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Oh, my bad. I thought we were dropping the whole 3rd party thing and Stefan was going to be working for Mike Richey?

We are not ready for this...
Stefan is working for Richey. That was decided. War, I edited the one after your last post.
No, no he's working for Mike, I just need some answers to the other questions.

How much would he be able to get in contact with Mike; and what would the general situation be?

@Zarkun: TY
I'm sorry, I seem to be completely overwhelmed just seconds after officially starting the RP.

Mike Richey is in the actual mining outpost, that will be more clear once the RP officially starts. I'm not sure what you mean by the general situation.
How many people are still sane? Are there a lot of attacks from the Necromorphs? etc.

I was planning on an opening "text bomb" for Stefan, so I'd like to know the situational details, in order to avoid lots o' editing.
There wasn't much to type. Torvus is a major survivalist, so yeah, sorry.
10/08/2012 09:54 PMPosted by Warhawk
How many people are still sane? Are there a lot of attacks from the Necromorphs?

Keep the questions coming and I will answer them here.

The approximate people who are still sane is 40-200 on the planet. There are forty survivors left in the rooms they still control in the Mining Compound and an unknown number in the colony.(The buildings, shops, etc.) Also keep in mind there is NO connection with any other galexy. No news, no starports, nothing. So everything is in this little settlement/colony.

The attacks are ongoing. The Necromorphs get around the Mining Compound through the ventilation shafts, so they usually attack one at a time in stealth. Every so often they will plan an ambush, though Nobody knows how intelligent they really are.

CrymsonRaven and Thundercrash.

Can you please re-submit your character's character sheet and make a few survivors? Thanks!
um... would Stefan have radio contact with the base/mining compound?
I think that's about it.
Yes, he would have radio contact with the Mining Compound, or at least what's left of it. Keep in mind, however, that we have to RP Stefan actually being sent to investigate the ship that lands.
Also, could he have a vulture bike? for getting to the landing sight and whatnot. (I doubt he would walk there...)

I'll leave the opening bit of that to you.
(Mike) "we've got an unidentified ship entering the atmosphere. Stefan, here are the probable landing coordinates, go check it out. I'll keep you updated."
(Stefan) [nod and head off]
Yeah, thanks War, I know what I'm doing XD

Mike will give him a vulture bike, good idea.
lol, wait.. a vulture, or a vulture bike?
there's a difference you know :P

Anyway, I'z are done for da evninkz...
so, g'night.
G'night, Warhawk.

Probably gonna go to sleep in 30 mins or so.
I'm turning it in right now :P I am actually liking Garret alot hahaha.

wait.. a vulture, or a vulture bike?

What is the difference? I didn't know there was one. I hope you didn't mean vulture like the bird... lol
I wasn't told that this was started, and I will be joining with the same character, but I plan on giving him a team of mercenaries (3-4) hired by the mining company.

Markus, he will still be under your command, if you use the same character.
That's fine! Jackson is currently sleeping incase you wanted to jump in!

But you can't have the mercenaries because they weren't aboard the bladerunner when you landed or it took off.

Sorry about that. And yes, Markus is still in the sequel. I suggest you read the OP for both this thread and the other one. Then just catch yourself up! It shouldn't be hard, there is not even two pages!
As for Noctalus coming along, Michael could have informed him of the mission, as a precaution against any incidents. Not to mention, no doubt he has a computer of sorts, and probably gleaned further info off of it. When Michael didn't arrive back in time, he decided to investigate. Finding no trace of the Apparition, he decides to investigate, first stop by the closest planet available...

As for Michael being dumped on the planet, considering that Daalis was a dark Templar, they have to send messages through mid-short range communication, as the Khala is not an option. For the rest, refer to my last post.
Daalis is already far back into the korprulu sector. It makes NO sense for him to drop Michael off.

The problem with Noctalus is if he lands on the planet, that takes the fun out of trying to escape. It is no longer, "How do we get off this planet!?" It becomes. "Okay everyone, pile in the ship. There is enough room for all."

It also takes out the 'survival alone' mentality.

I would prefer you leave Noctalus out of this :S From what I've seen in DH, he cant die and... weird stuff I dont want in this RP.
The two share a name. They're not the same 'Person', but they are the same human being. And it doesn't have to be a drop-ship, or even anything large... It was just the first thing that came to mind, and its easy to flex. And if push comes to shove, the thing can fall into a sinkhole after, or get blown to smithereens courtesy of a crazed miner.

As for him not dying, he IS human at this point in his life. He isn't what he is in DH, and he's literally 100% human during this RP. Its just a different outcome in his life. And for the most part, the Survival Alone part would just be him and Michael, as an army of two.

EDIT: Michael could have said that he would like to investigate, the object responsible for this should be destroyed, and asked to be dropped off.

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