morrjo possibly thunder and I. Yeah... lol... I kept forgetting people then when I edited them all in I Realized we have like seven people... I guess we ARE ready, haha.

I will start it tomorrow, no point in starting it late tonight. Plus I want to give people all the time in the world to join and more time for Morrjo and I to iron out any issues.
Unless someone else makes a return, we should just go. Thunder will join, just Relasta and Torvus will be a bit slow.
I would prefer to start now, I can post the next few hours, then can't post again for like 16 hours.

Of course, it's all up to you Mark.
Well... I cant post for much longer :\

I'll try though, thanks for the input.
Throw it up Mark. I can RP the landing and then you can call it a night.
lol... Zarkun you made me laugh out loud when I saw your post come up I was like... "REALLY!?" Its alright though, It doesn't look THAT bad ;)
Mark, could you go over the details of who Stefan would be working for, and how much would he be able to get in touch with his employers?


BTW Zarkun, I edited my last post on DH.

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